Virtual Class: Raising Visibility // Week 4


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  • Housekeeping: Ask questions during event Webinar recording will be sent in a follow up email within 24 hours
  • Lisa on LinkedIn: Lisa on Twitter: @lisawilliams
  • Housekeeping: Ask questions during event Webinar recording will be sent in a follow up email within 24 hours
  • Do you know the value of a visit? Using metrics data can help you understand what’ working and what isn’t (show FB page view clips, twitter retweets, Google analytics referral traffic)
  • Housekeeping: Ask questions during event Webinar recording will be sent in a follow up email within 24 hours
  • Virtual Class: Raising Visibility // Week 4

    1. 1. Raising visibility,awareness and reach foryour online project:Analytics & MetricsMay 7, 2013Susan MernitKnight Circuit Rider,Oakland LocalEditor/Publisher
    2. 2. Type questions here
    3. 3. WHO IS THE INSTRUCTOR?Susan Mernit, Linked In: @susanmernitFacebook:
    4. 4. 4We’re going to make sureyou all can MEASURE theoutcomes of your efforts
    5. 5. knightdigitalmediacenter.org5Using basic toolsGoogle AnalyticsFacebook Insights
    6. 6. knightdigitalmediacenter.org6Basics to be able to look at:•Key Google Analytics data,including number of pages viewed,unique visitors and time spent on siteand top referring sites for your project•Key Facebook data, includingnumber of followers, number of peopletalking, and most viral posts for yourproject’s Facebook pageDo you know how to set the date range so you cancompare time periods in Google Analytics?
    7. 7. knightdigitalmediacenter.org7How can you measure each of thesegoals? (Pretend it’s a quiz…)Increasing unique visitors toweb siteIncreasing referral trafficfrom third-party web sitesIncreasing newsletter sign-upsIncreasing commentsIncreasing returning visitorsAre you connecting this to your project?
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    9. 9. 9The real goods:Do you know the value of avisit?Google Analytics &FacebookInsights help you seewhat’sWorking—and what’s not
    10. 10. 10What is a visitor worth? What strategies deliver?Making good use of metrics meansputting data points together andmaking inferences:Top referrals + time spend on site fromeach referral source=quality ofuser/attentionDemographic location data on GA +demographic location data fromFB=reasonable scan of where youraudience is located, gender, ageTop quality referrers for OaklandLocal: blog & GoogleSearchTop quality referrers for OaklandLocal: blog & GoogleSearch
    11. 11. knightdigitalmediacenter.org11Analyze the data to focus in on best effortsUse Google Analytics traffic data to track and report onthird-party referrals—Find the referring sources with themost interested users (look at time spent metrics).Use Google Analytics in combination with Facebook data to trackFacebook post virality and sharing, as well as Facebook sitereferralsUse Facebook data to understand most viral posts and fine-tune caption and headline writing
    12. 12. 12Week 4 RESOURCES Google AnalyticsCase study: When Assessment Shows It’s Not Working 11 2013 learning lab 2013 show me the metrics The Networked Nonprofit | Beth’s Blog social media:
    13. 13. What the plan looks likeStart:– Understand where youare– Decide where to grow– Develop a strategy– ExecuteFinish– Measure results– Assess costs/value– Fine-tune– Repeat13Pick 1-2 areas to address at a time and make sure youare able to track results and assess value
    14. 14. 14We had only a few postedplans as of this am:1) Plan to build outFacebook network todrive likes, traffic,engagement2) Plan to add blogs andmore engagementLet’s discuss!
    16. 16. Type questions here
    17. 17. MernitKnight Circuit Rider,Oakland LocalEditor/PublisherTHANKS!
    18. 18. knightdigitalmediacenter.org18