How can you be treated from Whiplash Injury


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This presentations talks about whiplash injuries, how can your injury be treated using the most advanced technology in the fields of science, medicine and health care.

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How can you be treated from Whiplash Injury

  1. 1. WHIPLASH:CAUSES & TREATMENTKKT Back Pain Treatment @ KKT International SpineCentre
  2. 2. WHIPLASH Causes neck pain from motor vehicle accidents, multiple sudden falls or jolting of the head Can last a few hours or plague you for the of your life Inhibits your performance in simple daily tasks like looking over your shoulder while driving
  3. 3. • Vertebrae – Loss of the normal, C-shape, curvature ofDAMAGE CAUSED BY your neck. Restricts your range of motion. Can be a source of neck pain in certain neck movements. • Disc – Damaged discs cause your neck bones to rub against each other, leading to neck pain. Also leads to STRUCTURAL impairment of nerves, pushing your neck to your WHIPLASH shoulders and arms. Untreated discs will slowly degenerate, causing chronic neck pain. • Muscles – Abnormal curvature of the vertebrae causes abnormal muscle contraction and relaxation. This leads to abnormal tension as the muscles are trying to accommodate loss of normal curvature. • Ligaments – Intense stretch and twisting can damage your neck’s ligaments. Being heavily innervated, damage can lead to severe neck pain. • Blood vessels – Arteries and veins can become constricted due to abnormal positioning of the vertebrae. • Nerves – Spinal nerves exit small canals through your neck. If any narrowing in these spaces, either due to disc collapse or abnormal curvature of the neck, you might feel pain developing in the neck.
  4. 4. • During an accident, your neckWHAT IS WHIPLASH? experiences sudden twisting and jolting • These extreme forces causes the vertebrae in your neck to be pushed away from each other and then instantly slam into each other. • Resulting damage can occur to all the structures in your neck: – Bone or disc between the Whiplash Injury bones – Ligaments (holding the bones together) – Muscles around your neck – Nerve roots exiting your spine – Blood vessels of your neck
  5. 5. • Neck pain, neck stiffness, neck tenderness • Back pain, back stiffness, back tenderness • Shoulder pain, Shoulder stiffness, ShoulderSYMPTOMS OF tenderness • Dizziness WHIPLASH • Memory Loss • Concentration Impairment • Nervousness or irritability • Sleep Disturbance • Fatigue • Depression • Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
  6. 6. • Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT) utilizes theTREATMENT FOR ‘Quantum Waves’ technology which gently restores your spine back to its normal WHIPLASH position. • Any abnormality in the associated muscles, ligaments and nerves will return to their normal positions. • The ‘Quantum Waves’ not only stimulate spinal tissue but also prevent long term degeneration. • KKT technology is not only sophisticated but also addresses the underlying cause of pain, rather than masking the symptoms • Surgery is now not a last resort to your pains. KKT is, however, unable to treat severe cases of neck pain.
  7. 7. TESTIMONIAL “In 2001, I was involved in a car accident while travelling as a passenger. I experienced a severe jolt and the injury to my neck left me with severe headaches and neck pain. I also experienced dizziness and ringing in my ears. After going for many sessions of physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture, I felt that there would be no option but to live with these problems for the rest of my life. I had lost hope. I was told about KKT. Within one month of treatments at the KKT Centre my pain has gone. Today, I no longer have the shoulder tightness nor do I get ringing in my ears or dizziness. I have referred many of my family for KKT treatment and am fortunate to be able to see them regain their health.” - Mrs. A. Gonzalez (suffered a whiplash injury due to a motor vehicle accident)
  8. 8. KKT Back Pain Website www.KKTSpineTreatment.comIF YOU HAVEBEEN Like our KKT International pageSUFFERING AWHIPLASHINJURY,CONTACT US Follow us on @KKTSpine