Dear john


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Dear john

  1. 1. Dear John Trailer Analysis Every trailer we see on the different types of mediums except TV, they always have to be approved by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) this tells us that this trailer can be viewed by all types of audiences. This only shows up on Internet based sites such as YouTube. This clip tells the audience that Sony Pictures Entertainment Company has been a part of this film. During this clip the audience will hear Non- Diegetic sound of the soundtrack playing, the instrument the audience will hear is a Guitar which is connotes to love and romance, especially the acoustic guitar. This clip also tells the audience that this company ‘Relativity Media’ was also a part of the production of this film. During the Non – Diegetic sound there is an ambience sound of waves which indicates that film is set near a beach.This clip tells the audience that the sound ofwaves they have heard from the previous clip isconnected to the ocean which immediately tellsthe audience that the film is located on beach.The editing is very clear we get a fade in withpicture which indicates, time, so the audiencewill believe that this man has been surfing for awhile.
  2. 2. This edit is a flash this indicates that something is going to happen; this could also mean that he has seen the light, or just woken up. This is very significant to romance, as love can connote that someone’s love has just be awaken. After that shot, the audience is introduced to Channing Tatum the main character on this film, we are shown him first before the female as this film is centred on him. The camera angle is a medium close-up shot which shows the audience what he looks like. From the way he is looking, it looks like he is looking at something. This is very common to have the male lead shown first ad this attracts the female audience, because the male lead is very attractive. After that shot, the audience is aware that he is looking at a group of people which is an over the shoulder shot, which shows a group of people which is a medium long shot. The audience can identify who the lady he is looking at which is the one in the middle of the two men, how? They can identify her because she is not apart of the conversation which tells the audience she is different.This shot is a close up of the bag falling;this is very significant as this bag is asymbol of them meeting. During this shotwe have a sound mix of the waves which isambience sound and the non- diegeticsound of the light music in the backgroundand we also hear diegetic sound of the Co-star Amanda Seyfried gasping at her backfalling over with ‘No!’.
  3. 3. This shot is a high angle shot, where the audience will see the protagonist jumping in the water. This tells the audience that this main character is a hero of some sort as he is going to save her bag, which fell into the water. Then there is a fadeThis shot is a close up of the co-starface which indicates that she is shockedas someone went into the water toretrieve her bag. Then there is a fade This is a two of the couple the camera angle is an almost full body shot, and this is the ‘meet cue’ where both characters meet for the first time. Then there is a fade. This is clip is an over the shoulder shot; we get to see both characters talking to each other. The audience will also hear a sound mix again which is again, ambience sound of the ocean, the sound track that is playing and diegetic sound which is where the couple is introducing them. ‘John’ ‘Savannah’.
  4. 4. This is clip shows that the couple is getting to know each other further by taking walks along the beach. This shot is a full body shot, the audience has established that they are on a beach; the audience will also know that ‘John’ the protagonist likes to surf. This is clip is a text on screen, but the effects on the screen is a blurred effect which is the audience a feel that this romantic film is going to be like a dream. The text on screen tells the audience that this story was a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. This is basically giving Nicholas Sparks credit for his novel.During these clips the audience is able to get some information about the couple.For example we have non-diegetic sound which has been added over the top theaudience is able to get information about how the couple met, and how they feelabout each other which is love. ‘Two weeks together, that what all it took’ .We alsoget the non-diegetic sound of the soundtrack which is light and very smoothing.Suggest that their relationship is steady and seemed to feel like a dream
  5. 5. This clip is a text on screen, the text on thescreen says ‘Author of ‘The Notebook’’ whichtells the audience that the plot of the story is verygood, as the previous film ‘The Notebook’ wasvery successful. I believe the audience they aretrying to attract are women from 16-30 years ofage. This clip is a close up on the uniform, which we have discovered is ‘John’s’ this tells the audience that the uniform (him being in the army) is foreshadowing problems which could arise during the film. This clip is a close up of the John’s thumb this is going to be very significant during the rest of the trailer. Then the audience will see the picture fade to the next clip. The audience is also introduced to John’s father which is a mid-shot, from what the audience can see is that his father is interested in science as I can see tests tubes or make likes looking at rocks.
