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  • {"71":"PDF = Pretty Damn Frightful on mobile\n","49":"What part of your digital engagement strategy does mobile fit into?\n","16":"MY DEFINITION: ENGAGEMENT = ACTION!\nCommunity engagement = encouraging people to act on their own behalf.\n... and in the process, helping them recognize that they are part of a community, so they can collaborate effectively to build a better shared future.\nIt’s about people DOING stuff\n- Sometimes this encouragement happens by giving people news, information and context\n- Sometimes by giving them tools -- or helping them use the tools they have.\nThat’s handy, because mobile technology is all about action and change. \n","77":"Sometimes an app really does make sense.\nThis Integrates with FB login\nStores info offline, built-in newsfeeds, videos\nhandy for voters to take to the polls\n","66":"Social media is another popular mobile activity.\nObviously, share mobile-friendly links via social media whenever possible\n","22":"comScore: Chart is from Dec. 2012.\n- 61% market penetration, Aug. 2013\n","11":"You may think this woman is just messing around with her cell phone.\nBut really she’s:\n- Checking to see when and where she can catch the bus\n- So she can go to this local art gallery to a meeting for artists\n- Because a friend texted her a link to this story on a community site about artists responding to local gun violence \n- And she saw that this really cool local artist will be at the meeting\n- And she wants to ask her to help with putting a mural in her neighborhood\n- Because her street is kind of ugly, and there’s a lot of violence there, and that depresses her.\n- Because she also heard via Twitter from that community site there’s a big city council meeting coming up about grants for murals\n- But she’s not sure how to get her project on the council agenda.\n- Anyway, she’s posting to Facebook that she’s going to the artist meeting\n- And a bunch of her friends replied that they’ll meet her there to support her project.\nSo yeah, she’s just messing around on her cell phone. She’s not really DOING anything. Certainly not anything for her community.\n","50":"Mobile is not one thing: supports everything you do\nConsider it as your primary use case\n- Or at least: First deliver compelling value via mobile\n- that drives engagement to your desktop experience\nIt shouldn’t depend on users also engaging via computer \n- Many won’t bother\n- Some won’t have one\n- Some may not even have smartphones or mobile web browser\n","28":"William Gibson.\nTell Oakland bus story\n","17":"Mobile mindset = ACTIVE\nYou hold a something in your hand, you want to DO something with it!\nThat principle goes back to the dawn of humanity.\n","78":"If you’re going to offer this kind of functionality, you need the security & reliability a native app can offer.\n","34":"When you get some answers to these questions, you understand which device types to target first, and which services (esp. social media) to include as part of your mobile strategy.\n","23":"Pew June 2013: smartphone ownership by income, age\nTakeaway: income is a bigger factor than age. \n- Less $ you make = less likely to own smartphone.\n","12":"Boulder County Road closure map, Friday. Still lots of flood damage.\n","62":"RedOxygen.com starts at 7 cents/message, prices go down for batches >1000\n","51":"Now that you’re ready to plan your mobile strategy, what comes first?\nYou need an iPhone app, right?\nNO!!!!\n","29":"Pew research, all from Sept. 2013\n","57":"This is where you want to start: A mobile-friendly website. Action-oriented.\nThis is how plannedparenthood.org looks on a smartphone web browser.\nVery action focused\nPeople click a link from anywhere, and it launches. They don’t need to find, install or launch anything.\nEasier and cheaper to develop. Works on any mobile device.\n","13":"Pew Research Center found just last week…\n","63":"Text4Baby: Popular national SMS campaign\nThey did get the wireless carriers to send messages for free -- but they have J&J as a sponsor. And what’re you gonna say: I hate babies?