No Small Change.A N O VERVIEW   OF   I MPACT : A NNUAL R EPORT 2009                              Eq u a l Ac c es s t o Ju...
2    No small change. A double-entendre, and a fitting way to describe the profound impact of    Prairie State Legal Servic...
3Inaugural Public Interest Law Fellows ProgramIn 2009, the University of Illinois College of Law started the Illinois Publ...
4    In 2009, the Will County Legal Assistance Program (WCLAP),    located in Joliet, merged with Prairie State Legal Serv...
5Protecting our clients from…                          Utility Shut-Offs                          Anne* needed help and fa...
6    his wife didn’t have the money to pay this and Mike knew that the bylaws of his homeowners association    provided th...
7Awards and HonorsSTAFF ATTORNEY NAMED ONE OF ROCKFORD’S FORTY LEADERS UNDER 40  Jeremy Bergstrom, a staff attorney in the...
8    ROCK ISLAND HONORED LOCAL VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS     The Rock Island office held their annual Campaign for Legal Servic...
9MCHENRY COUNTY HONORED LOCAL ATTORNEYS AND FIRMS                                                             In 2009, the...
FINANCIAL STATEMENT 2009                                                                    REVENUE                       ...
PARTNER ORGANIZATIONSEach year, dozens of partner organizations commit their resources in order to help us provide legalse...
Thank you                                    We thank our individual and corporate supporters who gave so                 ...
Law Offices of David R. Del Re                Jay Janssen                                  Law Offices of Thomas J. Popovich...
$250 to $499                             Rena Gainey                            Daniel J. Nicholas     Roger Angel        ...
Zanck, Coen & Wright, P.C.                Hon. Bruce W. Black               Kathleen Curtin in memory of Leo DanaHon. Kath...
Goldberg & Kane in memory of             Andy and Cindy Honegger                  Hon. Tomas M. Magdich     Christobal Ort...
Michael K. Noonan                         Hon. Gerard J. Rickert                  Alan L. StefaniakHon. Steven L. Nordquis...
Don E. Wheeler in memory of                 Jerry Brask                           Franks & Rechenberg, P.C.     Linda L. W...
Scott Hedden                                  of Brad Wood and Debbie Wood                  Darlene D. SoderbergRandy S. H...
2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS     President Peter M. Schlax                 John J. Cheek                               Barbara ...
21                            AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009Equal Acces s to Jus tice
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An Overview of Impact: Annual Report 2009


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An Overview of Impact: Annual Report 2009

  1. 1. No Small Change.A N O VERVIEW OF I MPACT : A NNUAL R EPORT 2009 Eq u a l Ac c es s t o Justice
  2. 2. 2 No small change. A double-entendre, and a fitting way to describe the profound impact of Prairie State Legal Services upon clients and community in 2009—juxtaposed with the impact of economic downturn upon our agency and those we serve. As President Obama began his first year in office, legal services received a modest increase in funding from the Legal Services Corporation, the largest funder of legal services. Unfortunately, our other major funders, state-administered Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) programs and the State of Illinois, went in a different direction. In 2007, IOLTA income reached an all-time high of $371.2 million nationally. But in 2008, IOLTA income fell to $284 million (a 25 percent drop), and fell another 32 percent in 2009. In addition to losses in IOLTA funding, the State of Illinois reduced funding for civil legal services by half. As the number of people who need our help increased, the amount of funding available to support legal services programs decreased significantly. Change was also seen in the legal needs of our clients. As a result of the poor economy, we encountered a growing number of clients in need of help with bankruptcy, consumer law issues, and foreclosures. Prairie State responded by focusing more of our resources in these areas of law. We provided training to our staff and pro bono attorneys to handle these newly-important issues. We also sought out new funding sources to support our expanded work on these matters. In addition to the increase in types of cases, the overall demand for legal services continued to grow. More families fell into poverty in 2009, and the need for legal assistance has far exceeded our capacity. Today there are more Americans eligible for federally-funded legal services, about three million more, than in 2007. In this stagnant economy, the legal problems our clients face are more numerous and complex, and the demand for civil legal services has spiked. Many times the help that is needed is help that only an attorney can provide. Fortunately, the communities we serve understand, value, and support our work. Hundreds of attorneys volunteer their time to provide pro bono help to our clients. Over a thousand individuals and law firms provide financial support to Prairie State. We offer our sincere thanks, and hope for your continued help and support. Working together, no change is too small. Sincerely, Michael O’Connor, Executive Director
