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Extended project qualification


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Extended project qualification

  1. 1. Extended Project Qualification
  2. 2. Marking CriteriaProjects marked on four different areas• A01 – Manage• A02 – Use Resources• A03 – Develop and Realise• A04 – Review• Project is given a mark out of 50
  3. 3. A01 – Manage• Marked out of 10 (20%)Includes:• Identifying your topic• Identifying project aims and objectives• Producing a project plan• Completing the work applying organisational skills and strategies to meet stated objectives
  4. 4. A02 – Use Resources• Marked out of 10 (20%)Includes:• Obtain and select from a variety of resources• Analyse data• Apply information relevantly• Demonstrate understanding of appropriate links
  5. 5. A03 – Develop and Realise• Marked out of 20 (40%)Includes:• Problem solving• Decision-making• Creative thinking• To achieve planned outcomes
  6. 6. A04 – Review• Marked out of 10 (20%)Includes:• Communication skills• Convey and present evidenced outcomes and conclusions• Evaluate own learning and performance
  7. 7. Evidence – You should now be working onthe following• Formal proposal and approval• Initial idea and outline plan for the project• Record of research carried out
  8. 8. Producing a project plan• Notebook/diary• Online blog (• Gantt Chart (see examples on next slide)• You should include: • aims/objectives • final outcome • target audience • steps you will take • How it will meet grading criteria