\nIn future, the carriers may give nonprofits a break on bulk SMS rates.\n","52":"Custom are really cool for some things. But too often they’re overkill\nEsp. for community news/engagement projects\nYou may get there. But I almost guarantee you that building your own app is NOT where you should start with going mobile.\n","30":"Pew Internet, Sept. 2013\n","8":"Cell phones are a huge part of how communities react to events\n","58":"You don’t need to build a native app to deliver really cool, useful functionality\n“near me” button triggers OS location permission request\nDatabase returns results\nNO TYPING!\n","47":"Aug 2012 research from Google.\nWhatever experiences you offer must complement and support each other. \nScale up (not down) well. \nCross-reference but also stand alone.\n","25":"It’s already here. So Put it right up front. Lead with it. Make it part of everything you do.\nBecause if most of your planning and resources are going into a website meant to be accessed via computer....\n","14":"News can come from hyperlocal sites too\nBut local “news” isn’t just articles: Volunteer opportunities\n","75":"Twitter.com, YouTube.com: mobile web apps\n","64":"Mobile Commons is great, powerful, too pricey for many community projects. Maybe not for foundations to get on behalf of grantees, hint hint\n","20":"And notice how you FEEL about it. Keep notes.\nJoy, frustration, etc.\n","9":"And, increasingly, how journalists cover events\n","81":"Of course, this is ultimately where mobile is heading.\nWhen you think about it, the Borg was really the ultimate in community engagement.\n","59":"This is what the full site of Planned Parenthood looks like -- on my laptop\nHere’s what their full site looks on my cell phone.\nIf they weren’t mobile friendly, their efforts to serve women would be dead in the water.\n","48":"What distinguishes mobile experience: Portability, time spent per session.\n","26":"This is what your digital audience will increasingly look like. \n","76":"This is a great end use for data-driven community resources.\n","32":"Pew Internet, Sept. 2013, \nData for people who own smartphones and/or tablets\n","10":"This is the stereotype about how cell phones affect society.\nI beg to differ.\n"}
  • Engagement on Mobile Platforms

    1. 1. Engagement on Mobile Platforms Oct. 28, 2013 Amy Gahran www.contentious.com @agahran
    2. 2. bit.ly/fundingmobile paper 2
    3. 3. Amy Gahran • @agahran (Twitter & Instagram) • amy@gahran.com • contentious.com 3
    4. 4. Links for this talk: Bit.ly/communitymobile Bit.ly/communitymobile Bit.ly/communitymobile 4
    5. 5. The mobile mindset 5
    6. 6. Do you want to reach your community? They’re on their phones!
    7. 7. Mobile is everywhere! 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. 12
    13. 13. Facebook: HUGE for local engagement 13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. Engagement = ACTION! 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. Take out your phones! 18
    19. 19. Mobile is PERSONAL! 19
    20. 20. DARE: Try using your smartphone and/or tablet for EVERYTHING! ...for one week. 20 (even just a day or two) (even just a day or two) (even just a day or two) (even just a day or two) (even just a day or two)
    21. 21. Mobile device & usage trends 21
    22. 22. 2012: Smartphone tipping point 22
    23. 23. 23
    24. 24. Mobile is taking over the internet “Nearly 2/3 of cell phone owners use their phone to go online. One in five cell owners do MOST of their online browsing on their phone.” Pew Internet, Sept. 2013 24
    25. 25. You don’t have time to treat mobile as an afterthought 25
    26. 26. Dude, where’s my community? 26
    27. 27. 27
    28. 28. The future is here. It just isn’t evenly distributed yet. It just isn’t evenly distributed yet. 28
    29. 29. U.S. Hispanics & Digital Divide • Least likely ethnic group to use internet overall. 1/4 don’t go online at all. • But: MOST likely to go online via smartphone! • Nearly 70% of Hispanic adults access web or e-mail from their phones. • 60% say their phone is their PRIMARY form of internet access. 29
