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Nestlé Purina Campaign

  1. 1. SDSG advertisingNestle Purina Sustainability Campaign Capri Demus Michael Gilmartin Kiara Smith Jenna Smith Brittany Smith Michael Stasik
  2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4Situation Analysis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-9 Company Analaysis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Sustainability Trends -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Research Analaysis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Secondary Research -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9S. W. O. T. Analysis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10Problems and Opportunities ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11Target Market Profile -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 - 14Objectives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15Marketing Communication Strategy --------------------------------------------------------- 16 - 49 Key Selling Point -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 Advertising Strategy ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 - 19 Logo Invention -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Traditional Advertising -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 - 34 Non-Traditional Advertising ----------------------------------------------------------------- 35 - 38 Partnerships & Sales Promotion ------------------------------------------------------------------ 39 Public Relations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40 - 42 Direct Marketing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 43 - 44 Event Marketing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45 - 47 Media Strategy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48 - 49Media Calendar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 - 51Budget Breakdown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52 - 54 2 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  3. 3. Executive Summary The objectives provided by Purina directed us to develop an integrated marketingcommunications plan targeting individuals who are loyal Purina consumers, and also newconsumers. This new supplementary campaign will attempt to promote Purina as the firstpetcare company to become environmentally friendly. Emphasis is placed on creatingmedia that will focus on creating awareness of the relation between Purina and recyclingwet pet food cans. The budget for this campaign is $6 million.Research To ensure that the campaign resonates with our target market, SDSG Advertisingcollected extensive primary research. SDSG conducted a survey that solicited the opinionsof approximately 190 individuals throughout the United States in order to understand theirthoughts of recycling, current recycling habits, and motivational incentives. Of the 190surveyed, 59% were male, leaving 41% female.Strategy SDSG Advertising proposes the “Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion.” campaign thathighlights the relation between Purina and recycling wet pet food cans while presentingthe messages in a creative form that will identify with our target audience. The strategyutilizes multiple touch points to reach three segments of target audience in an effective andefficient manner.Touchpoints Television, magazine advertisements, and in-store promotions will be the first wave ofmedia used for creating the awareness between Purina and recycling wet pet food cans.The use of social media and billboards will promote events designed during specific weeksthroughout the year that relate to the environment and sustainability. Various promotionalitems such as a conventional recycling container and reusable tote bag will be given awayto promote recycling.Media The recommended media strategy reflects the media consumption of our target market.It emphasizes traditional media for image building and reach, while non-traditional mediato build frequency and target specific segments of their audience. The campaign will beevaluated at different stages to gauge its effectiveness. And corrective actions will be takenif necessary. SDSG has developed this campaign around a pulsing media schedule, whichwill have heavy frequency during our concert months. 3 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  4. 4. Introduction With the merging of Friskies PetCare Company and Ralston Purina Company in December2001, Nestlé Purina Pet care secured itself among the top leaders in the pet products industry.Nestlé Purina has been dedicated to improving the lives of cats and dogs with the quality oftheir products for 75 years. This campaign is notably different because Purina is the first petfood company to contribute to the environment; that is, combating the laziness of today’ssociety in acknowledging the importance of recycling their goods. Although Nestlé Purina has taken a step forward to play their part in ‘going green,’ theproblem of apparent unimportance and lack of concern with recycling amongst today’ssociety persists. In fact, affordability and time constraints are among the major issues withtoday’s generation. This issue calls for the development of a creative campaign, which will reestablish Purina’scurrent position concerning sustainability efforts, while employing a design that both staystrue to the company’s style, while informing consumers of the importance and benefits ofrecycling. The expectation is that Purina will be recognized for their contribution to improvingthe environment and facilitate consumers’ participation in the green movement. 4 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  5. 5. Situation Analysis