  3. 3. 3Inaugural Public Interest Law Fellows ProgramIn 2009, the University of Illinois College of Law started the Illinois Public Interest Law FellowsProgram. The program is a College of Law initiative that creates opportunities for recentgraduates to work for one year on behalf of the indigent and underserved. Support for theprogram comes from U of I College of Law alumnus Tim Hoffman, LLB. Prairie State LegalServices partnered with the college to place the fellows in Prairie State offices. The fellows wouldserve one year and be paid a stipend.Three graduates from the class of 2009 came to work for Prairie State. Eric Sirota was placedin the Waukegan office, Tristan Bullington in the Bloomington office, and Ellen Samuel in theFox Valley office. The three all took varying roles in their office, ranging from evictions andhousing issues to utility shutoff cases. The success from the program quickly became evident.“Normally, we wouldn’t be able to hire recent graduates and provide them with extensivetraining and preparation while they work toward obtaining their license. In this case, the recentgraduates are able to better prepare themselves for their eventual role as a staff attorney and weare able to provide more services to more clients,” said Stacey Tutt, Managing Attorney in theBloomington office.The program was so successful, in fact, that all three secured full-time positions with Prairie Statebefore the end of their year of service. Eric Sirota became a staff attorney in the Wheaton office,Tristan Bullington stayed in Bloomington as a staff attorney, and Ellen Samuel became a staffattorney in the Rockford office.We consider the U of I fellowship program a great success; it has enabled us to add staff despitetight finances, so that more clients are served. In addition, it has created opportunities forenthusiastic and talented young attorneys to perform rewarding legal work for those in need.We thank the University of Illinois College of Law for their partnership. AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  4. 4. 4 In 2009, the Will County Legal Assistance Program (WCLAP), located in Joliet, merged with Prairie State Legal Services (PSLS). This is not the first time Prairie State has merged with another legal aid program. In fact, PSLS was created by the merger of five pre-existing Illinois legal services programs in Bloomington (McLean County), Geneva (Kane County), Peoria (Peoria County) Rockford (Winnebago County), and Waukegan (Lake County). Prairie State began serving clients on October 1, 1977 and our staff consisted of 15 attorneys, three paralegals, and one or two support persons in each office. In the following years, Prairie State expanded to new locations and began serving in counties where previous legal organizations were located as well as the adjacent counties. These new locations included Kankakee, Ottawa, Rock Island, Wheaton, and Galesburg. While WCLAP was also located in the Prairie State service area, they sought to remain independent. As a result, WCLAP operated as a sub-grantee of Prairie State since the early 1980s. By 2008, the historical reasons for WCLAP’s independence were no longer valid, and both organizations decided to merge their operations. WCLAP staff had done a tremendous job gaining local support and funding, and the merger insured that these local fund sources would not be diverted and that WCLAP’s reserves would be preserved for the sole benefit of services rendered in Will County. With WCLAP joining in 2009, Prairie State now serves 36 Illinois counties in northern and central Illinois from 12 offices with a staff of approximately 120 persons including 74 attorneys. While the merger moves all administrative duties to Prairie State, Will County has gained some valuable assistance. Before the merger, WCLAP Director Amie Simpson had her case duties and was also in charge of the audit, compliance, grant writing and many other management duties. As a result of the merger, PSLS administrative staff will now handle those tasks so Amie can focus more of her time to case handling. Prairie State has also worked to retain the Will County staff and programs. In addition, a partnership with the University of Illinois College of Law has allowed Prairie State to place a recent graduate of the college in the Will County office as a fellow, providing an additional staff member. We welcome the WCLAP staff to Prairie State, and join together in our common goal to provide equal access to justice for the poor and elderly. AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  5. 5. 5Protecting our clients from… Utility Shut-Offs Anne* needed help and fast. She had received a notice from the local water company that her water was going to be disconnected. This was a problem for Anne because she had bladder problems and needed a working toilet. She frequently had to use the bathroom and was also prone to infection, so the lack of water would have created serious medical problems for her. Prairie State Attorney Elizabeth Deucher accepted the case and looked into the issue. Attorney Deucher explained to Anne that the water company cannotdisconnect her service without giving notice. While Anne did receive a notice, it was only good for 40 days.The water disconnect took place well past those 40 days, and the company was required to send out a newnotice before they disconnected. Because they did not follow the rules, they should reconnect Anne’s water.Attorney Deucher quickly contacted the water company’s attorney. She also contacted a local social serviceorganization which agreed to pay Anne’s bill if she could be put on a payment plan. After working with thewater company’s attorney, they agreed to put Anne on a payment plan and reconnect her water. Withinone day, Anne had her water back on, was on a payment plan, and had her bill paid off. Now Anne canfeel comfortable knowing that her water will stay on and her medical condition will stay under control. Housing Issues For many, owning a home is the American dream. Mike* and his wife were no exception, and were very happy when they purchased their end-unit townhome. Things were going great until a late night storm caused a defective sump pump in their basement to break, flooding the basement. Because they live in the end-unit, the sump pump in their basement serves the adjoining units as well. Mike called the homeowners association emergency line severaltimes the night of the flooding, but no one responded until the following morning. He got a new sumppump that day, but the association refused to pay for the damages, which were around $4,000. Mike and AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  6. 