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Case Study : Business Communications Training Australia / New Zealand

  1. 1. Case Study: Business Communications Training Australia / New Zealand Background Client provides training in communications in the work environment that help to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution. The US Company have a large amount of content and the ANZ Client wanted to make use of that content, through social media. Their objective is to attract people to marketing events or webinars, aiming to convert attendees to buy the training course for their company. Initially the Client sells a few training sessions for a typical “train the trainer” approach, however, the most important sales are their books and workbook revenue. There objective is to sell more of these “Crucial Conversations” books/workbooks. Challenge The objective is to sell more training kits into Healthcare and Local Government organisations by leveraging social media. The measurable KPI is the number of workbooks sold per month. Strategy KINSHIP digital supports the Client in identifying how to best use the vast content available to help them promote their marketing events and webinars, keep people connected after the events, and convert to sales. KINSHIP digital developed a Social Media Strategy based on listening to where people in social media were talking about education. KINSHIP digital researched content and built a Content Calendar, which was approved by the Client as the publishing schedule for their social sites. On an ongoing basis, through a governance workflow, KINSHIP digital manages the content syndication, community management, customer support, and influencer engagement. Results KINSHIP digital:  Researched where relevant conversations were taking place in social media, and which people were influencers;  Developed a social strategy based on the research, including social sites;  Defined a content strategy – including processes for finding and repurposing and publishing content; and,  Defined processes at a level that could be executed on an ongoing basis by their overseas Virtual Assistants. Client Testimonial “KINSHIP digital help us with how to proceed in digital and link it to our key business metric of selling books.” MD Corporate Training