  6. 6. Company Analysis Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Nestle Purina PetCare Company is one division ofmany under the Nestle Corporation. William H. Danforth founded Purina back in 1984 whenthe company produced feed for farm animals under the name Purina Mills. For more than 75 years, Purina has had the ability to extend its line of pet food products into25 different successful brands. Purina has made it a priority to focus on providing consumerswith nutritious pet food products to insure the longevity of cats and dogs. Purina stands bythe phrase, “a healthy pet makes for a happier home”( In 2001 Ralston Purina Company merged with Friskies PetCare Company subsidiarychanging its name to Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. While the name has changed, itsfundamental principles have remained the same. Proud of their heritage, Purina continuesto explore new trends and ideas that aspire to define the future of the pet care industry. Asthe company evolves, its challenge is to lead with new, innovative approaches, increasingthe wellbeing of consumers’ lives, as well as the lives of cats and dogs. 6 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  7. 7. Sustainability Trends In Purina’s new movement on practicing sustainability, competitors are not a threat,because similar petcare companies have not yet made an effort in pushing the importanceof recycling. According to many psychologists, recycling lies in the mind of the consumer. A studycarried out in Somerset County, New Jersey found that those who were confident abouttheir knowledge of how and what to recycle were significantly more likely to recycle thanwere those with less confidence, even among those who had a strong conservation ethic,according to Simmons, & Widmar (1990). This means that the over all objective is to make theconsumer aware of recycling and what can be done to help out. Pepsi Cola, a company that has put forth the practice of recycling has had muchsuccess in this with their campaign, “Performance with a Purpose.” This campaign strivesto leave a positive change on society, while still practicing successful business practices.They have redesigned their logo to incorporate the cyclical symbol of recycling. Pepsi hasalso focused on making their products more environmentally friendly, with the use of higherrecyclable goods in their packaging. IPhone has created a green application that will help to inform consumers about theenvironmental impact a product has on the world. The Good Guide application scansbarcodes of grocery store items and gives a rating about the overall environment impact.This application educates the consumer about this specific product and hopefully changestheir mindset about what they want to purcase. If this campaign is to be successful, reinforcement will be the best technique to use.Longevity will also need to be taken into account. Consumers want to believe that NestléPurina actually cares about recycling too. 7 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  8. 8. Research AnalysisRecycling Attitudes Conclusions from our primary research indicated that individuals find recycling importantand are willing to recycling even if it does not require extra effort, however they also statedthey do not recycle all recyclable items. The majority of our respondents stated they aremotivated to recycle because it is beneficial to the environment and recycle outside of theirhome. 46% said they recycle wherever a recycling bin is available while 13% said they do notrecycle outside of their home.Even though the vast majority of our respondents that were surveyed confirmed they do infact recycle, they also stated that free recycling bins, convenient recycling locations, andpromotional giveaways would motivate them to recycle more and make it easier for themto do so. Results were even across the board when asked why they do not recycle. 22%said they are not aware of what to recycle, while 25% said they have no space to store arecycling container or bag. 8 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  9. 9. Secondary Research Recycling is an important topic to many individuals, and essential in order to better ourenvironment; therefore, we needed to find out how to effectively reach our target audience.It was apparent the traditional media sources and other online sources are effective incommunicating the importance of recycling, however providing unique, out of the boxpromotional items help get the message across as well. SDSG researched many websites andblogs to help us determine and understand the attitudes individuals have towards recycling.Our secondary research provided by these online outlets indicated, many individuals findrecycling to be confusing, ineffective, and expensive. We also found that the main reasonsindividuals do not recycle is because they are uneducated about how to recycle, where torecycle, and what to recycle. 9 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  10. 10. S.W.O.T. Analysis