6. 6 his wife didn’t have the money to pay this and Mike knew that the bylaws of his homeowners association provided that the association was responsible for all repairs and any damage caused by the sump pump because it served additional units. Mike and his wife decided to file a pro se lawsuit against the association, but they lost in arbitration because Mike was not aware of the procedural rules that applied to arbitration hearings. That is when they came to Prairie State for help. Attorney Kathryn Liss accepted the case and filed an amended Complaint. Prior to the trial, Attorney Liss was able to negotiate a settlement with the homeowners association. The settlement provided Mike with enough money to fix the basement and live in a healthy environment once again. Domestic Violence Volunteer attorneys are vital in providing access to justice for our clients. In Woodstock, Attorney H. Joseph Gitlin, who specializes in international family law, volunteered to take the case of Anna*. Anna was a Latina woman that spoke no English when she first came to Prairie State. With Prairie State employee Cynthia Ortega interpreting by conference call, Anna was able to tell her story. Anna had been married in Mexico five years earlier and had two daughters with her husband. She came to Prairie State because she was in a very dangerous domestic violence situation. In one incident of extreme sexual abuse, Anna had to go to the hospital and have surgery. She was also worried because her husband had been physically violent with one of the little girls. She had a plenary Order of Protection against him and was seeking a divorce, child support, and restricted visitation. After a few conversations over the telephone, Cynthia was able to locate a translator to work with Anna when she met with Mr. Gitlin. With Mr. Gitlin’s help, Anna was granted sole custody of the children, child support was arranged, and visitation denied. Without the help of a volunteer attorney, Anna’s situation may have been quite different. Prairie State was only able to accept the case because Anna was a victim of domestic violence, and few attorneys have Mr. Gitlin’s experience and knowledge of international family law. Another influential factor was that because the husband was in jail and did not respond, the case was resolved by a default judgment. The judgment gave custody of the children to Anna and ordered her ex-husband to pay child support. “The policy of my firm is to treat pro bono clients no differently than we would treat a paying client,” said Mr. Gitlin. “Paying and non-paying clients deserve the same quality of service.” *The names have been changed to protect our clients privacy. AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  7. 7. 7Awards and HonorsSTAFF ATTORNEY NAMED ONE OF ROCKFORD’S FORTY LEADERS UNDER 40 Jeremy Bergstrom, a staff attorney in the Rockford office, was chosen as one of Rockford’s Forty Leaders Under 40. The program honors the region’s best and brightest young professionals who make a difference in their community and are seen as tomorrow’s leaders. One of his most significant achievements was successfully representing clients in a federal lawsuit against HUD and the Rockford Housing Authority over the demolition of the Jane Addams Village. The resulting settlement helped tenants resettle, allowed the city to proceed with demolition and ensured that the development of affordable housing would be part of Rockford’s economic development agenda. For his advocacy, Bergstrom and Prairie State were awarded the 2008 Housing Justice Award from the National Center on Poverty Law.VOLUNTEER LAWYER PROJECT COORDINATOR HONORED WITH 2009 LIBERTY BELL AWARD Marcy Heston, Volunteer Lawyer Project Coordinator for our St. Charles office, was awarded the 2009 Kane County Bar Association Liberty Bell Award. The award is bestowed on a non-attorney community organization or individual who has promoted a better understanding of the law, encouraged a greater respect for the law and the courts, who stimulates a sense of civic responsibility, and who contributes to good government within the community.PRAIRIE STATE ATTORNEY AWARDED 2009 PUBLIC SERVICE FELLOWSHIP Vijay Raghavan, a staff attorney who works in our Waukegan office providing tax-specific legal assistance to low-income taxpayers, received one of the 2009 Public Service Fellowships from the ABA Section of Taxation. Before applying for the Fellowship, Vijay was in private practice with a major Chicago law firm representing clients in tax matters. Vijay applied for the Fellowship because “it seemed like the perfect opportunity to transition to legal aid without sacrificing my background in tax.”PEORIA OFFICE RECOGNIZED PRO BONO EFFORTS In 2009, the Peoria office of Prairie State selected Attorney Michael Fricke as the 2009 Pro Bono Attorney of the Year. The office honored Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen as the Law Firm of the Year at the Annual Meeting of the Peoria County Bar Association. AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  8. 8. 8 ROCK ISLAND HONORED LOCAL VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS The Rock Island office held their annual Campaign for Legal Services Kick-Off Luncheon to recognize the outstanding individuals and firms that support Prairie State. Mike O’Connor, Executive Director of Prairie State Legal Services, presented awards to Deere & Co. Global Law Services Group, and Mr. Dennis VanDerGinst for their outstanding support of the 2009 Campaign for Legal Services. KANKAKEE ATTORNEY AWARDED PRO BONO ATTORNEY OF THE YEAR In 2009, the Kankakee office of Prairie State selected Ken Leshen as the 2009 Pro Bono Attorney of Year at the Law Day Luncheon sponsored by Kankakee County Bar Association. FOX VALLEY VOLUNTEER RECEIVED PRO BONO AWARD The Kane County Bar Foundation Pro Bono Award was presented to Elizabeth Berrones-Rotchford for pro bono services far beyond anyone’s imagination. The award was presented by Marcy Heston at the Kane County Foundation Gala. LIFESAVER AWARDS GIVEN TO BLOOMINGTON VOLUNTEERS In 2009, the Bloomington office of Prairie State Legal Services selected attorneys Lisa Behle, Michelle Mancias, and Fred Moore to receive a Lifesaver Award for their pro bono service. AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  9. 