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Transmedia Ready - Sciences Po - May 2012


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In this set you will finf the same slides than from the Masterclass in San Sebastian last year, but I have added some since I have been working with Robert Pratten, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd., where we focus on some game mechanics and specific preparation for a project using a lot of platforms and social media to be implemented in the tool named Conducttr.

These slides are meant for the students of the Master Transmedia at Sciences PO Grenoble, May 23rd 2012.

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Transmedia Ready - Sciences Po - May 2012

  2. 2. 23 MAI 2012Annecy, + #transmedia = #IEPtransmedia
  3. 3. -> New territories of exploration//creation -> New ->is -> not -> NewGeorges MélièsEarly Narrative FilmA Trip to the Moon 1902
  4. 4. 7th ART form...Ars, artis (latin)A technical knowledge, ability to createa form, a human activity that isarranging several forms togetheraddressing the human senses, emotionand intellect.This concept of Artis varies upongeographic and historical elementsFor ethnologist Marcel MAUSS theobject of ART is defined according to theits recognition by a group.Practises, creation, content, can beclassified differently according to thecreators, the cultures and institutions. Salvatore DALI "Le Bâteau" The Boat 1934-1935
  5. 5. Beyond the 4th Wall & the 3 Units 2500 ans de théâtre Point de vue de laudience qui observe une action se déroulant danslunivers du récit, pas dinteraction, mais une perception active ( Cf. DenisDiderot 18ème siècle et le Théâtre Réaliste) Unités du théâtre classique du 17ème siècle (série de règles), rendrelensemble plus crédible, recherche de "vérité"... Unité de TEMPS (déroulé en 24 heures) Unité de LIEU Unité dACTION (action principale avec intrigues secondaires) Au 21ème siècle quel est lélément performatif innovant ? Renverser les modèles, transcender la narration, aller au delà du 4èmemur, intégrer toute innovation, "Hacker" les récits et histoires... @KHenthuZiasm @TransmediaReady
  6. 6. From Multi to Transwhere do you Crossmedia??
  7. 7. If transmedia is the art of telling stories across multipleplatforms... on any kind of medium//media... any kind of MEDIA-FORM?... more channels of communicationcf. The Medium is the MessageMarshall McLuhan 1911-1980 Communication theorist @TransmediaReady
  8. 8. PHASE 1 Twittez ! English ? Créa versus Market ? PIX BY KH
  9. 9. WHOS? BACKGROUND TAGS1986-1999#Cinema #Filmmaking #Production1990-2007#Festivals #Markets #Pitching #Networks2007-2012#Politics #Crossmedia #Learning #Experience=> Individual Digital Revolution=> #Culture #Mediation #Society => (curator:D) @KHenthuZiasm
  10. 10. 10ème semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie 2005 // French Ministry of Communication and Culture
  11. 11.
  12. 12. coups de pouce
  13. 13. a - void of understanding
  14. 14. WHOS
  15. 15. @GaryPHayes
  16. 16. "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" @Tstoryteller @RobPratten
  17. 17. NO definitedefinitionJeff GomezThe art of conveying messages themes or storylines to mass audiences through the artful andwell planned use of multiple media platforms"Multi-Dimensional StorytellingHenry JenkinsA transmedia story unfolds across multiple media platforms with each new text making adistinctive and valuable contribution to the whole....In the ideal form of transmedia storytelling, each medium does what it does best...... storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctivecontributions to a fans understanding of the story world.Alison NorringtonTransmedia storytelling is the successful organic flow of narrative over a host of platforms, eachone excelling at what it does best... the complex approach to telling a story over multiple platforms (both on and offline)... Thereare a host of elements to consider that reach far beyond traditional, linear storytelling.
  18. 18. Transcending mediaStoryline is the key for nonlinear narrativeWatchmen comic book – graphic novel
The game The End is Nigh serves as aprequel to the movie Watchmen
The Characters in the movie reflect onevents that you get to play in this video game
Story wise the movie and game areenhancing or complementing each other
-> The whole should be bigger than the sumof its parts Thanks to Dominic de Haas @Dominic1978
  19. 19. @StephenDinehart @narrware
  20. 20. POLL: Are you more Transmedia STORYTELLING or Transmedia EXPERIENCE? @PierreCote
  21. 21. 18 Décembre 2010 – Transmedia StormMai 2011 TransmediaCamp Marseille @KHenthuZiasm
  22. 22. Linear versus interactive Techno // Media Convergence  Traditions -> forms and content  Social Media // Marketing-> New  Disciplines Convergence // Culture  Participatory culture->is  Audience transformation-> not  Connected human being(s)  #HumanConvergence-> New  Need for story-feeling // story-filling  Back to the roots = seeds = Rhizome Pluridisciplinarity // Expertises  Audience and professionals needs @TransmediaReady
  23. 23. PLAY-GROUND TAGS@TransmediaReady #transmedia as an adjectiveClue#1: ConceptClue#2: Transient GroupsClue#3: Maieutics#Rhizomic #Pluridisciplinarity#Global world & cooperation #21century#Futuremedia #HumanValues #ChangeMakers#NewBizModels #LearningFromEachOther#NetworkOfNetworks #Collaborative #Value @KHenthuZiasm