  11. 11. S.W.O.T. AnalysisStrengths• Creates new demand to better the environment• Lowers global warming• Economically friendly• Reduces waste for landfillsWeaknesses• Difficult to advertise sustainability to uneducated individuals• Many individuals may be reluctant to participate in Purina’s sustainability efforts• Some individuals are not aware of the impact of their contributions• Current economic situation is poorOpportunities• Establish partnerships with non-for-profit green organizations• Reduce Purina’s carbon footprint by building brand equity in sustainability• Promote Purina as an environmentally conscious organization• Existing recyclers can serve as influencers of sustainabilityThreats• People are uneducated and unenthusiastic about recycling• Many individuals have a negative attitude about trying new things• Some individuals are lazy and may not see the importance in recycling• Many people may not want to buy a higher priced product in order to practice sustainability 11 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  12. 12. Problems and OpportunitiesProblem:Many consumers are unaware and uneducated about the imporance of sustainability.Opportunity:Our campaign uses the use of traditional and non-traditional media to establish a relationshipbetween Purina and recycling cans to promote Purina as a sustainable petcare company amongour target audience.Problem:Consumers are hedonistic idealists. Individuals have a tendency to want the most popular itemswhich will only benefit themselves and not the environment.Opportunity:Our campaign shows that Purina has the ability to take a strong leadership role in achieving consumerbehavior change. 12 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  13. 13. Target Market Profile
  14. 14. Target Market Profile Based on our primary research, secondary research and MRI data, the primary target audienceis men and women ages of 25-54. From the primary research it could be determined that theseare postgraduates who work in sales and office occupations. These individuals have an income of$75,000-$150,000 and live in the South. The primary target audience falls under the “Achievers” inthe VALS framework model. These are the individuals who are self confident, attracted to premiumproducts, average TV watchers, and is environmentally conscious. The secondary target audience is men and women ages 18-49, who have graduated high schooland have other forms of employment. These individuals have an income of $30,000 to $40,000 and livein the Midwest. The secondary target audience falls under the “Experiencers” in the VALS frameworkmodel. These are the individuals who buy on impulse, follow fads, spend money on socializing andare susceptible to advertising. Based on MRI data the tertiary target audience is men and women 50 plus. These are theindividuals who are near retirement, have a disposable income, and are empty nesters. In the VALSframework model these individuals fall under “Thinkers.” This can be described as the ones who havelittle interest in image and prestige, read often, knowledgeable, and are an above average homeproduct purchasers. 14 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  15. 15. ObjectivesMarketing Objectives:1. Establish Purina as a leader in sustainability efforts.2. Encourage pet food can recycling.3. Generate financial resources and partnerships for Purina.4. Become the first major pet care company to encourage the recycling of pet food cans.5. To increase share of wet pet food can market.Advertising Objectives:1. Create a positive belief in sustainability resulting in a call to action.2. Create awareness that all Purina wet pet food cans are recyclable.3. Communicate the benefits of recycling.4. Encourage pet food can recycling as part of a sustainable lifestyle. 15 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  16. 16. MarketingCommunication Strategy
  17. 17. Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion.
  18. 18. Advertising Strategy Purina’s current core equities consists of providing a variety of healthy pet food and advice to aidpet owners in enriching the lives of their pets’. With this campaign, we will be adding the practice ofsustainability to these core equities. SDSG will maintain Purina’s brand image with a target market based off of MRI data that pinpoints the top wet pet food can consumers. Secondary research suggests it is easier to hold onto the existing consumers than to acquire new ones. Therefore, we have focused primarily on theexisting consumers, however our campaign has the ability to obtain new consumers with the additionof sustainable practices. SDSG will position Purina’s sustainability efforts as top-of-mind awareness.When consumers think of the Purina brand, they will immediately think of a quality product producedby an environmentally conscious and caring company. SDSG’s creative objectives are to motivate and educate Purina consumers on recycling in thehopes that they join the movement toward practicing sustainability. Through