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Analysed Teaser Trailers


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Analysed Teaser Trailers

  1. 2. New moon Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller The tease trailer for new moon is very long for at teaser trailer at one minute forty seven seconds and also has the date in which it is coming out at the end however on the website is titled to be the teaser trailer. However the full trailer for it is longer than this and also has a lot more information about the film in it. In my opinion i think that it is too long for a teaser trailer therefore when creating my on teaser trailer i aim to make it a lot shorter than this. What i really like about this teaser trailer is that way that it starts of slow paced with quite lengthily shots and then when it gets more into the dramatic and action pieces of the trailer the shots become very quick especially at the end when everything fades to complete black before the next shot with each shot being very short and quick. Something else that i really like in this teaser trailer is the sound bridges that are used as i find them very effective. I also like how the shots from the same scene fade into each other whereas the when a shot is going into a different scene it fades to black first other than the action at the end. Other things that i find very good about this teaser trailer is the way that the music gets more intense at exactly the right moments and changes exactly to the shots, as well as this i like the extreme close up on the carpet when the blood falls onto it and the way that when the blood drops from her finger it is almost like a point of view shot where things go slightly out of focus where he is losing control and then goes for her. It also has a kiss in it which I think is a must for anything that has a romantic genre to it. http:// = kTiaKvXqOtQ&feature = PlayList&p =A06C97B819EA070E&index=0
  2. 3. The Time Travellers Wife Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-fi This i think is a very short trailer and also has the date at the end which i personally don’t think is a convention of a teaser trailer. However i really like this teaser as again it has a kiss which is a key point for any film that classifies itself as romantic. I also like the way that the shots are very short and quick. Also all of the shots that are happy and good have very high key lighting in oppose to the shots that are more dramatic have low key lighting. A particular section that i really like from this teaser trailer is the section of the Arial shot of the stairs that has low key lighting and a blue tint, i think that it makes it look a lot more dramatic. Something that i don’t like about the teaser trailers for this particular film is that when you watch all of them they give away to much information and basically tell you the whole story leaving you to feel like you don’t really need to go and see it. http:// = JhhgIhdYHKU
  3. 4. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance I think that this teaser is very long for a teaser trailer at 2 minutes 54 seconds, however has the typical convention of coming soon at the end of it. What i like about this trailer is the sound bridge at the beginning as i think that it grabs your attention. I also like how the dramatic section is set with very low key lighting with a lot of blue and it is raining as i think that this makes it more dramatic. They have also used a contrast with the graphics being on a bright background and all blue and white as it looks very clean and fresh and untroubled unlike what the teaser trailer is trying to get across. I don't however like the fact that the shots are so long as i think that the shots are to long for a teaser trailer. http:// = qkUKqovcqtk
  4. 5. Australia Genre: Adventure; Drama, History, Romance, War, Western I think that this teaser trailer has all of the typical conventions of a teaser trailer as it is around a minute and a half and ends with coming soon. What i also think makes this a good teaser trailer is how short all of the shots are as i think that it makes the teaser trailer more affective. I like how original the introduction to this teaser trailer is as at the beginning instead of having the usual 20 th century fox logo they have it on a newspaper with the writing around it out of focus. I really like the transitions, affects and lighting used in this teaser trailer as it varies from using low key lighting and high key lighting, black and white and sepia affects. I think that the music is very carefully used and fits perfectly to what is happening and the transitions. I especially like the transitions used in this teaser trailer as they vary from straight cuts, fades and fades from the centre out and from the outside into the centre and fades to black, i think that this makes it very affective. I also like how in some of the shots the main figures are like silhouettes and the background and sky is brighter. This trailer also uses an extensive amount of different shots and angles which attracts the viewers attention. I especially like the close up of the gate being opened and the extreme close up of the hand. They have also slowed down some of the shots for example the horse in the water i think that this is really affective. http:// =lPDPyjybp1g
  5. 6. Twilight Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller I think that this teaser trailer is a very good trailer as i like how well the sound fits in with what is happening on the screen as when it gets more dramatic and has a lot more action and fast paced shots the music gets more fast paced. It also ‘booms’ when the graphics come onto the screen. By holding the strings in the music tension is also created. I also really like the editing used in this trailer as it uses a lot of inverted and negative colours and flashes as the shots become quicker. I also like the blue filter used. I think that the graphics are used really well as they shine like stars when it is twilight and they are blue and silver resembling the sky. I really like the mist travelling over the title of the film at the end of the trailer. There are a lot of two shots used in this trailer making it look very romantic, I think that the kissing scene where they almost kiss is vital to making this film look romantic and that it makes it even more romantic how they don't quite kiss. This is something that i will think about using in my own teaser trailer. However at the end of this teaser trailer they have the date and i don't think that this is a normal convention of a teaser trailer therefore when making my own teaser trailer i don't think that i am going to put a date at the end.