9. 9MCHENRY COUNTY HONORED LOCAL ATTORNEYS AND FIRMS In 2009, the Woodstock office chose awardees based on their outstanding support of the Legal Aid program— they all had taken cases through the Legal Aid program for many consecutive years. Two individual volunteers, Attorney Heidi Aavang and Attorney Mathew Perrone, Jr., were recognized. Attorney Aavang provided financial assessment services to clients to see if they would benefit by filing bankruptcy, and also worked with them to correct credit problems. Attorney Perrone, Jr. assisted clients with wills, estates, guardianships, and adoptions. The office also recognized two firms for encouraging their attorneys to support pro bono efforts on an ongoing basis for years. Both firm’s pro bono efforts were led by the partners setting the example by taking cases themselves. Campion, Curran, Dunlop, Lamb & Cunabaugh was recognized, as well as the firm of Gitlin, Busche & Stetler. AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  10. 10. FINANCIAL STATEMENT 2009 REVENUE Other 5.9% Total $8,850,99110 Contributions 4.9% Older Americans Act 6.1% Legal Services Corporation 33.3% Special Projects/ Grants 22.7% Lawyers Trust Fund 18.4 % United Way 8.7% EXPENDITURES Total $8,824,350 Occupancy 6.0% Subgrants/ Personnel 77.2% Contract Services 4.4% Supplies and Postage 2.2% Telephone/Internet 1.7% Law Library 1.4% Depreciation 1.4% Other 5.7%
  11. 11. PARTNER ORGANIZATIONSEach year, dozens of partner organizations commit their resources in order to help us provide legalservices for populations and communities throughout our service area. In 2009, the following partnershelped ensure access to justice for tens of thousands of clients in northern and central Illinois. 11American Bar Association Lake County Department ofAurora Mental Health & Mental Retardation Services Planning and DevelopmentBureau County United Way Lawyers Trust Fund of IllinoisCatholic Charities Legal Services CorporationCentral Illinois Agency on Aging McHenry County Dept. of Planning and DevelopmentChicago Department of Public Health Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on AgingCity of Aurora Police Department Northwest Illinois HIV Care ConnectCity of Aurora Division of Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging Neighborhood Redevelopment Rock Island 708 Mental Health BoardCity of Bloomington Township St. Charles 708 Mental Health BoardCity of DeKalb St. Charles TownshipCity of Peoria Neighborhood Development Division U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban DevelopmentCity of Waukegan Community U.S. Dept. of Justice Development Block Grant United Way of Boone CountyCommunity Chest of Dwight United Way of Central Kane CountyCounty of DuPage Human Services United Way of DuPage CountyCounty of DuPage Senior Services United Way of Eastern LaSalle CountyCounty of McHenry Tax Levy United Way of Grundy CountyDeKalb County Community Services Department United Way of Illinois ValleyDuPage Community Development Commission United Way of Kankakee CountyThe DuPage Community Foundation United Way of Knox CountyEast Central Illinois Care Connect United Way of Lake CountyEast Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging United Way of Lee CountyFox Valley United Way United Way of McDonough CountyHeart of Illinois United Way United Way of McHenry CountyHerbolsheimer Foundation United Way of McLean CountyIllinois Attorney General’s Office United Way of Metro ChicagoIllinois Bar Foundation United Way of North Shore/North SuburbanIllinois Criminal Justice Information Authority United Way of Northwest IllinoisIllinois Department of Children and Family Services United Way of Northwest SuburbanIllinois Department of Commerce and United Way of Ogle County Economic Opportunity United Way of PekinIllinois Department of Human Services United Way of PontiacIllinois Department of Public Health United Way of Rock River ValleyIllinois Equal Justice Foundation United Way of the Quad Cities AreaIllinois Office of Rehabilitation Services United Way of Will CountyJoliet Township University of IllinoisKendall County Tax Levy Warren County United WayKishwaukee United Way Western Illinois Area Agency on Aging AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  12. 12. Thank you We thank our individual and corporate supporters who gave so generously in time and money to Prairie State Legal Services in 2009. $10,000 or more $1,000 to $2,499 $500 to $999 Caterpillar Foundation Ackman, Marek, Meyer & Boyd, Ltd. Ameren CILCO12 Anthony C. Raccuglia Anonymous Anonymous (4) VanDerGinstLaw, P.C. Association of Women Attorneys James L. Anderson of Lake County Attorney Carol N. Bailey Frank J. Black in memory of Mary Alice Odling $5,000 to $9,999 Ann Buche Conroy including gifts in Lynn and Dick Batcher A & E Kaplan Foundation memory of Wayne Flanigan and in Thomas S. Beadleston Anonymous memory of Eva Schwartzman Judge Joseph F. Beatty (Ret.) Arthur & Gesena Griffin Trust Bob and Lauri Dewey in memory of Judge Edward Keefe Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen Dudley & Lake Irwin Been Howard & Howard First Midwest Bank Jon Beermann Legal Helpers Gretchen Fisher Patricia C. and A. Lou Benassi McLean County Bar Association Deb Goldberg and Neil Puller Nicholas Bertschy and Lucinda Uphoff Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, including gifts in respectful memory of John Joseph Collins and in loving Tim and Janet Bertschy Pretorius & Cerulo memory of Annette Coven John A. Beyer Ltd., PC S. Edward Marder Family Foundation in honor of the Haskris Company in memory of Black, Black & Brown Chris and Linda Marder Family Arlene Falotico