Sébastien Gourdon, Open Innovation Director, SpecialChem


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Since the year 2000, SpecialChem teams of industry experts have created the world's largest online professional network dedicated to chemicals and materials. This network includes more than 550,000 engineers, formulators, product developers, marketers, applicators and brand owners across the globe. Through our vertical industry websites, these professionals have unlimited access to content and services dedicated to Product Selection, Innovation Watch, Training and Open Innovation.
This network of profiled members plus the visits of more than 3.2 million professionals per year to our websites are unique assets for professionals in Open Innovation scouting new technologies that are related to chemicals and materials

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Sébastien Gourdon, Open Innovation Director, SpecialChem

  1. 1. 2013Sébastien GOURDONDirector, Open Innovation+33 172 763 927sebastien.gourdon@specialchem.comhttp://fr.linkedin.com/in/sebastiengourdonScouting Innovative Cosmetic Technology
  2. 2. SpecialChem accelerates Business and TechnologySpecialChemacceleratesTechnology and BusinessDevelopmentinChemicals and Materials>60 engineers (PhDs) &marketersComing from the following companiesFounded in 2000HQs in Paris, FranceLocations in US / India / JapanActing now as Open Innovation Intermediary
  3. 3.  Open Innovation: Innovation efforts that leverage external resources tocontribute to internal innovation initiativesOpen InnovationDefinitionTechnologyScouting
  4. 4. World’s largest on-line network in Chems & MatsA network made of technical decision makers in corporations4550,000+ profiled membersin 4 main markets3,000+ new registeredMembers per monthClient base + personal network> 3,000 high level executives……Network of associatedmarket & technoexperts> 350 experts6 websites made out of technical content
  5. 5.  Specialized in Chemicals and Materials Business Network Closer to commercializationBusiness-oriented + purely on Chems & MaterialsProviding Business Oriented Proposals5
  6. 6.  Technology Scouting and Out-licensing only Really Global Network Simple and Rapid: Connectivity Extreme Care brought to RFP Framing Aggressive on Pricing Commitment on ResultsSimple, cost effective, committment on resultsProviding Business Oriented Proposals6
  7. 7.  Scout of technologies for packaging:• Seeking Protective Coating for Packaged Fresh Fruit• Seeking Sustainable Packaging Solution• Seeking Sustainable Barrier Coatings Scout of sustainable ingredients:• Seeking Sustainable Abrasive Micro-Particles for Detergent• Seeking renewable alternatives (from non-fossil-fuel sources) to liquid, semi solid or solidmineral oils (e.g. paraffin oil) for cosmetic formulations• Seeking Bio-adhesive Agents for Oral Care• Waste products that can be used as cosmetic ingredients Scout of innovative technologies• Seeking Color Change Technology for Perfumes• Seeking Super Hydrophobic Technology For Sportswear• Seeking technology allowing color change of cleansing products• Seeking novel ingredients for superior grease removal Visit www.specialchem.com/oiExample of the RFPs we deal withRequests For Proposals:7
  8. 8.  Background:• Client is a multi-billion dollar personal care company• Client needs a technology with « clear freedom to operate in cosmetics » Objective:• Acquire an efficient dispersing technology working for both organic pigments and inorganicpigments to help maximize color strength of pigments in anhydrous formulas• Identify materials/technologies already commercialized or close to commercialization,protected by IP in adjacent industries or with freedom to operate in cos Challenges:• Good dispersing agents are known, but are patented by competition• “Free to operate” technology must:Disperse Organic AND Inorganic pigmentFit Personal care requirements:o Non-toxico No odoro Non-derived from animalso Not contain toxic solventso ...Ex of a client looking for a ready-to-use technologyBusiness Objectives Incompatible with Academia Networks8A Leading Brand Owner IsSeeking Dispersing Agent forOrganic & Inorganic ColorPigments With Clear Freedom ToOperate In Cosmetics
  9. 9. Results delivered by SpecialChemBusiness Proposals RFP Published 8 weeks +1,600 Readers 29 Business Proposals 70% of proposals have been ranked“efficient” by Pigment expert Fast and streamlined process Unique access to Largest Network A truly global network A business network, providingready-to-use solutions9>65% of proposals were from adjacent industries (Decorative coating, Inkand graphic arts, Printing …)!
  10. 10. Open Innovation Finally Simple & Effective10ChemicalsMaterialsOnlyBusinessNot AcademiaGlobal5 ContinentsLargestNetwork(In Chems & Mats)StreamlinedProcessNo ConsultingRFP FramingSupportExpertise in C&MActivePromotionWithin Editorial ContentSpeed6-8 WeeksAggressive pricing14,500€ / RFPRapid Volume DiscountNO RiskWe Commit on ResultsA Unique NetworkA Simple and Effective ProcessTruly Unique BenefitsConnect with 550,000+ professionals in Chemicals & Materials!
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!Sébastien GOURDONDirector, Open Innovation+33 172 763 927sebastien.gourdon@specialchem.comhttp://fr.linkedin.com/in/sebastiengourdon11
  12. 12. Case Study 2:Seeking Partners to Develop and ProduceBran Filled Polyolefin CompoundsSuitable for Food Packaging Applications12
  13. 13.  Background:• Client is a leading food producer (Barilla)• Client generates 20 to 40k tons of bran per year and would like to value it in apackaging material• But client has no clue on how to do it! Objective:• Finding partners able to develop/produce apolyolefin material incorporating bran Challenges:• Client is a food producer, he does not:Speak plastics producers languageUnderstand Bio-based plastics challengesHas any connections with bio playersClient’s Background, Objectives & ChallengesBusiness Objectives Incompatible with Academia Networks13
  14. 14. Results Delivered by SpecialChemUnique Connections with Bio-players RFP Published 8 weeks +1,500 Readers 31 Proposals Client has been visited bySeveral respondents A Fast and Streamlined Process A unique Access to the largestNetwork in Chemicals & Materials A Truly Global Network A Bio-Network, made of businesspartners14“The Open Innovation service provided by SpecialChem was sosuccessful that we have decided to run 2 new projects with them”Research and Development / Barilla