  6. 6. This is basically an over the shoulder shot, whichis edited into a shot reverse shot with a fast fadealmost a flash edit. During this scene theaudience is able to see that the two charactersare fighting what I would say is very good aboutthis clip is that when the guy john punches theother guy the flash edit appears, this indicatesthe how strong the punch was. The Mise-en-scene in this clip is very unique but very cliché at the same time for example the rain us very cliché as when someone is wet they tend to stick close to each other, but the unique aspect of this clip is that they are in some sort of a construction site, which is not considered to be romantic. This tells the audience that there relationship is not normal but something more than that. This scene is where the main characters kiss; this is very significant as the audience has been anticipating for that kiss to happen. What makes the kiss even more intense is the change of the Non-diegetic sound, the music stops and the only thing you can hear is the ambience sound which is the rain that is pouring.
  7. 7. Then the audience will see the fade to white edit, this could symbolise that the relationship was a dream. The non- diegetic sound (the soundtrack) changes into a sad and very slow song which could mean that the relationship is going to change in someway.From the previous clip theaudience can see the distancebetween the two characters arevery close and intimate, but thesescene they seem very distant.The diegetic sound is very usefulas the audience will know whythe relationship is falling apart.‘I have to go back’ –John‘Just like that’The editing is a shot reverse shotThe audience is introduced to afade to black which is interestingas most of the editing so far hasbeen fade to white, this couldsymbolize the other side to therelationship. For example thecouple are in a dark place whichcould mean tension in therelationship. This shot is and wide long shot, this is where the audience can see where ‘John’ is going, which is back to the army.
  8. 8. These scenes are connected witha fade to black which indicatesthe reality. We also hearvoiceovers from the maincharacters for example we hearthe female character say ‘sowhere are they going to sendyou, right in the middle of it all’this indicate how worried for hissafety.This clip is a medium shot as wecan see from there hips to theirwaists. The audience can alsosee the action they are doing,which is hugging. We also hearthe soundtrack which is becomingmore intense as each clip isshown, also we hear a voiceoverof the make character saying ‘so Iwill see you soon then’. In thenext clip she says ‘I will see yousoon then’. The audience canalso see that their intimacy isback as they are very close toeach other.
  9. 9. Then the audience will see a fadeto white, which indicates theyhave got over the dark places intheir relationship. Then there will be a series of clips indicating that their lives are apart.
  10. 10. The voiceover indicates that they are trying to stay in contact witheach other even though they are very far apart in a letter formatwhich tells the audience that they are keeping in contact by sendingletters to each other which gives the film a romantic feel theme.‘Dear John, Tell me everything, write it all down that way will we stillbe with each other all the time even though we are not with eachother at all’ This is a close up of the pen writing a letter either to john or savannah. During this clip we get a voice over of what number this letter is which is 8. This set of clips tells the audience that receiving these letters from one another are putting a smile on their faces. Also the voice over indicates that they have been send a lot of letters to each other ‘Letter number 33’
  11. 11. Then we have a edit fade to white, then we have a clip of John looking upset.This clip is a close up on the maincharacters hands which showhow close their relationship is. This series of clips are a shot reverse shot also the angles ranges for High Angle shot to a Low Angle shot which indicates who is the more dominant in the relationship. Also how the female character is looking up to him.
  12. 12. The two clips are edited together by a fade which could indicate time has passed, also the to clips are similar as they both move forward to what the subject is for example this shot is a dolly in.Then the audience is introducedto the main actors playing themain characters. This is a text onscreen shot which tells the actorsnames. After that the audiencecan see the actor. This two clips are carefully selected out together as this a graphic match which one clip which is the main characters head has faded to the moon .