Jim and Patricia Black Kankakee County Bar Association Christopher W. Bohlen James and Pamela Keeling/Green Fund of Thomas H. Boswell $2,500 to $4,999 The Community Foundation of Bozeman, Neighbour, Patton & Noe, LLP Northern Illinois Boyle Law Dekalb, LLC John Condon Raymond J. Kloss Herman Brandau Deere & Company Global Knell & Kelly L.L.C. Thomas F. Broderick Law Services Group William Kohlhase Law Offices of Brown & Brown, P.C. Doris and Victor Day Foundation, Inc. Steven L. Larson Beth and Dave Brush Gitlin Busche & Stetler Mike and Shirley McElvain Bryan Burris Illinois Trial Lawyers Association Mike and Laura O’Connor Caldwell, Berner & Caldwell Legal Aid 2009 Vance Parkhurst in memory of Ross E. Canterbury in honor of Homer William and Suzanne Lindsay John C. Parkhurst W. Keller Mahoney & Hauser, Ltd. in honor of Rauch Family Foundation 1, Inc. Julia Carpenter in honor of Tracey Jordan Hon. Francis X. Mahoney Brian W. Ruddell Michael T. Cavanaugh in memory McHenry County Bar Association of Michael Simmons Edward Rust, Jr. Annual Holiday Party Chausow Shafer, P.C. Socratic Challenge Peoria County Bar Asociation, Citizens First National Bank Strides for Justice Gary L. Schlesinger Mary J. Clark David S. Schneider, DO, SC Bob and Val Coletta Larry and Jane Smith Michael J. Conway Daniel J. and Jeanne F. Smith Lisa R. Corwin Tobin J. Taylor Dam, Snell & Tavierne, Ltd. The Notice Company, Inc. Anne Megan Davis and Scott Davis Louis P. Milot and Hon. Lisa Y. Wilson in honor of Sarah C. Megan Claire de Chazal AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  13. 13. Law Offices of David R. Del Re Jay Janssen Law Offices of Thomas J. PopovichHenry S. Dixon and Linda A. Giesen James Jenkins Jack PorterGayle Kenney Dompke Peter and Jolie Jennetten Murvel Pretorius, Jr.Donovan Trust Bob and Sue Jennetten Charles J. ProrokKenny and Amy Eathington Joel Kennedy Construction Corp. Prusak, Winne & McKinley, Ltd.Brad A. Elward Thomas S. Johnson David R. QuadeDean Essig Kevin Kane Gary S. Reese 13Mary Etrick James M. Kelly, Attorney at Law Diane M. ReinschRobin S. Fahlberg Karen L. Kendall Reno & Zahm LLPJ. Todd Faulkner Jerald A. Kessler Dave RobertsJoseph G. Feehan Hon. Tom and Mary Kilbride in memory Stuart Robertson, IIDouglas W. Fehr of Joseph W. Smith Rock Island County Bar AssociationPeter Ferracuti Kelly and Carol Kimmitt J. Reed RoeslerFirst Presbyterian Church Konecky, Koenig, Kutsunis & Weng Rhonda L. RosenthalFred Foreman Family Fund Assistant State’s Attorneys of Lake County Schiller DuCanto and Fleck LLPAssistant State’s Attorneys of Lake County Christopher P. Larson Hon. Mary S. Schostok andFranks, Gerkin & McKenna, P.C. Libertyville Bank & Trust Company Hon. Ann B. JorgensenWilliam Y. Franks Sally Lichter Schwiebert & SchwiebertKathleen C. Fuhrmann Linn, Campe & Rizzo, Ltd. Stephen SimonianPaul & Nell German in memory of Mike James J. Manning David R. SinnGaroutte Hon. Victoria L. Martin in memory of John A. Slover, Jr.Mary and James Gesmer Honorable Robert S. Smith, Jr. Smith & LaLuzerneGibson & Associates, Ltd. Don Mateer and Dawn Hallsten Snow, Hunter, Whiton & Fishburn, Ltd.James P. Ginzkey Hon. Mary W. McDade Linda E. SpringGunnar J. Gitlin Verlin Meinz and Jean Herigodt Stephens, Fiddes, McGill & Associates,Kenneth J. and Bobbie R. Glick Hon. James and Teresa Mesich P.C.Alexandra Goddard in memory of Michael Mihm Alan and Kim SternbergCharlotte A. Martin Clifton J. Mitchell Illinois Prairie CommunityJudith S. Goodie in honor of the Deborah Morrison Foundation - Sticklewort FundWaukegan office Dean L. Sutton Derek D. MurphyJeff and Amanda Hamaker J. Sue Myatt Jean SweeCol. Tom and Ann Hamlin in memory of Gary and Carol Nelson Hon. James TerosPaula Ann Hamlin Claudia and Gary Newman Duane Thompson and Carrie SchaffnerMark D. Hansen John P. Nicoara Robert C. TorbettHasselberg, Rock, Bell & Kuppler LLP Gregory R. Noe Trobe, Babowice & Associates, LLCHasselberg, Williams, Grebe, Snodgrass& Birdsall Law Office of Michael Olewinski Craig L. UnrathStephen J. Heine Louis Olivero VanFleet Law OfficesCatherine W. Herrmann Tom and Marcia O’Neal Robert T. Varney & AssociatesDavid Higgins Par-A-Dice Gaming Corporation Frank and Barbara VellaHinshaw & Culbertson LLP Robert T. Park Barbara A. WeinerNancy Hinton Thomas J. Penn, Jr. in memory of Willis Grant and Jo WetherillHolmstrom & Kennedy, P.C. Stamm John D. WhitcherDavid M. House Paul and Carole Perona Marisa WiesmanHynds, Rooks, Yohnka & Bzdill Gary L. Peterlin Sonni C. and Dick B. WilliamsFrank W. Ierulli Hilton Pigee WilliamsMcCarthy LLPIllinois Mutual Joseph R. Poell Ken and Judy Zika AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  14. 14. $250 to $499 Rena Gainey Daniel J. Nicholas Roger Angel Kathleen Gibson Scott Nolan Anonymous (6) George Gilkerson Nowinski Family Foundation Fund Kenneth J. Ashman Bill and Brenda Goff Jane E. Ohaver Hon. J. Peter Ault Neil H. Good Julia Fiske Parker Jeanne and Rick Ballor Hon. John and Susan Gorman Mark B. Peavey, P.C.14 Stephen E. Balogh Francis X. Gosser, Attorney at Law Jodi Plagenz Ron and Sherrie Barch Grainger Matching Gifts Program Robert Pugh and Jennifer Morris James Becht Victoria Graves John Quinn Joel Berg Thomas M. Gurewitz James T. Reilly Honorable Luis A. Berrones John M. Hakes Eric Robinson Richard Black Jeff and Amanda Hamaker John N. Rooks Hanson & Hanson Raymond C. Rose Kirk W. Bode John V. Hanson Claire Rothnagel Ken Borcia Michael and Lois Harring Linda A. Rothnagel and Scott W. Borden Stephen Haugh Thomas A. Lilien including gifts in William Bracken memory of John Collins and in memory Hunt Henderson of Bertie Bell Myers Hon. Terry and Debbie Brady Lillie Hinthorn Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard Peg Breslin Hon. Mitchell and Sara Hoffman Thomas and Karen Schiller David Bressler Donna R. Honzel Kendrick L. Scott Dale and Shirley Burklund Howard, Habecker & Morris LLC Attorney Darrell K. Seigler Mary Elise Burnett Ariana Johnson The Law Office of Marjorie Sher in Edi and Ken Burns Richard Kessler