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Case Study : Unisys

  1. 1. Case Study: Unisys Background Unisys (NYSE: UIS) is a global systems integration company that partners with businesses and governments to improve the operational efficiencies of their mission-critical environments. They manage data centres, modernise critical applications, and support the end users of some of the largest public and private entities on earth, while keeping everything safe and secure. Challenge Unisys has an extensive set of social media properties, many of which are global in nature but which do not provide insights for Unisys in Asia Pacific. Nor do they allow engagement at the regional level. In addition to this, Unisys was unsure as to whether its branding around certain market issues was resonating with target customers or not. For Unisys Australia and New Zealand it was important to understand • Where are their customers online? • What are their customers’ social behaviors online? • Are the target customers identifying with the branding that Unisys was using? • How are Unisys professionals (employees) using the social web • for customer engagement? • How Unisys’ partners and competitors position to the market Strategy KINSHIP digital undertook an in-depth assessment to identify relevant places and spaces occupied by Unisys customers. KINSHIP digital identified which networks were important for Unisys professionals to engage with target segments and how relevant Unisys was seen in conversations on the key terms that they were positioning and marketing against. Results • A factual outline of the current Social Media engagement for Unisys Australia and New Zealand across brands, customers and competitors. • An analysis of those findings and the implications for Unisys Australia and New Zealand. • A set of strategic recommendations to further improve the engagement of Australia and New Zealand customers through social media in order to support Unisys business goals. The KINSHIP digital team was also invited to speak to a select set of Unisys customers on their own social business strategies. Client Testimonial “The team at KINSHIP digital has assisted Unisys Australia to examine the Cloud Computing market in which we operate. KINSHIP digital has identified where our clients, partners and competitors are active within the social media and traditional media environments. The insights and related KINSHIP digital recommendations have assisted Unisys Australia in defining our approach to engaging customers and influencers through the powerful medium of Social Business.” Jennifer Arnold - Marketing Director Unisys Asia Pacific