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing FANS EVENTS CONTESTS GAMES ADS SHARE TAG COLLABORATE@TransmediaReady
  25. 25. @TransmediaReady
  27. 27. @TransmediaReady
  28. 28. Everyone is a storyteller... ;-) @TransmediaReady
  29. 29. Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus28 724 828 views January 1st 2011 (posted Nov.10th)31 155 891 views February 14th 201134 517 949views 21 Septembre 201137,743,358 21 Mai 2012
  30. 30. Clic here to add a title ;-) @TransmediaReady
  31. 31. Get more of the plotI believe that storytelling has the power to create positive change in the world.Audiences today want to be more involved in storiesTim Kring 2010 Digital Emmy Pioneer Award winner for transmedia storytelling
  32. 32. No end at all ;-) @TransmediaReady
  33. 33. Conspiracy for Good(create a genre)Our goal with the Conspiracy For Good is to entice, engage, and inspirethe audience to drive real-world change through their participation in anarrative 2010EIN Presswiresource NOKIA – Tim Kring
  34. 34. Marketplace #NewBizModels Licenses Foreign rights (international sales) Ancillary right exploitation VOD / POD Publishing (ebooks-books-DVD...) Games / ARG Wireless - Mobile Connected TV – Interactive TV – Social TV Theater / Events / Live Shows Objects (consumer products) UGC / Micropayments Branded entertainment
  35. 35. Anything can happen now... (get your friends)
  36. 36. CREA MARKET 1★ Content or story turnsinto a transmediaproject 2★ Native transmedia project + surprises Tent Pole / Franchise Tent Pole / Franchise 1★ Project in a transmedia studio i.e. ARG Tent Pole / Franchise Tent Pole / Franchise 2★ Project with several partners & companies Transmedia Producer 3★ One person transmedia project #Fail Supervisor & Facilitator "Universe Steward" Severalnarrators in co-creation ("Conductor") = Story Architect(s) & Narrative Designers ("Composer") + Social Media Manager + Cowriter(s) + Community Manager(s) + Audience participation – UGC + Curator/Promoter/PR + Game designer(s) = Marketer(s) Revised May 2012Inspiration @LanceWeiler @ChristyDena @JeffGomez @RobertPratten @StephenDinehart @TransmediaReady
  37. 37. The Reverse Policy ©©LOL Marketing Strategyversus Production & Creation=> Story + Community First...
  38. 38. 1. SELF2. COLLABORATION Collaborative 1 Collaborative 23. STORY
  39. 39. 1. STORY- telling, feeling, building, d esigning...2. COLLABORATION Collaborative 1 Collaborative 23.SELF
  40. 40. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  41. 41. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  42. 42. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  43. 43. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  44. 44. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  45. 45. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  46. 46. @KHenthuZiasm @cynthiajabar @poburke @n_Aya
  47. 47. LMA: Last Minute Advice The Rule of the LOOP inspired by Jesse Schell"Spiral Model" vs "Waterfall Model" for game design PROTOTYPES RISK (basic ASSESMENT design, mitigati (greatest risks on, tests, detail on this design) ed design after a loop) LOOPING (every loop counts, faster, many rough prototypes) @TransmediaReady
  49. 49. Selection of Ressources in Englishwww.henryjenkins.org - - www.YouSuckAtTransmedia.com - + YouTube seminars #SWC11 @storycentral@TEDxTransmedia #tedxtransmediaMERCI to all storytellers and curators@TransmediaReady
  50. 50. FRANK ROSE HENRY JENKINSThe Art of Immersion: How the Digital Convergence Culture: Where Old andGeneration Is Remaking New Media Collide (2008) – (SoonHollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way "Spreadable Media")We Tell Stories (2011) @TransmediaReady
  51. 51. MARSHA KINDER LANCE WEILER1991 - 1993 2011
  52. 52. NUNO BERNARDO JANE McGONIGALThe Producers Guide to Transmedia: Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make UsHow to Develop, Fund, Produce and Better and How They Can Change theDistribute Compelling Stories Across World (2011)Multiple Platforms (2011)
  53. 53. Trans-it-ion Design & Conduct
  54. 54. Espace narratif, espace de récits NEWPLACE CURRENT story @TStoryteller
  55. 55. The Audience ParticipationLoop
  56. 56. Récit interactif et participatifPersonnagesde lunivers narratif Attach social media, email and text messaging accounts to your+ leurs comptes characters.en réseaux sociaux Now you don’t have to remember passwords & usernames Mise en place Define the type of experience dune série de you want the audience to have "déclancheurs" Consider what content is scheduled and what is on- demand: add interactivityContenus rattachés Create and attach your contentaux "déclancheurs", Attach the characters that willPersonnages et parties deliver the content and attach the triggers that define the eventsde lunivers narratif when it will be delivered. @TStoryteller
  57. 57. AUDIENCE JOURNEY1 - BASIC AUDIENCE JOURNEY WITH CONDUCTTRREGISTRATION:Audience enrolls to the Experience via a Widget in the Taxi Drivers Blog(also present in the web sites of the partners)It does active the Play of the Experience as CONDUCTTR can read theAudience activity and communicate with themLEADS TO CALL TO ACTION 1 @TStoryteller
  58. 58. Operation:phases of implementation @TStoryteller
  59. 59. CONTAINERS @TStoryteller
  60. 60. Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling:A Practical Guide for Beginners @TStoryteller
  61. 61. Transmedia tool kit
  62. 62. Enjoy