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Top 6 Data Blogs

Keeping up to date in the information management and analytics industry is vital and reading blogs can be a great way to do this. Here are our top 6 data blogs.

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Top 6 Data Blogs

  1. 1. Top 6 Data Blogs #KDRinsight
  2. 2. #KDRinsight Keeping up to date in the information management and analytics industry is vital and reading blogs can be a great way to do this. Here are our top 6 blogs.
  3. 3. Information Age This website and blog, as the name suggests, focuses on all things in information management. From IoT and security fears to the latest big data discoveries by keeping an eye on the site you are sure to see something that peaks your interest. Source: #KDRinsight
  4. 4. Innovation Enterprise With the majority of blogs being written by contributors this blog is a great way to read others opinions on different topics. Many of the blogs are very timely and look at how big data is affecting the world today. These blogs really are a great way to get a snapshot of the industry. Source: #KDRinsight
  5. 5. Forrester The specific big data section of this site has some really useful blogs and insights. As Forrester conduct annual surveys and research there are some real gems to be found in the blog. Although it doesn’t vary too much in topic it does give useful insight into some of the latest tools. Source: #KDRinsight
  6. 6. Forbes We’d be surprised if many of you don’t read, or haven’t heard of Forbes but we think their Data Driven Business and Technology sections are worth a mention. These blogs are great to read when you have a bit more time as they are usually longer, however with the likes of Bernard Marr contributing to the content you are sure to be reading knowledgeable and informative blogs. Source: / #KDRinsight
  7. 7. Venture Beat With content posted several times a week covering a range of topics in big data and technology this blog is great for a quick snapshot. As well as just writing opinions on these topics Venture Beat looks at the news side and the latest releases within technology. Source: #KDRinsight
  8. 8. Data Quality Pro As the name suggests this blog has a strong focus on data quality. The blog is owned and edited by Dylan Jones, a data quality expert, and includes advice, useful resources and opinions from expert guest bloggers. This blog is definitely one of KDR’s go-to resources for data quality. Source: #KDRinsight
  9. 9. Information Matters We couldn’t write about the top data blogs without including our own. While we don’t boast a readership like Forbes or claim to be as knowledgeable as Forrester we look at all aspects on information management and analytics, and you might even find some recruitment hints and tips as well. Source: #KDRinsight
  10. 10. These are just a few of our favourite data blogs and resources but there are plenty more out there for you to find. What are your favourite information management and data blogs? #KDRinsight