primary research itwas found that many individuals are uneducated and unaware of sustainability practices. In orderto combat this, SDSG has created a campaign, which not only focuses on Purina’s passion for thehealthy lives of dogs and cats but also focuses on becoming environmentally friendly. SDSG has incorporated Purina’s current slogan, “Your Pet, Our Passion” with the notion of promotingsustainability; forming the new tagline “Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion.” This tagline will helpcreate awareness of the relationship Purina has with recycling cans. This tagline will be see on everyadvertisement which will feature a clean white background and an image, which will attempt torepresent the meaning behind our tagline. The goal is to create an emotional reaction from our target audiences, which will encouragenew consumers to begin purchasing and recycle Purina products, while attempting to educate 18 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  19. 19. Advertising Strategyexisting consumers of Purina’s new movement in practicing sustainabilty and the imporatnce ofrecycling. The strategy that we have chosen is brand image, it is best suited to homogenous goodswhere physical differences are difficult to develop or may be quickly matched (Parente, p.166). Thiscampaign can easily be associated with other pet food brands. By establishing Purina as the firstcompany it will help position Purina at top-of-mind awareness. We will be relying on a resonanceapproach, where fond or positive memories or feelings are associated with the brand. Our donationsof recycling proceeds and promotional concerts will reinforce this approach. 19 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  20. 20. Logo InventionRecycling Logo This recycling logo will be used specifically for Purina’s wet pet food cans. It is similar to thereconizable three arrowed recycling symbol many companies use to encourage recycling. However,this logo is unique in it’s design and incorporates a paw print to symbolize the relationship betweenPurina, a pet care company, and recycling cans. Instead of printing this logo directly onto the wetpet food cans, this logo will be displayed in the form of a sticker on the front of the can, similarlywhere a company would promote a “new’ product. This logo will also be present in each creativetactic. The purpose of creating a logo specifically for Purina will establish brand recognition withPurina and their relationship to recycling cans. 20 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  21. 21. Traditional AdvertisingContinuous Billboards These billboards will consist of promoting the new tagline. Each billboard will represent a part ofthe tagline and will seperately be displayed in order of the saying. Each billboard will incorporatethe new recycling logo along with Purina’s logo. The first billboard, which will say, “Your Pet” displaystwo seperate hands holding both a dog and a cat, in order to create the relationship between anowner and their pet. The second billboard, which will say, “Our Earth” displays a set of hands holdingan Earth, in order to symbolize how fragile our Earth is, and the importance of becoming apart ofsomething that will benefit the Earth. The third and last billboard, which will say, “Purina’s Passion”displays a set of hands holding the new Purina recycling logo. This will symbolize Purina’s passion innot only being apart of practicing sustainability but also lending a helping hand by becoming a partof improving the environment.Extended Billboard This billboard will attempt to create the relationship between Purina and recycling cans. It willincorporate Purina’s new recycling logo along with the existing logo and tagline. The image willconsist of a dog pushing over a trash can full of Purina wet pet canned food products. The productsappear to be spilling out of the trash can, off of the billboard, and into a recycling bin that will bepositioned beneath the billboard to symbolize that Purinas cans are in fact recyclable.Bus Stop Sign This bus stop sign will promote concerts that will be held during Earth Week and National Recyclingweek. Each sign will display an image of the artist, one John Legend and one Sarah McLachlan.It will incorporate Purina’s company and recycling logo along with the tagline. It will state theevent, place, time, and date of the concert, along with a picture of the artist. It will also encourageindividuals to bring their pets and cans. 21 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  22. 22. Media Strategy
  23. 23. Media Strategy
