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  1. 1. Trailer analysis – Mission Impossible III Every trailer we see on the different types of mediums except TV, they always have to be approved by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) this tells us that this trailer can be viewed by all types of audiences. This only shows up on Internet based sites such as Youtube.This particular shot is an establishing shot aswell as being a dolly shot this shot basicallysets the scene and the location of the film,which is based in city.The camera movement for this particular shotcould also be a POV shot from a helicopter, asthe camera movement looks like it is comingfrom a plane or helicopter. This particular shotfits in the genre of Spy/Action. These two particular which is an extreme long shot which fades into a full body shot. Both of these shots are the put together with a fade which indicates that something is mysterious about this man who we established is Ethan Hunt. The Mise-en-scene especially the man clothing is very suspicious as wearing black in the middle of the night, and being on the rooftop could indicate that this particular man is going to do something. Also yet again his whole attire fits into Spy/Action genre
  2. 2. This shot is a medium close up of the man on the roof; this basically introduces the audience to the main character of this film which is starring Tom Cruise who is a big profile actor.This shot is very interesting, as it an extremeclose up of someone (maybe the protagonist)eye, but its not just about the eye I aminterested in it the red line that goes with it.Red can connote many different emotions, andmoods such as red could mean love orpassion, it could also symbolize horror orblood, but in this case as it’s a Spy/Action film Iam going to associate red with danger. Asmost spy films are full of danger andexcitement. The red line is also a laser whichindicates that this man is very important tohave his eye scanned into a machine. Thisimmediately tells the audience that this is goingto be a spy film as most spy films haveadvanced gadgets. This next shot is a text on screen where they have confirmed the protagonist’s name which tells the audience that this is the name to remember. Text on screen makes it look like his name is part of a government database which fits in with the Spy/Action genre, as most spy films are connate to the government of some sort. The non-diegetic sound is used the voice says ‘Agent Confirmed’ this tells the audience that this man is an agent and he is very important.
  3. 3. The next couple of scenes are important as these particularscenes introduces the supporting actors in ‘MissionImpossible 3’ I have noticed that the first two charactersthat are shown are more likely to be important through outthe film for example ‘Phillip Seymour Hoffman’ and‘Michelle Monaghan’ are important, as we find out thatPhillip Seymour Hoffman is the villain and MichelleMonaghan is the damsel in distress. Most of the sceneswith the supporting characters, the actors are shownthrough either a big close-up, Close-up, or medium shot,this is to ensure the audience is able to be familiar withthese characters and these faces. The editing in these shotare fast paced with cuts which indicates that this film is fullof action and drama it could also indicate danger. Duringthese shot there is a non- diegetic sound which count downto zero this indicates that this movie is faced paced, andalso something is going to happen, also the countdown The next couple of shots arecould also symbolises a bomb which is about to go off. carefully put together to make the audience want more, how is it done? When the countdown has reached to zero the editing put in place is a fade to black, and then goes on to the next scene is where the audience has establish that this man is the villain, the camerawork is a close-up which shows his emotions which is clearly nothing. The diegetic sound is The next and theafter the fade to‘Then Iis used scene man says this black am going to kill you in front of her’. where the audience has established that the woman isanother fadein distress, there what Then the damsel to black is from the which is making the audienceparticular is last scene has showed. This wait for the action to happen. scene is very quiet and the only thing you can her is her speaking she says this ‘What are you not telling me’, this tells the audience that she doesn’t know about Ethan Hunts and what he does for a living. This indicates that she is in the dark.
  4. 4. The next scene after the fade to black is veryimportant as the scene before is notconnected to the scene at all, but puttingthese two scene together gives the audienceexcitement, as the damsel in distress located Vthe question to him, the next scene is wherethe camera an medium close-up he also hasserious face and not saying anything, but inthe non-diegetic sound adds affect to that andmakes the audience suspicious of EthanHunt and asking questions to themselves as‘Why cant her tell her he is an agent? And‘What is he hiding from her?’During this time the audience hasn’t seen anyexplosion or gun fire which also tells theaudience to wait and keep them on their toes. The next scene after the fade to black is a text on screen shot which is very important as this tells the audience when the film is coming out this summer. The formatting of the text especially the colours used. The colour red is often used in action films as they symbolises danger, love, passion and death which sums up the type of genre the film has attained. There is Non-diegetic sound used which sounds like a heart beat from a machine. This connotes that this film is action packed and full of danger. This particular clip is very significant, why? Because the audience is waiting for the explosion and gunfire to happen. So this scene basically tells the audience that it’s going to happen. The diegetic sound that the protagonist character says is ‘Execute’ which means to carry out or to accomplish which instantly tells the audience that something big is going to happen.
  5. 5. Then this is where the audience is finallygoing to get what they are looking for, whichis the action such as explosions, car chasesand so on. This camera angle is a long shotwhich show the intense of the explosionwhich gives the audience the thrill of theexplosion. This is also where we hear theofficial theme song, from the soundtrackwhich is non-diegetic sound/ We also see the same explosion but in angle which is a dolly shot or a crane where the audience can see the car flip over and how high this particular explosion is and also the colour contrast between the water which is blue and the orange/ yellow and the explosion. This particular shot is an extreme long shot with the camera movement of a tracking shot, this indicates that the protagonist is running away from something or trying to find something or someone. Then the tracking shot instantly turns into a fade and brings up the same scene but to a medium shot which shows that he is carrying a phone which implies that he is trying to reach someone. These particular shots are put in these sequences because it raises questions that the audience will think about such as ‘Why Ethan Hunt is in Thailand or in an exotic place? And ‘Why is Ethan Hunt running?’ However besides the fact that the is running the scene immediately cross cuts to the two shot where the guy is also on the phone which could imply from the last scene where Ethan Hunt is running that he could be possibly talking to this guy particular man who seems to be wearing suit which could be he is part of the government or some agent organization.
  6. 6. This shot is an overview shot (also known as a birds-eye-view shot) this basically emphasis how far the man is falling down, this also emphasise the danger the man Is in. This shot also shows how skilled the man is, this shows that he has done this before.This is also a low angle shot this showshow the scene is very dangerous andshows how strong the main character andis. This also makes the audience feel fearas they don’t know if he is going to makesit, and putting slow motion gives theaudience tension and anticipation of whatis yet to come. This is an screen on text shot. This tells the audience what the film is called abbreviated, which is ‘Mission Impossible 3’.This is also screen on text, this basicallytells the audience that the film is a PG-13therefore children over the age of 13 canwatch the film only with their parentspresent. Also who the actors for this filmsand telling the audience that this filmbelongs to ‘Paramount Studios’.