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What is DMSS?

DMSS stands for Decision-Making Support System
The purpose of DMSS is to identify firstly potential risks and instantly element of change in decision-making process such order-to-cash process, working capital requirement
DMSS is a simple and user-friendly analytic application
DMSS is written in SQL queries and Data Mining Language, constantly updated from Enterprise Resource Planning system.
DMSS is distributed securely and safety via Excel Web Service of SharePoint Portal as a normal spreadsheet.


DMSS deliveries instantly and intelligently analytic data whenever a user enter information into back-end System.
DMSS offers a low cost of operation.
DMSS concentrates on what you should know.
DMSS speaks business language.

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  1. 1. DMSS DEMO
  2. 2. CURRENT PROBLEMS Timing for Critical Changes Potential of Risks for Corporate Profits Qualitative Data (Input / Output) Team members speak different language
  3. 3. DMSS SOLUTION DMSS provides real-time data collection DMSS empowers the ability of management to meet constantly changing condition DMSS concentrates on what you should know DMSS speaks business language
  4. 4. Business Case for DEMO 80000 sqft Hardware Manufacturing (make-to-order, Online sales) $150 Million (sales volume) Over 3500 Bill of material (BOM) 120 end-users (SAP Business One 8.8) 5 Physical warehouses
  5. 5. Video Demo DMSS_Sales_Analysis DMSS_Order_&_Fullfilment_Analysis DMSS_Material_Demand_&_Supply_Analysis DMSS_BOM_Explorer DMSS_Introduction (home page)
  6. 6. Understanding how DMSS works
  7. 7. Questions & Answers Thank you
  8. 8. KEVIN TRAN Financial Analyst Cell Phone: (408) 7968-249