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Edmonton granite granite or marble for your luxurious kitchen edmonton granite


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KandJ’s Custom Granite of Edmonton transforms huge slabs of stones into beautiful kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bartops and fireplaces.

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Edmonton granite granite or marble for your luxurious kitchen edmonton granite

  1. 1. E info@kjgranite. com C (587) 4’l(M844 O O 9 @ HOME GET FINANCING BLOG CONTACT US CUSTOMIZATION GALLERY TESTIMONIALS ‘'5 Granite or Marble For Your Luxurious Kitche Everybody deseives to have a luxurious kitchen to cook their meals. Why? — It's awesome - Anything luxurious is awesome — admit it! — It's encouraging to cook in a luxurious kitchen — You have the space to cooked in a relaxed manner A luxurious kitchen is not complete without a countertop. Can you imagine how naked your kitchen platform would look without a good countertop? When it comes to picking a countertop for your luxurious kitchen. you have two choices - marble or granite. Color and Finish Marble definitely offers more variety when it comes to color. The stone has natural colors like red. brown. green and blue. Vou can get it with either a glossy or dull finish. Granite comes with natural colors that are more of a darker shade like black. blue. grey and beige. The stone can be polished to give a glossy or shinny look. or it can be kept with its natural colored state. Maintenance and Care Marble can easily stain. and lighter the marble color. the more the stain will remain. For this. you will have to frequently add a sealant to prevent spills from affecting the marble countertops color. Another noticeable thing is that ifyour polishing is not even. you will find dark and light areas on the countertop. Tough liquids. like vinegar and coffee, can leave etches on marble. Granite is stain and scratch resistant. Furthermore. if you pick a dark colored granite countertop. it is going to be difficult for stains to appear. When it comes to heat resistance. both of them do fairly well but you still want to avoid putting a hot vessel on the stone directly. its better to use a hot pad as a buffer. Design Customizations Having worked with granite customization regularly. we can say that granite definitely offers more customization options than marble. Overall granite can be much better shaped too. This makes it much easier to mould a granite countertop to any kitchen decor. Costs A granite countertop is more affordable than a marble countertop. This because marble cost more to extract from the earth and is largely imported from outside the North American continent. Take Professional Advice Picking granite or marble can very much depend on what you imagine for your luxurious kitchen and how it fits within your lifestyle. For that. you may need to talk to a professional who can take your needs and wants give you the best advice. K& '5 Custom Granite is a place where you won't only find professionals to speak to. but also a wide range of marble and granite countertops too. Don't hesitate to drop by the store in Edmonton. kjgranite K&J's Custom Granite of Edmonton transforms huge slabs of stones into beautiful kitchen countertops. bathroom vanities. bartops and fireplaces. We want you to have the decorthacs right for you. That's why we educate our customers on the different kinds ofstones and their pros and cons, before you make a product choice. Our in—house designers help customize your design so that your home is personalized to your needs. Refresh Your Bathroom Style How to Clean and Maintain your Quartz countertops