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Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv: Visual Information and Visual Persuasion in Public Relations Activities Promoting Libraries


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V Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa Nauka o informacji (informacja naukowa) w okresie zmian Innowacyjne usługi informacyjne. Wydział Dziennikarstwa, Informacji i Bibliologii Katedra Informatologii, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa, 15 – 16 maja 2017

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Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv: Visual Information and Visual Persuasion in Public Relations Activities Promoting Libraries

  1. 1. Visual Information and Visual Persuasion in Public Relations Activities Promoting Libraries Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv Ph.D. Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  2. 2. 2016 Polish National Library poll – around 60% Poles did not read over 3 pages (one time) during the year Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  3. 3. Words must meet pictures Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  4. 4. Public relations – communication with the organizational publics • institutional • multichannel • Multimedia (on-line PR) • Dialogue -> engaging • Intentional, realising organizational communication goal (media relations), taking under consideration social environment • VISUAL Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  5. 5. We see more information than we read. • The change has come and in the era of visual culture triumph some new techniques to contact the public must be implemented. • How to promote library, non-profit organization, using modern tools of visual communication? Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  6. 6. • Information design, infographics and environmental PR tools Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  7. 7. Wizardry Studio, Burwood Library and Hub
  8. 8. Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  9. 9. • infographics, • Instagram Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  10. 10. So called: „popular sayings” labelling the passive library publics… • Who do not read, will not enter to library … • In our times people do not want to read … • Library is boring place… • Only grandparents are going to library, it’s not place for youngsters… • We need to focus on persuading children to read, the rest is lost …. • Ect. ect. ect . Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  11. 11. MAO - model of persuasion /Maclnnis, Moorman, & Jaworski, 91/ Topic-relevant involvement can play a pivotal role in the strategies people use to process information, so the psychological MAO (motivation, ability, opportunity) model of persuasion is discussed as theoretical framework for new visual PR activities of the library. Motivation, Ability, Opportunity Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW Readers attention to information where is library and how to act there I SAW POSTER/LIBRARY BUILDING Readers skills or proficiencies in interpreting PR information I CAN READ BOOK FROM LIBRARY Readers goal-directed arousal concerning reading activity I WOULD LIKE TO GO TO LIBRARY
  12. 12. Research on posters promoting libraries. • Short exposition up to 7sec. • Research questions: What visualisation type will be most persuasive on the promotional poster? Photos Drawings or just Words … Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  13. 13. Eye-tracker Tobi X2 - 60 Hz; N=18; students M&F Stimuli: 8 posters on the same topic, created by one author, but using different visualisation techniques.
  14. 14. H1 The study proves almost 3 times longer total visit duration in typographic AOI and twice longer in drawing AOI than in photographic AOI. H2 Drawing on posters results with significantly shorter time to first fixation than photography, means it attracts visual attention of the viewer faster. H3 The total fixation duration is twice longer in drawing and typographic AOI than photographic AOI. H4 Almost 60% of participants remembered at least one poster including only typography. 16% indicated exact number of typographic posters. Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  15. 15. Visual PR – process activating trigger: OPPORTUNITY Arguments: MOTIVATION and ABILITY How do I look, that I can see How do I see, that I know… How do I know, that I understand… Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW
  16. 16. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION … VISUAL Alicja Waszkiewicz – Raviv Alicja Waszkiewicz-Raviv WDIB UW