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Case Study : Engineering Company

  1. 1. Case Study: Engineering Company Background Client is a $13b multi-national engineering company, specialising in components and systems that facilitate motion and the controlled flow of liquids and gasses. This can typically be seen in large machinery and aircrafts, where oil, fuel and gas flow through tubes and hoses to pumps and hydraulic systems. Client identified the need to monitor certain aspects of their business on social media channels, in order to gain competitive insights and market intelligence. Challenge Client uses in-house social media monitoring, but needed augmentation for special events and also for expanding capabilities into various divisions and technology areas across the world. In particular, Client was looking for a responsive provider who could act quickly – and more cost-effectively – than some of their current providers. Strategy Initially, the KINSHIP service focused on European market activism and brand issues. The service later expanded to global social media analytics for all the Client social sites worldwide. Having responded to an urgent need for brand protection and activism reporting for Client in France, KINSHIP was then asked to provide monthly social data insights for the Distributor division of Client, a key part of the global Client business model. These insights are provided in the form of a monthly report. KINSHIP also provides insights and regular reporting on specific lines of Client technologies, along with support of business events such as key conferences and product launches. Results Client has been able to cost-effectively obtain rapid monitoring of special events; as well as longer-term social data analysis for specific lines of business and technologies. Client Testimonial “The KINSHIP services provide a platform for discussion between executives and decision-makers about the role and benefits of social media monitoring; and how it might be used more widely to support various functions and capabilities.” Global Social Media Director Client