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New trends in packaging; are you spot on?


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Which packaging features add the greatest value for consumers? How well do various packaging alternatives fit with the brand? Are consumers willing to pay a premium based on this new packaging.

Join us as SKIM Director Nancy Savoya shares how to use consumer insights to optimize packaging. Discover how to test whether the latest trends in packaging, through creative ideas and advances in technology and manufacturing, will enhance the product’s value to the consumer, and if so, what price premium is justified!

Presentation by Nancy Savoya, Account Director, Consumer Research, SKIM Group

Published in: Design
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New trends in packaging; are you spot on?

  1. 1. expect great answersPackaging Innovation: Are you spot on?Let’s ask your consumers…SKIM | Consumer Research | InnoCos Pack Amsterdam 2012
  2. 2. Session AgendaIntroducing Case Study Listen to Your Insights SKIM Intro consumers questions!
  3. 3. London Rotterdam New York GenevaSan Francisco
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Case study: What is the right packaging to launch Aveeno 100% Organic body lotion?5 Fictitious example
  6. 6. The brief 1 3 Communicating A delight to use green brand values 2 4 Standing out Without losing from shelf the “indulgence” feel6
  7. 7. What makes you stand out from shelf? Learnings from yesterday’s session Colour Not easy to use Brand Cheap Format (easy to use, pump) Dark Shape Oily Visuals Old-fashioned Simple Fresh Luxurious Medicine Feminine Masculine Benefit-focus: moisturizes / hydrates + Too much (text) going on RtBs: special, targeted, natural, ingredients7
  8. 8. The packaging and marketing teams are considering various packaging options for further development… Shape Outer packaging Vs. Artwork Dispensing System Sustainability8
  9. 9. Business objectives 1.  Which packaging features command the highest appeal/ purchase intent? 2.  To what extent should the packaging be “green” for this new organic formula? 3.  To what extent does the packaging execution command a premium price?9
  10. 10. How do we get these insights? Packaging Optimizer – the synthesis of an optimal packaging design10
  11. 11. We invite body lotion users to take an online survey The core of the survey is an exercise where respondents choose the pack they find the most appealing11
  12. 12. What do consumers see? Below you see three different body lotion Aveeno Organic. Which one do you find most appealing? Dispensing system Bottle shape Artwork Carton vs. no carton Biodegradability Price $7.99 (8 oz) $8.99 (8 oz) $7.49 (8 oz) Follow-up purchase intent Given what you know about the market, would you actually buy the body lotion you chose above? question12
  13. 13. Every concept is built as a combination of features Dispensing Outer Shape System Artwork Sustainability Price Packaging $7.99 No $8.9913
  14. 14. This exercise is repeated during the survey, each time with different packaging options14
  15. 15. In addition, we dig deeper through diagnostic and real- time tailored open ends Your preferred bottle for “Aveeno Organic” body lotion is: What is it that you dislike about it and What do you like about it? would like to see improved?15
  16. 16. Open-end feedback allows us to get a thorough understanding of drivers of preference You prefer this logo over others, what do you like about it? 1. 89% Biodegradable More believable than 99% or 100% 59% 89% biodegradable is already very high 32% Sounds less commercial than the others 27% N = 315 “I would already be happy with “I don’t believe that 99% or 89% biodegradable. I don’t “99% sounds too much like 100% biodegradable is know any other body lotions advertising: 89% sounds possible to achieve in such which achieve that level!” more honest to me” products”16 Fictitious results
  17. 17. What can we learn from this? Insights17
  18. 18. Define features’ impact on consumer choice Dispensing system Bottle shape Artwork With carton w/o carton Carton pack Biodegradability 9.99 9.49 8.99 7.99 7.49 6.99 Price Added value18 Fictitious results
  19. 19. Based on consumers’ preferences, we identify the best overall packaging Best combination 2nd best 3rd best Appeal: 66.8% Appeal: 64.5% Appeal: 61.5%19 Fictitious results
  20. 20. We then determine how far you can stretch the price with the preferred packaging Share of choice 70% 60% 50% benchmark 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Base Case $6.99 $7.49 $7.99 $8.99 $9.49 $6.9920 Fictitious results Share of Choice: % of people who say they would purchase this option, given what they know about the market
  21. 21. The added value in appeal and revenue is minimal when launching more than 2 variants Share of Choice Revenue Index 100% 250 80% 200 60% 150 40% 20% 100 1 variant Aveeno organic 2 variants 3 variants 4 variants 5 variants Aveeno organic Aveeno organic Aveeno organic Aveeno organic21 Fictitious results Share of Choice: % of people who say they would purchase this option, given what they know about the market
  22. 22. Two clusters are identified via their preferences to Aveeno Organic packs’ features 43% 57% Green Fans Driven by both a strict adherence to green values and convenience. Experience Seekers Looking for a luxurious experience, wants to treat herself well even if she has to slightly compromise on green values.22 Fictitious results
  23. 23. Both clusters are identified via their preferences to Aveeno Organic packs’ features Green Fans She likes:   100% biodegradable, without Experience Seekers carton box   Larger pump  convenience/ She prefers a body lotion with: only 1 press and you get the   Sophisticated design (artwork) right amount of product   Recyclable or 89% biodegradable   Economical (“good enough”)   Carton box (YET recyclable) Less important for her: Less important for her: •  Packaging design •  Price23 Fictitious results
  24. 24. Offering two products to target these two segments maximizes appeal and revenue Green Fans Experience Seekers + $7.49 (8 oz) $9.49 (8 oz) Appeal: 73.9% Appeal: 87.3% Total sample Combined total portfolio appeal: 78.9% Combined total portfolio revenue index: 30624 Fictitious results
  25. 25. Recommendations Two scenarios are possible to consider for Aveeno Organic : 1.  If one line only: •  Product with highest appeal  $7.99 2.  Future line expansions  develop two lines + $7.49 (8 oz) $9.49 (8 oz)25 Fictitious results
  26. 26. Thank you!26
  27. 27. contact us or follow us online!Nancy Savoya | Account Director | Consumer | 00 41 22 710 0190 5 th S KIM Sa n office Fran : cisco !