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  1. 1. Scoliosis  
  2. 2. Contents What is it? What causes it? Types of scoliosis Treatment Conclusion
  3. 3. What is ScoliosisScoliosis is an abnormal, side-to-side, curvature of the spine.The spinal curve may develop as a single curve (shaped likethe letter C) or as two curves (shaped like the letter S).
  4. 4. Scoliosis Causes Musculoskeletal Disorder Cogential Abnormalities Neuromuscular Discrepancies Degenerative Means
  5. 5. Scoliosis Types● Idiopathic Scoliosis● Congenital Scoliosis● Neuromuscular Scoliosis
  6. 6. Idiopathic Scoliosis TypesThere are three subtypes of idiopathic scoliosis, based on the  age of the person affected Infantile Scoliosis : from birth to 3 years old Juvenile Scoliosis: from 3 to 9 years old Adolescent Scoliosis : from 10 to 18 years old
  7. 7. Congenital Scoliosis Congenital scoliosis, meaning that the curvature of the spine is present at birth.
  8. 8. Neuromuscular ScoliosisisNeuromuscular scoliosisis caused by abnormal operation of the muscles and nerves around the spine.
  9. 9. TreatmentsThe goal of treatment for scoliosis is to prevent the spinalcurve from getting worse and to correct or stabilize a severespinal curve.Nonsurgical treatment:this includes either routine exams by a doctor to check for anycurve progression or the use of a brace to stop a spinal curvefrom getting worse.Surgical treatment:Surgery can be used to insert implants to hold the spine inplace or fuse the spine together so that the curve cannot getworse.
  10. 10. Conclusion 90% of Kids with scoliosis will not require medical intervention. Spinal Fusion Surgery is required for curves greater than 45-50 degrees.
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