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Alice Quick Guide


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Alice Quick Guide

  1. 1. Using the ALICE OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Home Screen Type in a search term, keyword, title or author and click on the binoculars or press enter.
  2. 2. For author names, always type the surname first, then click on the blue arrow or press enter to see how many resources there are for that author.
  3. 3. Highlight the book title of interest and click on the blue arrow or press enter.
  4. 4. The next screen shows if the book is available and the call number. In this example the call number is ROS F DAH. ROS = Rose Street Library F = Fiction DAH = Dahl To find out if there is more than one copy, click on the “Copies” button
  5. 5. This screen shows the location of each copy, the call number, barcode and availability. In this example one copy is located in a Class Library Box – P6E, the other is at Rose St. Library
  6. 6. For subject searches, type in a subject or keyword. It is best to click on the keyword in the results page to find the greatest number of resources.
  7. 7. In this example there are 5 resources, 4 located in Rose Street Library and one in the Language room. ROS = Rose St. Library LAN = Language Room 363.7 indicates the Non-Fiction Dewey Decimal Classification Number for this subject.
  8. 8. There are several different locations in use at Rose St. Library, the following list is for indication only and is not exhaustive as new locations are added, as required: ROS Rose St. Library LAN Language Room P4A, B, C, D, E P4 Class Library Boxes P5A, B, C, D, E P5 Class Library Boxes P6A, B, C, D, E P6 Class Library Boxes MUS Music Room REF Reference Collection RSR Rose St. Reserve – Staff Resources SEN SEN Room
  9. 9. Entering a Book Review Find the book you want to review using the OPAC search window.   Click on the blue arrow key to look at the details.
  10. 10. If you want to enter a review, click on the Blackboard symbol
  11. 11. Once you have clicked on the Blackboard symbol, the review window will open. Click on the new icon to get started. Enter your name and class and click on the Green tick.
  12. 12. Type in your review. Remember to give the book a rating between 1 and 5. Click in the Green tick to submit, you will receive this message. Click “OK” Your review will be forwarded to the Librarian for review. You should be able to see it the next day.
  13. 13. Making a Reservation If you want to make a reservation, click on the Person symbol.
  14. 14. You will receive this message. If you have a Library Card, your Borrower Barcode is displayed on the card. Type in the correct letters and numbers and click on the Green Tick. Students in Years 4 and 5 should ask the Librarian or Library Monitors for the Barcode Register. A message will ask you to confirm the name for the reservation. Click “OK” to confirm. Reservations will only be saved once the system has been shutdown so may not appear in the system until the next day. Reservations are valid for 2 weeks. Once the reserved book has been returned to the library a Reservation Notice will be delivered to your class. You have 2 days to collect the book before it is put back on the shelf.