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Geep Ppt External 04.23.10


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Green Export Enabler Program (GEEP) is a 3-year Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce with matching funds from the State of California assisting SMEs export their products and services in Clean Tech/Green Tech, renewable energy, sustainable and Green Building to China.

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Geep Ppt External 04.23.10

  1. 1. Green Export Enabler Program “Green” Export Enabler Program Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) 3-Year Cooperative Agreement Program Maurice Kogon, Director El Camino College Center for International Trade Development November, 2009 Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  2. 2. Green Export Enabler Program GEEP Objectives For California Suppliers of Green Technologies • Increase global competitiveness and export readiness • Increase export skills & competency • Enter and develop the China market o Increase market exposure o Establish effective representation o Make ongoing export sales Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  3. 3. Green Export Enabler Program GEEP Partners & Supporters • USDOC/ITA/Office of Energy/Environmental Industries • California USEACs and CITDs • USFCS China/Hong Kong • U.S. Export-Import Bank • California Manufacturing Technology Consulting • HKTDC & HK Science & Technology Parks Corp. • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce • GEEP Facilitators - Carolyn Brown, (Export Finance) - Frances Chou (Agent/Distributor Agreements/Contracts) - Norman Harris (Transportation/Logistics) - Ashok Sadhwani (Export Compliance, Transaction Support) - Brett Tarnet (Insurance Brokerage) Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  4. 4. Green Export Enabler Program California’s Competitiveness in Green Tech • More than $3 billion in venture money was invested in CA clean/tech companies in 2008 – over 57% of all U.S. investment in the sector. • CA has the highest number of patents (607) in the solar, wind and battery industries. • Energy productivity (total GDP produced per unit of energy) is 68% higher in CA than for the whole U.S. • CA generates $2.17 in GDP for every 10,000 BTU of energy it uses, compared with $1.29 for every 10,000 BTU for the whole U.S. Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  5. 5. Green Export Enabler Program Green Export Growth Potential: China • China not only has enormous needs for cleaner energy, air and water, but is also the country best able to afford the massive investment and imports to meet the need. • Under the Government’s $585 billion Economic Stimulus Plan, $105 billion alone is slated for rural area water safety projects, urban wastewater treatment, key water body pollution control and ecological environment protection. • The Government projects an increase in China’s green technology market from $186 billion in 2010 to $555 billion in 2020. Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  6. 6. Green Export Enabler Program Target “Green” Clients for GEEP • Suppliers drawn from partner databases Renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, tidal) o o Pollution controls (air, water, sewage) o Energy-efficient building materials • Primarily SMEs o Up to 25 per year for full 7-step GEEP service o Up to 50 per year for 1 or more GEEP services • Larger Manufacturers o Take part in GEEP trade events & matchmaking o To motivate SME client participation Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  7. 7. Green Export Enabler Program GEEP 7-Step Deliverables for Clients • Step 1—Customized Competitive Audit and Consulting • Step 2—Customized Export Readiness Assessment • Step 3—Workshops on All Aspects of Exporting • Step 4—Customized China Entry Strategy & Action Plan • Step 5—Market Promotion & Matchmaking Events • Step 6—Representative Office/Showroom in HK • Step 7—Export Financing & Transaction Support Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  8. 8. Green Export Enabler Program Step 1: Customized Competitive Audit and Consulting • Objectives o Conduct full operational review o Identify specific improvement needs • Methods o On-site team visits –ask questions, take notes o Prepare written audit report (with CD version) o Review findings with top management o 4 more consulting hours to conduct SWOTT o Optional fee-based training, possibly offset by ETP Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  9. 9. Green Export Enabler Program Step 2: Export Readiness Assessment • Objectives o Identify specific export strengths & weaknesses o Suggest steps to increase export readiness • Methods o Companies take CITD 23-point ERA test o Immediate report provides feedback o Identifies export strengths & weaknesses o Recommends actions to overcome weaknesses o Review findings with top management Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  10. 10. Green Export Enabler Program Step 3: Basic Export Training • Objectives o Increase company export knowledge & skills o Equip companies to meet needs–from getting ready to getting paid • Methods o 3-hour group workshops on 8 topics o Basic export counseling as needed o Specialized export counseling as needed Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  11. 11. Green Export Enabler Program Step 4: China Market Research • Objectives o Assess market demand for green technologies o Assess market competition o Assess market entry conditions o Identify potential buyers & distributors • Methods o Use CITD website and other databases o Compile customized market research package Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  12. 12. Green Export Enabler Program Step 5: Customized Export Market Plans (EMPs) • Objectives o Provide structure/roadmap for China export success o Tailor to company’s resources/capabilities • Methods o Use CITD EMP template o Identify export objectives/policies/resources o Identify best market entry strategy for China o Identify target contacts/customers o Specify actions and milestones to achieve goals Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  13. 13. Green Export Enabler Program Step 6: Export Marketing & Promotion • Objectives o Increase China market exposure o Attract inquiries/leads/orders • Methods o Develop/promote company websites o Register in CITD and other export directories o Take part in GEEP-organized trade events Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  14. 14. Green Export Enabler Program Step 7: Matchmaking & Transaction Support • Objectives o Identify/select best overseas representatives o Support overseas representatives • Methods o CITD/Partner importer/distributor lists o CITD/Partner rep-find services o Careful screening to avoid traps o Model agent/distributor agreements o Legal assistance o Guidance through 1st transaction Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  15. 15. Green Export Enabler Program China Market Entry Incubator Global Technology Center • GEEP clients can lease low-cost space at the Global Technology Center in the Hong Kong Science Park to facilitate China market entry and expansion. • Those that choose this “home-away-from-home” option, on either a short-or long term basis, will get help to: • Identify and build relationships with potential partners • Host training sessions and media events • Conduct in-country market research • Establish a long-term presence for market expansion Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  16. 16. Green Export Enabler Program GEEP Costs, Benefits, and Outcomes for Clients Net cost to GEEP clients: $0 • Up-front client registration fee $1,000 • Client costs defrayed by GEEP $1,500 • Market value of competitive assessment $1,000 Benefits/Outcomes: 25 GEEP clients per year • Made fully export trained & ready to export • Know their best markets and entry strategies for China • Have a manageable export market plan • Have exposure in the China markets • Appoint distributors in China • Hire additional workers to meet export demand Award Number: IT09MAS1120006
  17. 17. Green Export Enabler Program Thank you! Kerry L. Bonner, GEEP Manager El Camino College Business Training Center Center for International Trade Development 13430 Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, CA 90250 310-973-3161 Award Number: IT09MAS1120006