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Moved Into A New Office? Save Office Relocation Expense Budget With 4 Tips


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Save office relocation expense budget by evaluating these 4 old access control hardware

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Moved Into A New Office? Save Office Relocation Expense Budget With 4 Tips

  1. 1. Moved Into A New Office? Save Office Relocation Expense Budget By Evaluating These 4 Old Access Control Hardware
  2. 2. Key fobs basically just store a number and if you are not intending to change your entire access control infrastructure, you might be able to keep them because they can be re- programmed. You Find Leftover Key Fob Or Access Badges In Your New Office.
  3. 3. You need to check: Is the reader wired back to the server room or IT closet or is it wired to a power source as a standalone ? If it’s the former, you might be able to keep the reader. If your office set up falls into the latter, you need to look up on the instructions to fix or reset the key fob system. You See A Reader On The Wall.
  4. 4. At this point, when you see this: Don’t even waste your time – it is time for a new access control panel. There are several good panels that are sold by Lenel, Keyscan, Genetec, Kantec, C-Cure. Consult your local security vendor, where they could tell you more options on what are the best access control panel for your office needs. You discover a key fob access control panel in the server room.
  5. 5. If you see electronic locks and door strikes in your new office space, you pretty much have no need to swap them out. And you can save the most of bucks on your office relocation budget and expenses. Simply said: If your keyfob still works, the buzzer will still works. Just keep it in there and tell your security integrator that you would rather not change anything at the door frame. There is a electric strike or electronic lock at your door strike!
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