  24. 24. Traditional AdvertisingTelevision Spot This television commercial will consist of a story line that will create a relationship between Purinaand recycling cans. It can be used for either a dog or a cat. It will show an owner feeding theirpet and throwing away a Purina wet pet food can in the trash. The animal reconizes the actionand knocks over the trash can, then symbols to the owner to put the can into the recycling bin. Thecommercial will end with the Purina company and recycling logo along with the tagline informingindividuals to purchase Purina cans at their local PetSmart or Petco and to recycle. 29 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  25. 25. Traditional AdvertisingMagazine Advertisement These magazine advertisements will promote concerts performed by John Legend and SarahMcLachlan. Each advertisement will incorporate Purina’s company and recycling logo along withthe tagline. It will state the name of the event, location, and time of the concerts. An image ofeach artist along with a dog and cat will be displayed. It will tell individuals that the concerts are petfriendly and to bring their cans to be recycled. A more generic magazine advertisement will also incorporate Purina’s company and recyclinglogo along with the tagline. It will be similar to the extended billboard in the sense of displaying thedog pushing over the trash can full of Purina wet pet food canned products. The ad will encourageconsumers to recycle cans and to visit their local Petco or PetSmart to purchase Purina products.It also informs consumers of the profits made from consumers using the in-store recycling vendingmachines, will be donated to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 31 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  26. 26. Non-Traditional AdvertisingVending Machine This vending machine is designed to encourage individuals to recycle. It will incorporate a touchscreen monitor that will allow consumers to interact with. It will display current Purina commercialsalong with an informative display on instructions about how to use the machine. The monitor willthen promt the consumer to create a log in and password or simply sign in if they have alreadydone so. They will then select from a menu which cans they are recycling. This system was createdin order to keep track of how many times each individual recycles a Purina product and to informPurina of which products are purchased most often. The vending machine will incorporate Purina’scompany and recycling logo along with a dog and cat, and Purina wet pet food canned products.It has a clean, environmentally friendly design.Promotion By using this machine, individual have the ability to win a free recycling container. Our researchshowed that individuals are unaware of where to recycle and do not have space to recycle. Adevice called the “Ovetto Egg,” is a modern sleek design that holds three different compartments.This is designed for small spaces as it is compact and provides an organizational way for individualsto recycle their items. 35 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  27. 27. Online AdvertisingTwitter The use of social networking is growing at a rapid pace. In order to keep up with what is popularamongst the consumers SDSG decided to incorporate Twitter into the campaign. Twitter is a socialnetworking site that enables its users to send and read messages and exchange information referredto as “tweets” by “following” people. PurinaGreen, an actual twitter account, was set up in hopesof informing Purina consumers on the efforts in promoting sustainability. Recycling facts, upcomingevents, live feed from Purina website and live web streaming will be “tweeted.” The recycling facts willinform the individuals on ways to become environmentally friendly. Tweeting the upcoming eventsand the live web streaming will help to draw more people out to the events. Live web streamingallows for those individuals who are not able to attend the events to view everything that takesplace. The use of Twitter is also a good way to gain feedback from the consumers about products,events and recent Purina news. Twitter broadens the reach to a wider community, which creates anawareness for sustainability and Purina. 37 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  28. 28. Partnerships/Sales PromotionObjectives1. Offer incentives for recycling- Altruistic Motivation (People tend to respond better when there issome sort of reward for their action).2. Generate brand equity through partnerships with ASPCA, and National Recycling week (Whenpeople think Purina, we want them to think eco-friendly).Promotional PartnershipsPurina is pairing up with the ASPCA and National Recycling week to promote sustainable efforts.These newfound partnerships will benefit all parties. For instance, Purina will build brand equity bypairing with these two well-known eco-friendly organizations. The ASPCA is a well-known organizationthat is known to help the welfare of animals. By pairing with Purina, National Recycling week andThe ASPCA will benefit because Purina is such a force in the pet food industry. By pairing with thesetwo organizations, Purina will not only promote sustainability efforts, it may even have the capabilityto increase sales. For instance, if there are several brands on a shelf but one brand donates to aspecific charity or to a good cause, chances are if the prices are relatively the same the consumerwill choose the product that benefits mankind due to moral obligation.Altruistic MotivationPeople are generally lazy and need motivation to do things. For every 3,000 cans recycled throughour “one can at a time program.” Purina will donate 100 dollars to the ASPCA. The idea is informconsumers that animals will be helped due to their donation. 39 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  29. 