memory of Norton Lesser John Cantlin Charles D. Knight Bill and Julie Snively Ray Carlson Joe and Jennifer Kolar Nancy Sohn in honor of Dianne Casuto Sarah Megan and Kathy Bettcher Penelope M. Lechtenberg Hon. Joseph and Mary Condon Debra L. Stegall Hon. Lori R. Lefstein Alan Cooper Stacy Thomas LEX National Paralegal Honor Society Patricia L. Cornell in memory Alumni Tobin & Ramon of Thelma Crapo Ed Tomkowiak Rex K. Linder Thomas E. Davies Dennis Triggs William S. Lipsman Gerald Davis Jay and Cathy Trost Mark A. Ludolph James J. DeSanto Gregory E. Tuite Kim MacCloskey Steven Dierks Stacey Tutt Madsen, Sugden & Gottemoller Hon. Patrick J. Dixon Universalist Unitarian Church John Mangan Hon. and Mrs. Eugene Doherty John B. Van Duzer Jeffrey D. Martens Kimberley M. Donald Charles Vogel David H. McCarthy Gerald A. Drendel The Waggoner Law Firm, P.C. Hon. John R. McClean, Jr. David Flanders, M.D. and Susan Ecroyd Hon. Nancy F. Waites Luther C. McKinney Tom and Kathy Eimermann Hon. Michael and Hon. Jane Waller Rick and Kathy McNeely-Johnson Ellida Lodge #25 Calvin and Bonnie Meltesen Gail Tilkin Walsh and Phil Walsh Daniel G. Falotico Elsa Miller Gregory M. White Gretchen Martin Farwell Stephen Morris Williams & Swee, Ltd. Flannery, Hoover & Boyd, Ltd. Morrison & Morrison, P.C. Maureen Williams Kathleen C. Fuhrmann The Law Office of Torrie Mark Newsome David Winer Lori E. Fulton in memory of Robert A. Hunter Hon. Diane E. Winter AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  15. 15. Zanck, Coen & Wright, P.C. Hon. Bruce W. Black Kathleen Curtin in memory of Leo DanaHon. Kathryn E. Zenoff David F. Black David N. DaileyZukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle Hon. Erik I. Blanc Clarence A. Darrow and Lili B. Darrow Hon. James K. Booras Clarence and Sara Darrow$100 to $249 Caroline Borden Hon. Eugene P. DaugherityDavid Aaby M. Margaret Bradshaw Pamela DavisEliot W. Abarbanel Tony Brasel Hon. Luther and Barbara Dearborn 15Susan Abrams Laurel Breitkopf Deneen and DeneenLuis R. Albarran Ann L. Brezinski Eric B. DeoblerHon. Michael R. Albert Steve and Jessie Brockway Michael DorseyCharles Alexander Jack Brooks Hon. Ronald C. DozierAlexander C. and Rinda Y. Allison William C. Brozovich Hon. David J. DubickiAlbert A. Altamore Busey Bank Brad and Nancy DunhamAlberto F. Altamore Buxton & Kasper Judge and Mrs. Wallace B. DunnRussell Anderson Hon. William T. Caisley Suzanne and Jim EagleStephen G. Andich Joel Carter Judge and Mrs. Richard E. Eagleton FundAnonymous (18) Ken Casper John EdmondsAnonymous in memory of John Caulfield Randall B. EhlersWilliam R. Banich Hon. Valerie and Doug Ceckowski Ellida Home AssociationAnonymous in honor of in memory of Arthur Ceckowski Ron EllisHon. William J. Reardon Hon. Greg Chickris John ElterichMr. and Mrs. Larry A. Apfelbaum Tim and Paula Church Michael L. EnglishLee Arbus in memory of Hal Goldman Daniel Churchill Anthony S. EspositoB. McLean Arnold Mark D. Churchill Farber Law OfficeDavid Barkhausen Melissa and Nate Clark Faulkner Law Firm LLCBarmann, Bohlen, Jacobi & Cieslik, P.C. David Reid Clark Ray FergusonAdrian Barr William L. Cleaver Peter FiewegerCary Barr Jane L. Collins Terri L. FildesAnne Bauer Commerce Bank Kristie C. FingerhutLawrence Baxter Kristine M. Condon in honor of Trivia Night Sponsor Lex Eileen FitzgeraldJeff and Chris Beck Paralegal Alumni Flack, McRaven & StephensBeermann Swerdlove LLP Darren and Denise Conklin Nannette and Stephen FosenWalter P. Begley Hon. Raymond J. Conklin Betsy Wolf FriestedtJudge John L. Bell Hon. Martin E. Conway Mary and Frank FuhrBenckendorf & Benckendorf, P.C. Murray R. Conzelman Rich and Bobbie GainesWilliam S. BenekeRoger A. Benson Jack R. Cook Hon. Kevin and Beth GalleyHon. Thomas C. Berglund Melissa J. Cooney Peggy GerkinJeremy Bergstrom in memory of Cordis & Gilles Hon. Ronald J. Gerts, P.C.Robert L. Jessee, L.L.B., J.D., C.P.A. Bill Costigan Jason and Louise GesmerHon. Marc P. Bernabei Chris Coulter Hon. Paul and Jeri GilfillanFrederick A. Bernardi Sandy and Tom Crow Hon. Timothy R. GillJeff and Vicki Bert Linda Cunabaugh Edward GilliganLouis A. Bianchi Thomas W. Cunnington Joel GingissGreg Nikitas and Christy Bishop Irene Halkias Curran Paul S. GodlewskiAugust B. Black Carroll Goforth AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  16. 16. Goldberg & Kane in memory of Andy and Cindy Honegger Hon. Tomas M. Magdich Christobal Ortiz, and in memory of Thomas N. Jacob Magee, Negele & Associates, P.C. Gerry Snyder, and in memory of Norton Lesser David Jaffe Rudolph F. Magna Goldfine & Bowles, P.C. Michael T. James Michelle Mancias Joy Gossman Peggy L. Jans Melanie Manner Brian S. Grach Elizabeth L. Jensen and Randall J. Manus, Atty. in memory of David L. Wentrowth, II Albert H. Manus, Jr.16 Hon. Gordon Graham Gary G. Johnson Karen Marsaglia Dr. Richard Grant Kalivoda & Shelton Judge and Mrs. Robert Marsaglia Robert and Paulette Gray William Keene Doug and Carol Marshall Teresa and Tom Greenway Hon. Kim and Jeri Kelley Tamara Marshall Teena M. Griffin Judith Z. Kelly Loren A. Martin Maritia and Ronald Griffith Kelly’s Bakery & Cafe Paul V. Martin Larry B. Griminger John T. Kennedy R. Nick Mason Grotevant & Huber Hon. J. Todd Kennedy Gary Matheson Hon. Gerald F. Grubb Hany G. Khoury Law Office of Michael A. Mattingly Arvella Guidotti John K. Kim John H. Maville M.G. Gulo & Associates, Ltd. Rod Kimes James and Violanda Mays Michael F. Gulo Dirk W. Kitzmiller Barry Mayworm Gummerson Rausch Wand Gray Herbert and Jill Klein Julia and Tim McCarthy Wombacher, LLC Art and Fran Kneller Judge Michael P. McCuskey Rick Gunther Betty Kolpas McGehee, Olson, Pepping & Balk, Ltd. Troy Haggestad Michael and Melissa Kraft Alison E. McLaughlin Debbie, Howard, and David Haile in honor of Linda Rothnagel Judge Michael D. Kramer James McPhedran John W. Hallock, Jr. Mark Kramp Hon. Robert K. McQueen Jennifer Hamilton Daniel Kuhn Gregg R. Mecherle and Barbara R. Pratt Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon in memory Robert B. LaBeau Brian Meginnes of