What is your REALTY?


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What is your REALTY?

  1. 1. Selling your property
  2. 2. How we work for you • A commitment to service and communication • Updated market data to establish your home value • Competitive & savvy marketing tools • Expert negotiations and strategy • Getting the home sold, not just listed
  3. 3. What it takes to sell • Prepare the home for market • Price the home correctly • Optimize the exposure on the internet • Optimize the access for showings
  4. 4. Details we handle • Maximizing Proceeds ($) • Preparing a net sheet for you (what the bottom line is) • Providing a market snapshot of pricing activity • Minimizing Time Invested • Timely marketing from a plan made just for you • Open, honest communication
  5. 5. Kathryn King, Principal Broker Choosing to work with Kathryn King is choosing to work with more than the average agent. Kathryn King works from a business plan with three clear objectives: • My top priority is customer satisfaction. To this end I will always look for ways to improve my service. • To sell your home in the shortest amount of time, for the highest profit. • My commitment to you is to communicate. This is a joint task, and I will always be honest and forthright with you. This assures you that I reach the ultimate goal of selling your home. This may mean facing unwanted news, because I am committed to being honest with you, you matter most! Understanding real estate is my business… let me walk you through each step of the transaction. Kathryn King, Principal Broker ~ Innovative. Nimble. In tune.
  6. 6. A Seller’s Typical Closing Costs The following costs will generally affect all transactions: • Escrow Fee - one half of the fee, based on Title Company’s fee schedule. • Recording Fees - to clear title. • Title Premium - based on fee schedule. • Real Estate Commission - based on agreement with Broker. • Tax Pro-Rate - this applies to transactions when the seller has not paid the taxes when due. • General Costs - as listed for each specific transaction as requested by principals.
  7. 7. A Seller’s Typical Closing Costs CONVENTIONAL, FHA, VA LOAN TRANSACTION • Any closing cost (not expenses of property or loan interest) negotiated on behalf of the purchaser subject to lender’s approval. • Payoff of any loans, taxes assessments and encumbrances. • FHA, VA Loans - lender’s discount fee, if provided in earnest money agreement. • FHA, VA Loans - document preparation fee as charged by lender. • FHA, VA Loans - tax service fee as charged by lender. • VA Loans only - full escrow fee.
  8. 8. Real Property Taxes Real property taxes are based on a fiscal year of July 1st through June 30th. Real property taxes are a lien as of July 1st, but are not payable until the county has certified the tax rolls. Taxes are usually certified in October. Taxes are considered current if paid in increments of 1/3 as follows •July, August, September, October --- Due and payable on November 15th. •November, December, January, February --- Due and payable on February 15th. •March, April, May, June --- Due and payable on May 15th.
  9. 9. Home Warranty In addition to inspections, you can also obtain a home warranty, which will cover the major systems for the new buyer. These will include: heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, appliances and more. The typical home warranty costs approximately $275 to $400 per year; depending on what additional items you may choose to have covered. For an additional fee, you may choose to have coverage on pools and their associated electrical appliances as well as other items usually not covered such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc. As a home seller, you may want to advertise that the home warranty will be included with the home sale (you pay the first year) and the money will be well spent. Once a buyer takes possession of their new home, it can be very troublesome and expensive if major systems break down. The home warranty company covers these items just like an insurance policy and the coverage can be renewed each year if desired. In the event of a problem, the home warranty company will charge a deductible, usually $24 to $50 per claim, and then they’ll send out an approved repair company to take care of the problem. Consult your local yellow pages, the internet, or ask KJK Properties for listings of home warranty companies. You can also contact some of the larger air conditioning and heating companies who contract with these home warranty companies. Be sure to select a reputable home warranty company. Check out their track record with your
  10. 10. Details we handle • Protecting Your Best Interest • Review of pros/cons • Liabilities in the offer(s) presented • Additional referrals • Candid discussion of issues affecting you
  11. 11. Details we handle • Communication & Service • 24x7 availability • Set hours and a staff of professionals to serve you • Requests fulfilled or referral given to meet need • Long-term follow-up after the transaction is complete
  12. 12. How we market • Internet • Realtor.com (6.5 million unique visitors monthly) • Trulia • Zillow • Craigslist.org • KJK Properties, P.C. website • Your own virtual tour • RMLS • New techniques • Perma flyer on sign • QR Code
  13. 13. How we market • Quality eco-flyer or paper flyer, signage & “homebook” • Facilitating buyers and assisting their agents • Broker’s tour & open house
  14. 14. How we market • RMLS • Correct information • Accurate measurements • Good directions • Maximum photos
  15. 15. How we market • Prospecting • Agent to agent • Contacting agents with matching buyers • Circle • Inviting neighbors to view with color postcards leading to home website and QR code
  16. 16. Marketing sample • Flyers and ad design is handled with care
  17. 17. What it takes to get to “closed” • Thorough follow-up • Agents • Appraisers • Inspectors • Buyers • Lenders • Title & Escrow Officers
  18. 18. The “bennies” • No risk to you • Cancellation with prior notification • No money up-front • More time for you
  19. 19. Client testimonials • I’d call Kathryn a rock star, except that rock stars probably don’t work as hard! She was super helpful, on top of every one of the million or so questions we had… • Kathryn was there for me through the entire process of selling. For every item I needed help with she was able to give me names of certified and reputable vendors who responded quickly and did excellent work. Thank you Kathryn, you truly earned your commission! • Dear Kathryn: you truly are a blessing and so grateful for you and your guidance through this difficult decision to sell and the difficulty with the tenants. It all worked out with divine results. I’ll recommend you to anybody – it was a true pleasure. • Just a quick note to thank you so much for all of your hard work on my house. Thanks for being so supportive. • Cindy and I both thank you for your hard work, insight and moral integrity / ethical values. You made the process open and understandable to us and did it with warmth and grace. • The schlep across town with sleeping children at 10 pm on a Friday night to deliver keys was above and beyond the call of duty!
  20. 20. Happily ever after • Clients often times become friends, staying in touch through the years
  21. 21. Experience ~ Oregon and Washington • Over 300 homes sold • 16 years as a full time Realtor
  22. 22. Professional profile ~ Kathryn King • Education • Bachelor of Science, Communications • Bachelor of Science, Psychology • Owner KJK Properties P.C. • Graduate Realtor Institute Designation • Accredited Buyer Representative Designation • Portland Resident since 1991
  23. 23. Property investments~Kathryn King • Investments & Expertise • Personal Residence • 10 Rental properties, all in close-in eastside, several in Woodstock, with the exception of 2 in Prineville
  24. 24. About KJK Properties, P.C. • Established in 2002 • A respected real estate company • Professional oversight by Kathryn King • Full time licensed staff • Professional bookkeeping
  25. 25. Conclusion • You have a choice • Your time is appreciated • Next steps • Preparing the home • Doing the disclosure paperwork • Doing the listing paperwork • Defining timelines • Going on market