    30. 30. Other cell-mostly demographics • Young adults aged 18-29: 50% • Didn’t complete high school: 45% • Households earning >$30K/yr: 45% • Non-Hispanic blacks: 43% • Households earning $30-$50K/year: 39% 30
    31. 31. Mobile web: Not just for the disadvantaged! 31
    32. 32. Most mobile-connected groups • Asian Americans -- by far! • Households earning $150K+ /year • College graduates (or some college) • People under 30, esp. 16-17 (30-49 not far behind!) 32
    33. 33. What makes a killer mobile project? ASK YOUR COMMUNITY! (well, sorta...) (well, sorta...) (well, sorta...) (well, sorta...) 33
    34. 34. Local Mobile Market Research bit.ly/mobilelocalsurvey bit.ly/mobilelocalsurvey • • • • Short, easy to do: 8 questions Not demographics! Devices, access behavior Actionable info: Which mobile channels to use first? • 25-50 every 6-12 months • Yes, mobile changes that fast 34
    35. 35. A brief history of TABLETS! 35
    36. 36. “We’re first! We’re best! Of course!” 36
    37. 37. “Look ma, one hand!” 37
    38. 38. “You can actually afford this!” 38
    39. 39. Tablets Phablets (No, really!) 39
    40. 40. “Wait, we do small too!” 40
    41. 41. Bring it on! 41
    42. 42. 42
    43. 43. Not really in charge anymore… 43
    44. 44. Tablet takeaways • Q2 2013, most tablets in use are Android, not Apple. • Kindle Fire: Most popular Android tablet. • Half of all tablets on market are small models (less than 8”) • Affordable! • Replacing/augmenting laptops for many consumers. 44
    45. 45. Mobile isn’t just one thing. It’s a diverse, moving target. 45
    46. 46. Users often have multiple screens. Mobile is just part of a bigger media & engagement picture. 46
    47. 47. 47
    48. 48. 48
    49. 49. Which parts of YOUR digital engagement strategy should be mobile? should be mobile? 49
    50. 50. ALL of it! 50
    51. 51. Where to start? 51
    52. 52. 52
    53. 53. “Native” app drawbacks • • • • Software project = expensive! Platform-specific App store approval (Apple) Create awareness, encourage downloads • 75% get opened 2X or less! • Maintenance & updates 53
    54. 54. Links open in browser, even if you have the app! 54
    55. 55. 8 mobile engagement ideas 55
    56. 56. 1. Mobile-friendly website: Core of mobile strategy Inbound links = Engagement! Inbound links = Engagement! Inbound links = Engagement! Inbound links = Engagement! 56
    57. 57. Planned Parenthood mobile site mobile site mobile site 57
    58. 58. 58
    59. 59. 59
    60. 60. Responsive web design 60
    61. 61. Responsive website design • Qz.com • OaklandLocal.com • searchlightsandsunglasses.org 61
    62. 62. 2. Text alerts! • SMS text messaging is the most popular non-voice phone activity • Works on any phone. • Announcements or interactive • Use sparingly. It’s not free, and people hate text spam. • Use a reputable SMS vendor or service. Really: It’s not free! 62
    63. 63. 63
    64. 64. SMS interactivity tools • Twilio.com: SMS & voice interactivity, customization. Huge developer community • MobileCommons.com: Includes SMS and other tools. Comprehensive but very pricey, intended mainly for large orgs/projects 64
    65. 65. 3. Mobile-friendly e-mail 65
    66. 66. 4. Mobile social media 66
    67. 67. 4. E-book advantages • Versatile for long-form content • Can be read on tablet or e-reader apps as well as computers • Offline reading • Links, interactivity 67
    68. 68. E-book challenges • • • • 68 Format & packaging Distribution User education on non-Kindle apps Content may get outdated
    69. 69. E-books: The good Kindle, ePub Kindle, ePub Kindle, ePub 69
    70. 70. E-books: The cool HTML5 HTML5 HTML5 70
    71. 71. E-books: The ugly 71
    72. 72. Pretty Darn Frightful!!! (on mobile) 72
    73. 73. Send to Kindle button 73
    74. 74. 6. Call-in info lines 74
    75. 75. 7. Mobile Web app 75
    76. 76. 76
    77. 77. 8. Native app: Voto Latino 77
    78. 78. 78
    79. 79. 79
    80. 80. Future of mobile? 80
    81. 81. You will be assimilated 81
    82. 82. Links for this talk: bit.ly/communitymobile bit.ly/communitymobile bit.ly/communitymobile 82