29. Public Relations Getting special events information to the public will take more than magazine advertisements,television commercials, and billboards. That is why SDSG has decided to design press releases foreach event.The events are as follows:• “My City Recycle’s More Then Your City!” (weeklong tour during National Recycling Week).• “Earth Week Celebration” (three-day tour during Earth Week). A press release has been created for the partnership with ASPCA as well. This partnership will callfor those who would like to adopt a pet to go through ASPCA. In return customers will get a freemonth’s supply of Purina wet pet can food. The proceeding pages will be the press releases for theevents/partnership. 40 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  30. 30. Press ReleasePress ReleaseFor Immediate ReleaseApril 2, 2011Contact: PURINA AdvertisingPhone: 1-800-7PURINAPurina presents the three-day event “Earth Week Celebration.” The event will be held during threedays of Earth Week April 16, 19, and 22 of 2011 in the following cities: Los Angeles, California, Chicago,Illinois, and New York City.During this time eco-friendly soul-singer John Legend will perform April 16 in Los Angeles, California atGriffith Park, April 19 in Chicago, Illionis at Millennium Park and April 22 in New York City, New York atCentral Park starting at 5 p.m.All participants are asked to bring in as many steel cans as possible; this will be there entrance fee.There will be booths provided with information on how to recycle, what to recycle, how to continuerecycling, where to recycle, and what items to get to recycle.The first 100 people to enter the event will receive a free recycling tote to make their recyclingresponsibilities easier. 41 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  31. 31. Press ReleasePress ReleaseFor Immediate ReleaseMay 6, 2011Contact: PURINA AdvertisingPhone: 1-800-7PURINA PURINA presents the “MY CITY RECYCLE’S MORE THEN YOUR CITY!” weeklong tour. PURINA ispartnering with National Recycling Week’s team during national recycling week November 8-15,2011 to promote awareness of sustainability. PURINA and the National Recycling team wants to bring awareness to recycling and get thecommunities involved. The tour will stop in the following cities below and call for each member ofthe community to bring in recyclable steel cans. The city that brings in the most recyclable items willbe given the title of the best recycling city! They will travel to the following cities: Atlanta, Georgia at Centennial Olympic Park the 8th, LosAngeles, California at Griffith Park the 9th, Dallas, Texas at Addison Circle Park the 11th, Chicago,Illinois at Millennium Park the 12th. Each city will compete for who recycled the most items during theevent. The first 100 people to enter during the visit to Atlanta and Texas will get a free recycling tote.Each person that decides to embrace on this project will each bring in their recyclable steel cansand insert them into a machine, which will be their entrance fee. The event will be pet friendly andwill provide activities as well as dog training lessons. ASPCA (The American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will be at the event passingout information to those who would like to adopt a pet. Those who do will receive a month longsupply of wet can pet food courtesy of Purina. National Recycling Week’s team will provide recycling informed members to educate the peopleon how to recycle, what to recycle, how to continue recycling, where to recycle, and what items toget to recycle. 42 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  32. 32. Direct MarketingDirect Marketing Strategy To make things easier for consumers the program “One Can at a Time” was created. 224 Cancompactors will be strategically placed 224 in high traffic PETCO and PetSmart stores. The compactorswill be placed in the front of the stores for easy drop off access. These compactors will offer a placefor consumers to drop off their empty pet food cans. The compactors have a maximum capacity of3,000 cans, once at full capacity; Purina will donate 100 dollars to the ASPCA to show appreciationfor the donations.• Each customer will receive a unique username and password upon signing up at the machine, orthey will have the option to create a username and password on the Purina website.• Each time the consumer makes a donation (recycles) using their specific username and passwordthey will receive a point per can.• Purina will have the capability to track sales based on each unique username. This in turn canincrease revenue by weeding out products that are not selling.Passion Reward System• Each person who signs up and makes at least one donation will be entered into a raffle that willtake place every three months for a free pet grooming. (Depending on the success of the consumerresponse, give-a-ways may be increased).• 25 points = $1.00 off coupon (based on primary research, an average pet owner only goes through5 cans per month)• *50 points = Reusable tote bag* After the customer reaches the maximum 50 points and receives their tote bag they will beconsidered an “elite” member. Elite members will receive emails with all the latest promotions andcoupons to show our appreciation. 43 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  33. 