  6. 7. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance I think that this is a good length for a teaser trailer at 1 minute 38 seconds, it also has the coming soon at the end which I wish to do as I think that this is typical of a teaser trailer. I really like the range of shots used in this trailer and think that they could be used in my own teaser trailer. For example I really like the shot of them on the bench from behind, and the two shots as I think that these shots show romance. I think that they have made it really clear at the beginning that there is romance but in a subtle way like when they are walking along holding hands and it is filmed in a long shot from behind. I also really like the quick pan. I really like the push pull affect that they have used as I think that this attracts the viewers attention. There are also a large range of shot types like close ups, mid shots, long shots, establishing wide shots and extreme close ups. I also really like the editing that this trailer uses as some of it is sped up and I think that this makes it very effective especially how it is sped up when the words 500 days is said as it makes it look as if time is passing. I also think that is very clever and original how they turn one of their shots into a black and white drawing. The shots are also a quite short and effective so that you just get the idea of what is happening I think that they have also used lighting really well as the happy moments have high key lighting and the more dramatic sad shots have low key lighting. In general I think that this is a really good trailer as the over voice reflects the shots. It also looks quite easy to recreate effectively. I therefore think that I will use some of the shots in this teaser trailer as it works really well. http:// =ILCB_f0IIyI (500) Days Of Summer
  7. 8. Uglies The music in this teaser trailer fits exactly to the shots, it sounds like a heart monitor when the person is having surgery which i think is very effective and relevant to the shot. I think that the music sounds very futuristic which fits in with the plot as it is set in the future. The location of this film is really good as well as the buildings look very modern, clean and white and metal. This resembles the future really well. The first shot in this trailer after the production and distributer logos is a fast zoom out of an establishing wide to even more view of a town, it then goes into fast shots that fade into each other. I also like the close up of the sergeants as it shows their concentration as if they actually are performing surgery. I also like the close up used when pictures are being taken as i think that it really shows her emotion. This teaser trailer has no voiceover but explains what the story line is by graphics which i find very affective as it draws your attention even more and makes you want to read the next caption. I think that this is a very good way of getting the point across about the films plot to your viewer. I really like this trailer as it has a lot of shots in it but doesn't tell you much about the film but just the right amount to make you wonder what they are talking about and it then makes you want to go and see the film. http:// =ebMPjXd0VB0
  8. 9. I think that sound is used really well in this trailer. I really like how it uses more than one song and at one points the shots are changing exactly to the beat of the music, i think that this looks very effective. A lot of different shot types are used at the beginning but all form one scene, I think that by doing this instead of one long shot from the same angle it keeps the viewers attention. I also think that it is very affective that the girl at the beginning is singing about wondering if she fits in and how she is on her own and then it zooms out and she is playing the piano on a stage with no one in the audience or room, I think that this emphasises what she is singing. I really like the last shot which is taken from a birds eye view of a girl dancing and then zooms out onto the film title. I also really like the way that shots are in circles as if they were stage lights and theatre sign lights. http:// = AAnrNXUdCUg Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance
  9. 10. Cloverfield Genre: Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller I like the way that this teaser trailer is done as a home video as if it is going to be a present for Rob, and it has people talking to the camera. I then really like the way that when there is panic the shots are very quick and the camera keeps cutting out. The angles are also very strange when there is panic as if the person holding the camera is panicked to. I also really like how the titles are consistent with the footage and look like they are on a T.V that is cutting out. This teaser trailer is very original and doesn't even have any voice over or music. It just uses the footage from the film. I think that it makes you want to know more because it is so original. http:// =HKSxXE5yhUM
  10. 11. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance I really like how the graphics for this teaser trailer look like they are being typed as this really fits in with the film as it is work based and set in an office. I also think that the shot of her face where she rubs away the steam on the shower door is very affective and original and also as it is a close up of her face it shows her emotions and concern. I also think that it is really good how when it is a point of view shot from her it is always a high angle down on him so it looks like she is the one in charge and who has a higher status. http:// =qNJzanScgO8
  11. 12. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance I really like how this teaser trailer challenges the conventions of normal trailers by using a UK voice for the voice over instead of an American one. This makes the film stand out from others. They have followed the conventions of a fictional sci-fi film by using blue, silver and black for their subtitles. This helps the audience to understand what kind of genre it is going to be from. They also have a lot of very dark shots, low key lighting and fades to black to show that it is a dark film. I also think that the music fits in very well for the genre. I really like the quick shots of him running that fades to black and then comes on again fitting in exactly to the music as it makes you wonder what he is running from and creates tension as he is very out of breath. I also really like the shot where Hagrid points his wand to the sky as it pans across and up. The shots get a lot quicker as the music starts to get quicker and i find this very affective and think that it builds tension. http:// =3zf9IW-R5eI
  12. 13. Genre: Comedy The lighting is very high key in this trailer and very bold colours almost like a cartoon, this creates the sense that it is a funny film that is very fictional. The colours and the sky at the end also look very fictional and like a cartoon. I really like the shot where he says ‘ the world is going to end unless we have sex now’ as it zooms into her and makes a sound that when put together looks like she is coming to a realisation and needs to do something about it. I also like how their is a sound bridge so you can hear him talking before the shot comes onto them sitting on the bench. http:// =y-bTY8h3Pyk
  13. 14. Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  14. 15. Valentines day Genre: Comedy, Romance The titles for this film are typical of a romance film as it is red. They also use play on words at the end saying save the date. They also have hearts and flowers and many other props that resemble love and communication. I also like the contrast between the song and the shots as the shots show someone upset about being alone on valentines day and the song is saying that tonight is going to be a good night. I think that this is really affective and gives a really good contrast. http:// =3BPuK606bdQ
  15. 16. Genre: Comedy, Romance I think that this teaser trailer is very short at just 48 seconds long. I like the Mise-en-scene used in this one as by putting him in a bright orange top it makes him stand out and look like he doesn't fit in. By doing this you can understand what his character is like. When making my own teaser trailer I want to use Mise-en-scene in this way so that the viewer understands the persons personality. I really like the editing used in this teaser trailer as i think that it is very original, especially the transition that looks like a cube being turned round. I also think that it is very affective for this sort of film how every time their is a shot transition it makes a sound.