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Katarina Mandić, Drahomira Cupar: From idea to realization - Project Harry Potter Week #bcs2015


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Talk given at the BOBCATSSS 2015 conference -

During the May of year 2014 Zadar Public Library was accommodating project titled „Harry Potter Week“. It was designed and organized by students of the Department of Information Sciences from University of Zadar, in collaboration with professors of the Department and librarians from Zadar Public Library. Every day of the week had different activity connected to Harry Potter – either books or movies. Manifestation was free for library users and everyone else who was interested in it.

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Katarina Mandić, Drahomira Cupar: From idea to realization - Project Harry Potter Week #bcs2015

  1. 1. From idea to realization: Project Harry Potter Week Katarina Mandić and Drahomira Cupar Department of Information Sciences University of Zadar Bobcatsss 2015
  2. 2. Introduction • Libraries always had the potential to support creative activities (Techman, 2014) • They can contribute to the institution's community through events, displays, and exhibits (Goldsmith & Fonseca, 2008). • It is important to organize events in library that would draw attention of the users and engage them in library activities
  3. 3. Zadar Public library as a place for cultural events • Mission of the Zadar Public library - bring information, knowledge and culture to the inhabitants of the city of Zadar and Zadar County (Pavičić, Alfirević & Aleksić, 2006) • Basic goal of the Zadar Public library – to be recognized as the cultural center of the city (Pavičić, Alfirević & Aleksić, 2006) • This paper will describe „Harry Potter Week” project that was held in Zadar Public library during the May of year 2014
  4. 4. Design of the project • This project consists of 4 phases • First phase of the project - refers to its design - first idea - make a project related to the famous fictional places from books and literature - after talking to advisor, it was decided to start with something more simple and related to only one book • Second phase - finding partners for the project - Main partner - Zadar Public library • Third phase - finding sponsors - Algoritam publishing house - printing and copy center Grafos - Department of the Information Sciences - Zadar Public library
  5. 5. … • Fourth phase - final preparations of the project - making questions for games and quizzes - creating decorations for Children’s Department of Zadar Public library, (e.g. flying keys, the Mirror of Erised, a poster with interesting facts, letters from Hogwarts etc.) - informing public about the event
  6. 6. Poster of the manifestation Author: Mladen Masar
  7. 7. Monday 19th of May– 1st day • Workshop “How to make an owl” was held at the Children’s Department of the Zadar Public library • The participants were pupils of the private primary school “Nova” and children of the kindergarten “Loptica” (including one student from the Department of Croatian language) • To participants were read chapters from the first Harry Potter book in which Hedwig, his owl pet was mentioned • Owls were made of empty toilet paper rolls and collage paper in white, brown, silver and gold colors • In the afternoon hours, the first sequel of the Harry Potter movie series was shown in the Mediatheque
  8. 8. „How to make an owl” workshop
  9. 9. Tuesday 20th of May – 2nd day • Book quiz was held in the library Multimedia Hall • Questions were related to Harry Potter books • There were qualifications before the quiz in order to select four participants that would take part in quiz and win one of Harry Potter books • Books were provided by Algoritam publishing house • Quiz was followed by board game Harry Potter pictionary • The game was attended by preschoolers and pupils of the elementary school
  10. 10. Book quiz (questions)
  11. 11. Book quiz (event)
  12. 12. Pictionary Sources: - Pictionary board. URL: (13.01.2015.) - Pictionary categories. URL: (13.01.2015.)
  13. 13. Handmade Harry Potter pictionary categories
  14. 14. Harry Potter pictionary (with participants)
  15. 15. Drawings of the participants
  16. 16. Wednesday 21st of May – 3rd day • The movie quiz was held in the library Multimedia Hall • Also had pre-qualifications • Questions related to the movie and actors who embodied many familiar characters from the book • The winner was also awarded with book from Harry Potter series • Wizard’s chess - took place in the atrium of the library
  17. 17. Movie quiz (questions and the winner)
  18. 18. Wizard’s chess
  19. 19. Thursday 22nd/ Friday 23rd of May – 4th and 5th days • The writing workshop was held in Children’s department of the library • Participants were given two characters, two locations and two spells from the Harry Potter books, on which they wrote short stories • Their works were later exhibited on the main board of the Children’s Department • In the afternoon, the second part of the movie – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was shown and the next day, the third part was shown, also in Mediatheque • Friday was the only day that didn’t have any activities, except for the screening of the movie
  20. 20. The writing workshop
  21. 21. Saturday 24th of May – 6th day • Last day of the project • An improvised Quidditch was held in the library Multimedia Hall • Participants of all ages • Three matches played among Slytherin and Gryffindor teams • Municipal company Čistoća borrowed their brooms so that participants could play mentioned game
  22. 22. Quidditch
  23. 23. Promotion and decorations • The project was announced on Facebook, Zadar Public Library website, Algoritam publishing house website and in the media • Apart from selling Harry Potter books for prices reduced by 20%, Algoritam also offered other science fiction and fantasy books for lower prices • During the project, the entire Children’s Department was arranged in the atmosphere of Harry Potter books
  24. 24. Decoration of the Children’s Department
  25. 25. Decoration of the Children’s Department
  26. 26. Instead of conclusion • Collaboration with sponsors/partners for this project was successful • Librarians and teachers helped in the design and implementation of the project • The response in public to events within the Harry Potter Week was excellentt • The plan is to continue with the same event in March 2015 • We are planning to make more collaboration with schools, kindergartens and other institutions if possible and do more activities, other than Quidditch, Wizard’s chess, quizzes and Pictionary
  27. 27. References • Carney, J. J., & DeMitchell, T. A. (2005). Harry Potter and the Public School Library. Phi Delta Kappan, 87, 159-165. doi: 10.1177/003172170508700212 • Chatterley, T. (2012). Harry Potter Magically Transforms the Health Sciences Library at the University of Alberta. Feliciter, 58, 47-49. • Čičko, H., Križanić Delač, Đ., & Stričević, I. (2006). Knjižnične službe i usluge za djecu u hrvatskim narodnim knjižnicama: razvoj, stanje i perspective. Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske, 49, 22-36. • Goldsmith M. U. D., & Fonseca A. (2008). Beats and bongos: making the library the cultural center of academe. Thibodaux, LA: Nicholls State University. • Harris, R., Mayo, A., Prince, J. D., & Tooey, M. J. (2013.) Creating shared campus experiences: the library as culture club. J Med Libr Assoc, 101, 254-256. doi: 10.3163/1536-5050.101.4.005 • Jelušić, S., & Stričević, I. (2010). Knjižnične usluge za mlade: modeli i koncepti. Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske, 53, 1-34. • Pavičić, J., Alfirević, N., & Aleksić, LJ. (2006). Marketing i menadžment u kulturi i umjetnosti. Zagreb : Masmedia. • Techman, M. (2014). Supporting creativity in school libraries. Knowledge Quest, 42, 28-30. • Vodič kroz znanje o upravljanju projektima (4th ed.). (2011). Zagreb : Mate : Zagrebačka škola ekonomije i managementa.
  28. 28. Contact Thank you for your attention! • For further information please contact me Katarina Mandić or 29