The Honorable Robert S. Smith, Jr. Richard Mann, Carrie Zuniga, Sharanya Jason R. Mercure in memory of James Harbaugh Gururajan, Kathy Manade, Maria Garcia, Robert P. Will, Jr Chyrel Rivera, Gayle Freedman, Kathleen E. Mesich John P. Harris and Virginia Elliott in memory of Harter & Schottland, P.C. Bernard Leibowitz Thomas and Lydia Meyer Hon. Charles R. Hartman Thomas E. Laughlin The Honorable Michael M. Mihm Hon. John and Deborah Hauptman Hon. Paul G. Lawrence Louis E. Miller Robert J. Hauser LLC Douglas E. Lee Deb Monke Doreen Hebert Stuart and Esther Lefstein Thomas W. Montgomery Paulette Herbstman and Sanford Sloane David Leibowitz Steve and Janet Moore Heritage Bank of Central Illinois Jack Leson Hon. Angus S. More, Jr. Law Office of Rene Hernandez P.C. in Harvey Levin Christopher B. Morozin honor of Joseph DiCaprio, Esq. John R. Lewarne Joseph Morrissey Pat Herrmann Kristi Lewis Ronald Mueller Hon. Roland and Fran Herrmann Mark R. Lezotte in honor of John E. Murphy Brian and Tammy Hershinow Linda Rothnagel Mary H. Nader, Attorney at Law, P.C. William E. Herzog Mark Lidschin William R. Nash Frank Hoffman Theodore Liebovich Robert W. Neirynck Harvey and Josephine Holcomb Hon. Tom M. Lytton John M. Nelson Troy Holland Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mack Robert J. Noe AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  17. 17. Michael K. Noonan Hon. Gerard J. Rickert Alan L. StefaniakHon. Steven L. Nordquist John Ridge Mark R. SteffenHon. Donald E. Norton Hon. Elizabeth A. Robb Judith V. SteinGrant L. Nyhammer Elizabeth M. Rochford Bill StengelJudge E. Michael O’Brien (Ret.) Sandra Rosenbloom Michael Stephanin memory of Homer Keller Bruce Ross-Shannon Eugene L. Stockton in memoryJustice Mary K. O’Brien Judy and Sam Rothnagel in of Don J. McRae 17Hon. Jeffrey O’Connor honor of Linda Rothnagel James J. StollerMike O’Connor Judge Helen S. Rozenberg Maureen StrautsJohn Olivero and Lisa Olivero Daniel K. Russell Nathaniel StricklerHon. John M. O’Malley Law Office of Robert Russo Hon. Michael J. SullivanWilliam O’Malley Joseph Ryan Elke SvobodaJoyce O’Neill Austin Hon. R. Craig Sahlstrom Frank SvobodaLindsay Parkhurst Linda and John Sahn Keith Syfert and Linda MillerSonya A. Pasquini Kimberly and Brandon Sarff Maureen TaylorJames Patton Honorable Thomas A. Schermerhorn, Sr. Telleen, Horberg, Smith & Carmen, P.C.Jerry Pepping Schirger, Monteleone & Hampilos, P.C. The Murphy Law Group, P.C.Mario J. Perez Michael and Meghan Schirger Bruce ThiemannHon. Louis J. Perona Charles D. Schlueter Raymond and Angela ThumaMathew Perone Judge William O. Schmidt Greg TicsayFrank Perrecone Henry A. Schmitt Yolanda M. TorrezBruce R. Peterson Jeffrey E. Schulze, P.C. David H. TownsWilliam T. Phares Stephanie Scoles Andrew C. TriggsLolita T. Pineda Paul M. Scoma Donald TruckenbrodJames Pirages Lincoln T. Scott Tungate Law Offices, Ltd.Hon. Kay and Haskell Pitluck Doug Scovil James L. TungateCarolyn Pitts Mike and Jeannie Seghetti Dean TurnerGerald L. Pollack Semmelman & Semmelman, Ltd. Ron TylerScott Polman Albert K. Semmler Vahl Reporting Service, LTD.Kelly Van Veldhuizen Post Larry D. Serene Hank VanderHeydenThomas J. Potter Gerald B. Shelton Hon. Mark A. VandeWieleJennifer Powers David D. Shockey Scott A. VersemanJohn and Bobbie Quintanilla Donald Simantz Joseph VoglerDavid Radley Gary L. Sissel Rebecca WalkerHon. John G. Radosevich Hon. Kent F. Slater Michael J. WalkupBella Maria Rappaport in memory Scott N. Sliwinski Kristin Wallerof Charlotte Walsh Steve and Nicole Slobe Phyllis WaltersRandy and Marsha Ray L. Lee Smith Jack D. WardE. James Raymond Pat L. Smith Thomas WartowskiMiriam Reading Perry S. Smith, Jr. Amy WeissBill Rector Sheldon Sobol Hon. Kendall O. WenzelmanScott Reed Kathryn M. Somers Law Offices of Terry L. WepplerLaw Offices of Stuart A. Reid, P.C. Karen Sorensen John H. WestenseeHon. Philip G. Reinhard Roland Spies Bill and Peg WetzelMichael Remmes Spiros & Wall, P.C. Martin Whalen and Kathleen KennedyStephen Rice Lisle and Nathan Stalter Larry G. Wharrie, Attorney AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  18. 18. Don E. Wheeler in memory of Jerry Brask Franks & Rechenberg, P.C. Linda L. Wheeler Hon. David P. Brodsky Joann M. Fratianni Lisa A. White Joanne Brown April Fredericks Roger A. White Mark Brown Marla and Barry Freydberg in memory Thomas E. Brown of loving father Bernard Leibowitz Whitmore & Engels Scott A. Brunton Joseph Fulcher Mr. and Mrs. Hans-Jurgen Wiegand Ronald Burkey Anne E. Fulton in honor of James B. Fulton James B. Wiley18 Colonel Bartlett J. Carroll, Jr. Diana Furlong Nile Williamson Peter F. Carroll in memory of Maria Martha Galvan Robert Wilson MacKenzie-Postlethwait Joseph Garcia Evan Winer Nancy Carter Martha Garrison Harold Winer Warren and Judy Cary Hon. Lauren Beth Gash William C. Wombacher Megan Chadwick in memory Marianne and Ronald Gasparas of Scott Landa Mark Woodworth Andrew Gaubas Ron Cincinnati in memory Jim Wozniak of Ronald F. Cincinnati David Gervais John M. Wyant Irene Clayton Denise Gibson Albert Wysocki Dale F. Conde Norden S. Gilbert Hon. and Mrs. K. Patrick Yarbrough Anthony Cortese Law Office of Howard T. Goffen & Associates Joseph Yurgine Tanya Covey Charles Gondolfi YWCA McLean County Megan Cunningham Honorato Gonzalez Hercules Paul Zagoras Cuts Above Matt Goodstein Peter Damby James Zmuda and Shawn Zambrano Don and Ruth Gordon Betty Jane Daniel Hon. and Mrs. Gerald M. Zopp, Jr. Randolph M. Gordon Hon. Robert L. Dannehl James Zuba LEX National Paralegal Carol DaVault Honor Society Alumni Betsy Davis Doris Griffin Up To $99 Fredrick C. Day Elmer Griffin Darrin A. Adamson Robert G. Day, Jr. Marilyn L. Grimshaw Beth Agnew Norman and Eldon Delrosso John Groves Mary Aitken Matthew J. DeMartini Thad and Joan Gruchot Thomas N. Anger Ann T. Dempsey Matthew Gubbins Julie Angus Stephen DeRue David K. Guest Frank J. Anichini Steve DeRue Gunnar Gunnarsson Anonymous (12) John and Laura Dirks Barb and Jim Gurovitsch in Clayton Apt Janet Douglass memory of Bernard Leibowitz Keri Arnold Roderick A. Drobinski Gene and Lola Gustafson Margaret M. Auger Mrs. Paul H. Eagon in memory Emmanuel Guyon of Paul H. Eagon Karen Baker in memory of Dale G. Haake and Marcy Walraven Alan L. Egly Conchita Lucas-Murillo Sheri Barnes Martha Eller Mark T. Hamilton Caryn Barone Janet B. Ellis Particia Harris Clara Beck James Engelman Mike and Barbara Hartnett Joy Bell Charles Ex in honor of Lisa Wilson Dennis and Lorraine Benner John T. Fankhauser Donald M. Hartshorn in memory of Bernard Leibowitz Angela Y. Fetterley Tiffany Allison Harvey Hon. Donald D. Bernardi Patricia Fix Steve Haubner Beth Bolinger Mark Flannery Mary Head John Boreen Donna Force John Heal Myrna Boyd Janice Forrest Mary Healey AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  19. 