33. Direct MarketingConcerts To show appreciation, Purina and ASPCA will be sponsor five free concerts specifically gearedtowards building a sustainable lifestyle. People will be encouraged to bring cans to be recycled.Not only will these concerts be fun, they will also help bring people together for a good cause andbring awareness to such an important issue. The concerts will feature musical artists such as SarahMcLachlan, and John Legend. The first 100 people in attendance will receive a free Purina totebag.Purina Tour Dates and Locations• John Legend: Chicago (Earth Day 4/22/2011), San Francisco, New York• Sara McLachlan: Atlanta and DallasAdvertising TacticsPrint Advertising - According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 47.2 percent of allshoppers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a magazine ad. People remembereffective print ads. Another great feature of print ads is that it has longevity.Magazines Advertising:• Parade• Metro• AARP• Readers digest• Better homes and gardens• Good housekeepingMRI Survey of the American Consumer:1. Magazines: 61%2. In-store: 58%3. TV: 55%4. Newspaper: 53%5. Radio: 44%6. Free samples: 39% 447. E-mail: 26% Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  34. 34. Event Marketing“My City Recycles More Then Your City!” This is weeklong tour that will run during National Recycling Week in the month of Novemberfrom the 8-15 of 2011. This tour was created in attempt to combat the many reasons individualsdo not recycle. Research showed that the majority of the reasons why individuals are hesitant torecycle are because it is time consuming, inconvenient, and confusing. Individuals are also lazyand uneducated about the proper way to recycle and of the long term benefits recycling canhave on the environment. Each city will advertise through magazine and bus sign advertisementsencouraging individuals to bring cans to the concert. This is how the winning city will be determined.The city that brings in the most cans will be given the title of the top-recycling city. The first 100 people to enter the park will receive a free reusable tote bag that will incorporatePurina’s recycling and company logo along with the tagline. Supplying individuals with a reusabletote bag that incorporates both logos will encourage and remind individuals to recycle. The tour will be held during two separate weeks throughout the year, Earth Week and NationalRecycling Week. The first part of the tour will be in the following cities at a John Legend concertduring Earth Week, April 16 – 22, 2011:· Los Angeles, California – Griffith Park – April 16, 2011· Chicago, Illinois – Millennium Park – April 19, 2011· New York City, New York – Central Park – April 22, 2011The second part of the tour will be in the following cities at a Sarah McLachlan concert duringNational Recycling Week, November 8 – 11, 2011:· Atlanta, Georgia – Centennial Olympic Park – November 8, 2011· Dallas, Texas – Addison Circle Park – November 11, 2011 45 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  35. 35. Event Marketing During visits to Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas, animal rights spokeswomen of The AmericanSociety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Sarah McLachlan will perform for thecommunity. She will also present a speech on the importance of helping the lives of defenselessanimals. This tour will be animal friendly. Many activities will be offered for owners and their pets. “Findthe Treat” is an activity in which dogs will have to search for hidden biscuits or chew toys. There willbe an animal showcase in which every animal owner can bring their pet on stage and showcasetheir talents. Frisbee throwing will be available for the dogs to partake in to have the pets and owners interactin a physical activity. Skateboarding lessons will be held for the dogs that live on the wild side. Dogtraining lessons will be given to anyone who believes their dog needs some obedience lessons, forfree! “Cat and Mouse,” is an activity for cats that will consist of following a remote controlled mechanicalmouse that is operated by the owner and then hid for the cat to find. A yarn game will be availablefor the cats in which there will be a trail of yarn the cat will follow. The owner holding the yarn will pullthe yarn causing the cat to follow. The goal is for the cat to reach the end of the ball of yarn wherea treat will be available at the end. “Bird Watching” is another activity for cats that consists a stuffed bird the owner will dangle overthe cat’s head. The cat that attempts jump and reach the bird first will receive a ball of yarn as aprize. “Earth Week Celebration” is the first week of events and concert performed by soul-singer andsongwriter John Legend and will be held during three days of Earth Week, April 16, 19, and 22 of2011. It will be held in the following cities: April 16 in Los Angeles, California at Griffith Park, April 19in Chicago, Illinois at Millennium Park, and April 22 in New York City, New York at Central Park. JohnLegend has performed in many tours using equipment that is environmentally friendly. Earth Week’s green team provide recycling pamphlets to inform and educate individuals on how 46 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  36. 