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Media studies drake magazine


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Media studies drake magazine

  1. 1. The fact that his head is The Masthead is big because that’s the covering part of the name of the magazine, so it has to be eye catching to the readers so they can masthead shows how remember what they were reading. important he is and that all The colour of the title stands out ‘New’ is a buzz word. And it’s at focus is on him. because it is on a black background the top because it automatically tells and the black and white together is the reader that the magazine is fresh quite rocky and mescaline. And then and they are not missing out on the the yellow just gives it a bit of latest things. It’s also highlighted in lightness to the magazine. yellow because it stands out on top of the white. ‘Drake’ his name is big, bold and bright which stands out and catches eyes straight away. His name is also underneath the masthead which makes u look at the name straight after because that’s the next big thing‘Exclusive’ is a buzz wordand it’s on top of the sell near it. However the fact thatline because it tells the he’s name is in all capitols,audience that their about to gives an effect of the namefind out something new screaming/shouting at you.about this artist that knowone else knows. Kind oflike a secret between the All sell lines aremagazine and the reader. around him, which shows how important he is yet again. The intensity in his eyesNormally website connects with the word onaddresses are not so his top. However he looksbig or in this kind of too cool to show anyformat. But because emotions because his topit’s so big its eye says it all.catching for thereader, but because ofhow it’s set out itmight be a gamble The name on his t-shirt being so big suggest that he is trying to get a messagebetween the reader Normally you find that bar across. The name on his top suggests he’snoticing wither it’s a codes are at the back of the going to make it as a rapper continuallywebsite or not. magazines. But when it’s at and that nothing can stop him nor slow the front it means that an him down. However the word being white advert is at the back. And on a black top makes it stand out even having an advert at the back more. is exceptive so they have to put the bar code at the front. His facial expression and body language give a mode of address. And the mode of address it’s giving is not so friendly, but it’s more strong, firm and mescaline.