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Teaser Trailer Research

  1. 1. TEASER TRAILER RESEARCH Kirstie Jackson - 3104
  2. 2. From this trailer there were a lot of shots that I thought were effective including: A long shot of the two characters sitting on a bench from behind; A close up of them holding hands and an engagement ring; the passing of time in one shot was shown by the scene being sped up from day to night; the use of split screen to show them in different locations at the same time; a close up of half of her face as she is laying down; there was the use of a focus pull; in one scene an establishing wide shot turned into a drawing; in another scene all of the other characters were wearing blue; an aerial shot and two shot as they are lying down; a close up filmed through a car window and a tilted aerial shot of the character: Summer. The film title was in different flashing colours, however I do not think that this linked in very well with the theme of the film and think that it would be better kept to one colour. There was not any dialogue from the characters but instead a voice over from a narrator. This was effective because it doesn’t give too much of the story away. The lighting was high key and it ended with ‘coming soon’ at the end of the trailer. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=ILCB_f0IIyI 500 Days Of Summer
  3. 3. Australia The amount of transitions in this trailer was approximately fifty-seven. The ‘20 th Century Fox’ logo appears in a newspaper and then the page changes to a news page relating to the story, which I found was interesting. I thought that it was effective how the character it telling the story and as she describes the characters there is a voice over on scenes of the characters as she is describing them. The pace of the film begins slow and then eventually becomes faster towards the end. Some parts of scenes were in black and white, which was effective in showing that the scene was from the past. There were also some fade transitions, which worked very well. The character cracked his whip and the titles appear. The titles had the shape of the country Australia behind them, which linked in well with the film. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v= YiEkFvVxpVY
  4. 4. Twilight This trailer has used its conventions very well as they signify the genre and are very effective in the trailer. The low-key lighting and blue filter make it seem very mysterious, give it a scary atmosphere and signifies that it is a sci-fi genre. The metallic, blue captions also signify this genre as well as the special effects including bright flashes of light. This teaser trailer shows the date at the end, however I do not intend to use this is my teaser trailer as this is not a common feature in a teaser trailer. Some shots in this are very short and fast which creates the impression that the film will be very exciting and action packed. I really like the titles in the film which where metallic (signifying a sci-fi film) on a black background, with a cloud passing from behind them (similar to a twilight night). There was also a flash of light passing through the title like a shooting star, which attracted attention to the title. One shot that I particularly liked in this trailer was the shot facing directly upwards as the character jumped over. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=xBvOhfL4mYw&feature= PlayList &p=883447885BAB4C26& playnext =1& playnext _from=PL&index=1
  5. 5. The Time Traveller's Wife This trailer used high key lighting to show that it is a romantic film. Twice it used a birds eye view shot which was particularly effective when it was from down the spiral stairs, with a blue filter. This was a short trailer (about 30 seconds long) and had approximately 24 transitions. One in which was a fade transition, which I thought worked very well. I also liked the high angle shot of the female character, which gave her a look of innocence. I thought that the the song choice for the trailer, which was ‘Broken’ by Lifehouse was a good, because it had references to time and waiting which I thought was chosen very well in terms of linking in to the films themes. This trailer had a release date, however I do not feel that, this convention was a good idea for a teaser trailer. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v= JhhgIhdYHKU
  6. 6. This teaser trailer is shot in high key lighting. This is a good signifier that the genre is a romantic comedy. It uses two establishing wide shots of two different locations to show the drastic change in places. To catch the audience’s attention when there is a comical moment, the music stops so therefore it stands out. One particular shot that I thought was good was a low angle shot with an aeroplane flying past and then ‘From Touchstone Pictures’ appears. There are a lot of fade to white transitions used, which is effective in showing that it is a romantic comedy. The trailer also featured a wipe transition, which was interesting. Sound effects included punching sounds, which indicates that they don’t get on well. The trailer ended with coming soon. http://www. imdb .com/video/ imdb /vi125895193/ The Proposal
  7. 7. Spider Man In this teaser trailer there are many interesting shots. Some parts of the trailer are filmed through CCTV monitors which indicate that it is an action/ adventure film. The trailers pace increases when the robbers come in to the bank to make it appear very action packed along with faced pace music to add impact. When the helicopter gets stuck there is a lot of close up and extreme close up shots to create mystery as to what the helicopter has been stopped by. Then it zooms out to an establishing wide shot to show the full picture and it is made clear that a giant spiders web has stopped them and gives the audience an indication to what the film is. The captions are in metallic font to signify a sci-fi genre. There are a lot of interesting shot types such as high angle shots, which show spider mans movements. The captions are: “go for the ultimate spin” which relate to the film well and make it sound action filled. The title at the end has a spinning movement, which is interesting and also links in with the film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-r7qymfa0Q
  8. 8. Clover Field This trailer is very unique as it is filmed with a hand held camera at all times and makes it unlike any other trailer or film. The use of close up shots is effective as it makes everything seem crowded and small spaced. The camera shakes, cuts out and fades to black to add impact to what is going on and makes the audience want to know what is happening when they can’t see it clearly. There is the use of irony, when one of the characters says: “It’s going to be the best night ever” this is effective because it turned out to be the opposite and shows that the events were totally unexpected. Also to show the panic there are lots of strange camera angles such as low angle shots to show that everyone is rushing and alarmed. The only thing to come up at the end of the trailer is the producer and writers names, however there is no announcement of the title yet which makes it ambiguous and makes the audience want to find out more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvNkGm8mxiM
  9. 9. Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day   In this trailer there are a lot of fade to white transitions to show that the film is a romantic comedy. The titles appear in red as a connotation for romance, with an establishing wide shot of the city to show the location and a red balloon flies past to signify Valentine’s Day. When the characters are on the pane, close up shots are used to show that they are in a small space. The characters appear in half sections on the screen with credits. This is effective in attracting an audience as this film features many well-known actors and actresses. A shot that I found interesting was an aerial shot when the marching band formed a heart shape and then ‘Of Love’ Appears in the centre. Captions include: “Save The Date” followed by ‘February 2010. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=3BPuK606bdQ