36. Event Marketingto recycle, what to recycle, how to continue recycling, where to recycle, and what resources to useto recycle. Not only will individuals have the benefit of enjoying a free concert but will also leavewith more knowledge and awareness of recycling. “National Recycling Week” is the second week of events and concert performed by SarahMcLachlan, which will be sponsored by the ASPCA. The National Recycling Week team will alsoprovide recycling pamphlets to inform and educate individuals on how to recycle, what to recycle,how to continue recycling, where to recycle, and what resources to use to recycle. Information willalso be provided to those who are interested in adopting a pet. Those who do so will receive a freemonth’s long supply of wet can pet food courtesy of Purina. 47 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  37. 37. Media StrategyObjectives1. Increase awareness of sustainability.2. Reach 60% of target audience with a frequency of 4 times per month.3. Use mass media such as television, magazines, and outdoor advertising to promote recycling.4. Use social media to provide an outlet for consumer response5. Implement Pulsating schedule that peaks during concert months.Plan SDSG will concentrate its campaign in 20 states, which have progressively shown the recyclingmindset. Since this is the first time Purina is attempting a campaign of this sort, we don’t want tobe overzealous and make a bad campaign with poor turn out. In store collection spots as wellas magazine advertisements, and billboards will be heavily focused in these 20 states. SDSG hascreated a Television commercial to be played nationally, which will promote recycling of their wetfood cans.Strategy Traditional advertising will be heavily used in this campaign. The message will be continuouslyplaced on strategic billboards in select cities. A magazine advertisement will be placed in Parade,Better Homes and Gardens, Metro, Good House Keeping, Readers Digest and AARP. These magazinesadvertisements will have a pulsing strategy, with the heavy months being those that offer concertswithin them. A Television commercial will be shown nationally on Discovery Channel, The WeatherChannel, TNT, The Animal Channel, and locally on NBC. These will also be on a pulsing strategy, withthe heavy months falling on the same months as the concerts. Our recycling vending machines willappear in 117 selected PetSmarts, and 107 selected PETCO’s, along with these vending machinesthere will be an in store floor decal. The vending machines along with the floor decal will have acontinuous exposure. 48 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  38. 38. Media StrategyTacticsIn-Store Vending machines will be placed in PetSmart and PETCO’s in these following cities: Atlanta, GA;Dallas, TX; Miami, FL; Charleston, SC; Chapel Hill, NC; Montgomery, AL; New Orleans, LA; Little Rock,AR; Jackson, MS. These cities have high amounts of stores and fall into our primary audience’s region.The secondary audience will have vending machines placed in the following cities: Chicago, IL; St.Louis, MO; Indianapolis, IN; Columbus, OH; Lexington, KY; Kansas City, MO; Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis,MN; Omaha/Lincoln, NE. All these cities offer many pet food stores. All the above-mentioned citieshave shown positive recycling efforts.Television A national Television commercial will be shown on Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel,TNT, The Animal Channel, and locally on NBC during the weekday prime time hours. This decisionwas made from research done through MRI data. The target audience shows higher frequency withthese channels then others; it will have a pulsing strategy.Magazine A magazine advertisement will be placed in Parade, Better Homes and Gardens, Metro, GoodHouse Keeping, Readers Digest and AARP. These magazines advertisements will reach all of theintended targeted audiences at an affordable price; they are also highly read by the audiencesaccording to MRI data.Billboards In total there will be four billboard advertisements shown. The first will feature a dog pushing overa trashcan filled with recyclable Purina cans. The cans will then appear to fall into a recycling binlocated below the actual billboard. The outdoor advertisement will be seen in the selected citieslisted above. Next there will be a series of continuous billboards split into three, with our tag linebroken up on each of them. The billboards will be featured in the concert cities. 49 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  39. 39. MediaCalendar
  40. 40. 2011 Media Calendar Media January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52Television (30 sec spot)Discovery ChannelWeather ChannelTNTNBC (local)Animal ChannelMagazine (Generic ads)ParadeBetter Homes & GardensAARPGood HousekeepingMagazine (concert ads)ParadeMetroReaders DigestBetter Homes & GardensBillboardsBillboard 1Continuous billboardOutdoor AdConcertsPaid for by ASPCAFloor DecalPetcoPetsmartGive-awaysPetcoPetsmartConcert
  41. 41. BudgetBreakdown
  42. 42. Media Budget 53 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion
  43. 43. Overall Budget 54 Your Pet. Our Earth. Purina’s Passion