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Case Study : Investment Fund Manager

  1. 1. Case Study: Investment Fund Manager Background Our client, an Australian investment fund manager, is part of a global investment management group, with over AUD 100 billion under management. Adopting an unwavering contrarian investment philosophy and a long term view, the company has proven success, with above index returns over many years. Challenge Despite managing more than AUD 100 billion in funds, the company is relatively unknown in Australia. They have, however, identified an opportunity to establish themselves in Australian investors’ minds as the thought leaders in contrarian investing. The company’s brand goals are:  Firstly, to occupy “top of mind” with retail investors and advisors whenever contrarian investments are being considered; and,  Secondly, to create investor-led pull with financial advisors for clients’ products, by educating retail investors on the benefits of the contrarian investment style and outcomes. The client recognised that a key element necessary to achieve outstanding brand awareness would be to execute an effective social media strategy. Strategy KINSHIP digital completed a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current digital assets, processes, and resources. This assessment also included a quantitative and qualitative review of the digital conversation, related to the client’s brand and contrarian investment topics. The research clearly showed that the existing digital and social architecture restricts the easy flow between web assets, as customers, partners and prospects seek to investigate and review the client. In addition, it does not maximise the value of the content currently produced by the client. KINSHIP digital provided the client with recommendations and an implementation plan. The plan utilised both existing content assets and new content. It optimised content distribution and reach, through properly configured digital and social channels. Results  Social network properties were established and properly configured.  Content creation and a calendar, together with governance policies, were put in place.  Executives and analysts are successfully establishing the client’s thought leadership position in contrarian investing.  Client mentions, particularly in relation to contrarian investing, have grown.  The client attributes significant growth in mind share and investor numbers to the KINSHIP digital program. Client Testimonial “KINSHIP digital clearly shed new light on the digital possibilities for our company. Their ability to assist us in understanding the market was astounding.” COO Investment Fund