19. Scott Hedden of Brad Wood and Debbie Wood Darlene D. SoderbergRandy S. Heidenfelder Steve and Regina Nelson Joseph J. SollsJames R. Hermann Betsy Neugarten Rose SouhradaBeth Herndobler Jim Newman Rebecca SouligneGeorgia K. Heth Timothy Niehus Gerald and Gertie SpiresMartin D. Hill Gerald Nora in honor of Catherine Herrmann, Waukegan Office Justin StavrosScott Hoffert Alan Novick Carrie Stone 19Carolyn S. Hoyt Hon. Veronica M. O’Malley Dorman L. Stout in memory ofBarbara Huffman Stephen and Jean Omolecki Cynthia Ann TorbettEsther Jordan Michelle Ostrowski Trisha L. StrodeEric J. Kalata Jackie Overstreet Karen StumpeAmy L. KeysJennifer L. Kislia George Pappas Dr. and Mrs. Wayne SutterDaniel J. Kleinhubert Scott and Susan Perlman Eric S. SwartzRyan P. Koehl Kimberly Peterson Rita TankDiana Kolowski John F. Philipchuck Charlotte TaylorJoseph Kosek Robert Plager Craig P. ThomasDavid W. Krula Law Office of Theodore A.E. Poehlmann, PC Robert J. ThompsonJeff Krumpe James M. Tomlin Sarah L. PoeppelJ.P. Kumar Hon. Joseph L. Polito Thomas TonozziKenneth W. LaRue Pollock, Meyers & Eicksteadt, LLP Judith ToohillLisa Langdon LEX National Paralegal Honor Society Alumni Scott A. TurkThomas J. Leahy Nicholas Poulos Carrie TurnerHon. Ken A. Leshen Beth Prager Don TyerCraig Levien Hon. Mike Prall Kevin and Carol Van CottSam Lewis Steven RapaportLois Kulinsky & Associates, Ltd. Cheryl Van Divier Jill RectorRhonda Machetta Jill Verbrick Timothy ReierLeslie Magna Leonore Versen Harold L. ReinholdRamona Mannino Hon. Joe and Kay Vespa Carol ReitanMonica Mason John P. Vespa Karen RhotonNancy McCartney Arthur Riemenschneider Lauren H. WalkerDiane McCleary Melba Rivera Allison WalshJack McCord Raquel Robles-Eschbach Patricia WardHon. Joe Billy McDade Rockford Legal Follies Robert Weber including gifts in memoryRobert T. McElroy Nicole Roepenack of Harold Goldman and in memory of EvaSteven A. McGinty Schwartzman Attorney Sherri RudyDavid Meier Ben Samuelson Alan I. WeintraubKathy C. Miller Betty Sandy Elisa Whitman in memory ofMichele Miller Beth A. Schrott, JD John SchallerGregory W. Morgan Ruth Schlossberg in honor of Hon. Alphonse WittDavid Morgans Linda Rothnagel Dawn WolffJennifer L. Morris Hon. Daniel B. Shanes in memory Melissa WomackGail and Robert Muir of Judge Robert Smith Rhonda WoodsJudge Margaret J. Mullen Norma ShearTimothy Munson Danielle Short Carla WyckoffMary Murphy and Gregg Geerdes James Simonian Adam WygonikLaura Myers Kim Sloan Steven P. ZimmermanKenneth B. Nelson in memory Danielle Smick AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  20. 20. 2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Peter M. Schlax John J. Cheek Barbara Santana Vice-President Michelle Mancias Linda A. Cunabaugh Mark R. Steffen Tricia D. Goosetree Wendy Hinton Vaughn20 Secretary Dean L. Sutton Chantal Host Maureen Williams Treasurer Thomas H. Boswell Karl A. Johnson Maya Yvonne Williams Oralia Martinez Collette D. Willoughby Dorothy M. Mintz Maria Glisson, Emeritus Matthew J. Mueller PRAIRIE STATE LEGAL SERVICES OFFICE LOCATIONS Bloomington Office Administrative Office Rockford Office Serving Livingston, McLean and 303 North Main Street, #600 Serving Boone, Carroll, Jo Daviess, Ogle, eastern Woodford Counties Rockford, IL 61101 Stephenson and Winnebago Counties 316 W. Washington Street Phone: (815) 965-2134 303 North Main Street, #600 Bloomington, IL 61701 Fax: (815) 965-1081 Rockford, IL 61101 Phone: (309) 827-5021 Phone: (815) 965-2902 Michael O’Connor Executive Director Fox Valley Office David Wolowitz Associate Director Waukegan Office Serving DeKalb, Kane and Bernard H. Shapiro Director of Litigation Serving Lake and McHenry Counties Kendall Counties Sarah Megan Director of Litigation 325 West Washington Street, Suite 100 1024 West Main Street Linda A. Rothnagel Waukegan, IL 60085 St. Charles, IL 60174 Director of Training Phone: (847) 662-6925 Phone: (630) 232-9415 James Chancellor Finance Director Gail Tilkin Walsh Wheaton Office Galesburg Office Director of Program Development Serving DuPage County Serving Knox, Fulton, Henderson, Jeff Hamaker 400 W. Roosevelt Rd. McDonough and Warren Counties Director of Community Support Wheaton, IL 60187 1614 East Knox Street Phone: (630) 690-2130 Galesburg, IL 61401 Phone: (309) 343-2141 Will County Office Peoria Office (aka Will County Legal Aid) Kankakee Office Serving Marshall, Peoria, Stark, Serving Will County Serving Iroquois, Kankakee and Tazewell and Woodford Counties 5 West Jefferson Street Kendall Counties 331 Fulton Street, Suite 600 Lower Level 191 South Chicago Avenue Peoria, IL 61602 Joliet, IL 60432 Kankakee, IL 60901 Phone: (309) 674-9831 Phone: (815) 727-5123 Phone: (815) 935-2750 Rock Island Office Woodstock Office Ottawa Office Serving Henry, Mercer, Rock Island and Serving McHenry County Serving Bureau, Grundy, La Salle, Whiteside Counties 400 Russel Court Lee and Putnam Counties 1705 Second Avenue, #314 Woodstock, IL 60098 1021 Clinton Street Rock Island, IL 61201 Phone: (815) 206-5828 Ottawa, IL 61350 Phone: (309) 794-1328 Phone: (815) 434-5903 AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009 Equal Acces s to Jus tice
  21. 21. 21 AN OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ANNUAL REPORT 2009Equal Acces s to Jus tice