  10. 10. Just Like Heaven To add effect to the accident in this film, there is the use of low-key lighting and a blue filter. The close up of the car wheels as it breaks give a good indication of what is happening. The close up of her face and then a fade to white give a clear suggestion that she has either died or gone in to a comma. This trailer uses fade to black shots to show that it is a fantasy and creates mystery. Special effects include a slight transparency of the character to show that she is a ghost and the character being able to walk through things. There is a shot of the city above the clouds that links in with the references to heaven and ghosts and also gives indications to locations. There were a few over the shoulder shots and a particularly interesting shot was an aerial shot of the character spinning around. The song featured in this trailer was Just Like Heaven by The Cure, which was a good choice as it is also the title of the film. This teaser trailer ended with ‘coming soon’. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v= mRC -LAIs6to
  11. 11. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus The begging of this trailer is very interesting as it begins by zooming out from clock works through to a keyhole, then through door in to clouds. There is the use of low-key lighting to show that is has an adventure and mystery theme to it. There is a good use of sound effects to show the cold weather conditions, which include an exaggerated wind sound. There are a lot of special effects such as a man walking through a mirror on fire to indicate that it is a fantasy genre. The fact that some locations and characters seem animated shows this as well. To show status and power, high and low angle shots were used. A shot that I found interesting was when there was an over the shoulder shot of the character and then the reflection in the mirror of the other character. Interesting transitions included a bright light to the next scene. I found the titles effective as they were like a bright light and reflected underneath as if it were being reflected into water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRhGAVXjYfQ
  12. 12. Alice In Wonderland This trailer begins in a slow paced way, with long, slow paced shots and slow music. There are many interesting shots in this trailer. At the beginning the first shot is of the character’s feet to make it slightly ambiguous, however from the mise-en-scene and costumes it is very clear that the story is ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I also like the way in one of the first shots the scene is framed by tree leaves and branches as the character runs past. Also the low angle shot as the character is looking in to the hole in the ground, directly at the camera creates the impression that she is looking at the audience and makes them what to know what she has discovered. Then when she falls there is a great contrast between the change of music as it changes to very fast paced music to link in with what is happening in the scene. This trailer uses a focus pull to show the main object in the scene (the drink on the table). To show the character getting smaller there is the use of a high angle, which works very well. To show the weather conditions there is a blue tint to indicate that it is a cold night. To show the genre is a fantasy some characters are animated and sound effects to signify this genre are magic, twinkling sounds. I found the way the titles were shown was very individual as the Mad Hatter throws his hat and the titles appear inside his hat. The titles are gold and fairy tale like and when the dates come up the Cheshire cats eyes appear in the two 0s of ‘2010, with his smile underneath. This trailer has included a great deal of detail. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=kkuvgxkcw2c
  13. 13. Sex And The City I feel that this teaser trailer is good at attracting its target audience, which would be women, as the mise-en-scene and costumes are of what most women would want to have and be themselves. Such as the expensive clothes and glamorous locations. The transitions are fade to whites and the lighting is high key to show that it is a romantic comedy. To show the location that the film is set in there are establishing wide shots of the city at night and panning. Sound effects include camera flashes. The captions say : “Get Carried Away” this is a play on words and people that are familiar with the characters from watching the TV series will realise as main character is called Carrie. The titles are pink and sparkly to attract the intended audience. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=rNaRLqhNVV8
  14. 14. Fame   The trailer begins with a girl playing the piano on the stage and in this beginning sections the shots are a lot longer in comparison to the second half which are extremely shorter and faster paced. The transitions here are interesting as they fade into one and other. The first half consists mainly of high key lighting as it is representing rehearsal time, whereas in the second half there is a lot of low key and unnatural lighting used to represent stage lighting. Some scenes from the film were in separate bubble like sections that is very unique from any trailer I have seen before. There were extreme close ups and close up shots of instruments to make it slightly unclear at times as to what instruments they were. There were a lot of silhouettes used which was another signifier to the location of a theatre and stage along with the theatre lights sound effects. I thought it was clever how they formed the titles from zooming out of an aerial shot to one of many small bulbs in the title. This title was also effective as it is well recognisable. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=3mD02Aj1HIE
  15. 15. The Dark Knight I feel that this is an interesting teaser trailer, as it has no footage from the film apart from dialogue. It begins with a black background with flashes of blue light. This is very ambiguous and makes the audience want to know who is speaking and what the film is. Eventually, more light comes through to reveal the batman logo. At this point most people would recognise the logo as it is well known and know that the film was based on batman. Pieces of the logo start smashing and flying off. The final piece turns over to reveal a joker card so the audience get an idea that the joker will play a big part in the film. This is effective as it does not give any clips from the film away but manages to give signifiers to the audience so they have some ideas to what the film will be based on. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=UWw0ov- cAUg
  16. 16. The Twilight Saga:New Moon In order to signify that this is a drama/thriller there is the use of fade to blacks and low-key lighting. A shot that I found interesting was a shot through a window. It also used an extreme close up of the blood on the carpet to show that it was an important feature in the story. There was also a high angle shot to show the vulnerability of the character in the woods. The pulse sound effect created tension and increased as the trailer got more action packed like an actual heart beat or pulse. I also liked the way it ended on a cliff hanger which I think is good as it will make viewers want to know what happens next and doesn’t give too much of the plot away unlike some other trailers. http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=KYBF3HKzrmE