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Act-on Presentation at B2B Rising BMA event.

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  • Found mBI hoping to manage leads more effectively so he could scale his business
  • Tracking 200 #s“If by phone”Webform
  • Found mBI hoping to manage leads more effectively so he could scale his business
  • Act-On Presentation

    1. 1. | @ActOnSoftwareAct-OnDavid Fowler, Chief Privacy andDeliverability Officer of Act-On andChris Kiersch, Principal of MyBusiness Integrated LLC
    2. 2. | @ActOnSoftwaremyBusinessIntegrated & Act-On:A Love Story.
    3. 3. | @ActOnSoftwareYour PresentersCHRIS KIERSCHChief PerformanceOfficerDAVID FOWLERChief Privacy &Deliverability Officer
    4. 4. | @ActOnSoftwareAll About Us… David Fowler - Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer Over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry including the last ten strictlyfocused on the complex issues associated with email marketing, deliverability andprivacy compliance. A seasoned speaker and email deliverability consultant with national and internationalengagements. David held US and European based Senior Management positions focusedon Deliverability, Email Privacy, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and ProductManagement. Chris Kiersch - Chief Performance Officer Chris “The Performance Guy” is a serial entrepreneur and an Internet Marketingspecialist with over 23 years of technology marketing and sales experience. Chris startedhis first company in 1991 and by 1996 his company, Image Soup, Inc., was #1 in the St.Louis FAST 50, with a 5-year growth rate of 4082%. Since then he has built and sold two Internet Marketing companies, and in 2008 helaunched MyBusinessIntegrated LLC, and is a premiere Act-On Software Partner, whenyou work with Chris, it’s all about the “art of your implementation”.
    5. 5. | @ActOnSoftwareIn 2013…….
    7. 7. | @ActOnSoftwareMarketers have their hands full!BIG DATAEMAILSCORINGCLOUDWEB-TRACKING
    8. 8. | @ActOnSoftwareThe New Approach…Recognizing a customersdigital body languageFollowing their footprintsAnticipating theirnext move or wantUNCOVERINGOPPORTUNITY
    9. 9. | @ActOnSoftwareNimble Marketing is EssentialVSFlexible plans Static annual planVS One Blitz ApproachConsistent Messagingvia multiple channelsVSCollaboration andInfo Sharingamong all departmentsSilos and Hierarchyto gain from all data assets and allinvolved mindsConstant Analyticsto test and refine tacticsRemixing social media continuouslybecause buyers and market are always changing
    10. 10. | @ActOnSoftwareYet, It’s Not So Easy…78% of Fortune 1000 CMO’s say the #1 challenge Marketersface is technology eats too many resources―CMO Magazine81% of Senior Marketing Directors feel Digital Marketingsolutions take too long to implement―AdWeek73% of consumers feel brands target “quick sales” vsbuilding a longer-term relationship with them― Mashable
    11. 11. | @ActOnSoftwareMarketing TrendsLong deployment timeframesHigh TCOComplex User ExperienceTechnology-focused offerings(not solution-focused)Marketers arePushing BackOn$?
    12. 12. | @ActOnSoftwareDigital Marketing AutomationAll-in-One marketing platformMarketing is moving in anentirely new directionSimple to Use . Cloud-based . No ITGoes to work FASTERDoes more and can coordinate and integrateALL marketing activitiesCosts LESS
    13. 13. | @ActOnSoftwareB2BSales / CRM• Customer Acquisition• Lead Gen & Development• Lead ScoringB2CMulti-Channel Focused• Retention• Promotion• Loyalty• BrandingEmailLead MgmtEmailLead MgmtWeb TrackingEmailLead MgmtWeb TrackingWebinar/EventsSocialEmailLead MgmtWeb TrackingWebinar/EventsSocialMobileEmailLead MgmtWeb TrackingWebinar/EventsSocialMobileInbound2006 2012Digital Multi-Channel MarketingEvolution of MarketingAutomationReporting & Analytics
    14. 14. | @ActOnSoftwareSo with these issues in mind…
    15. 15. | @ActOnSoftwareIntroducing myBusinessIntegratedmyBusinessIntegrated is a services-focusedsoftware integration company. They provideindustry leading software we also provide thebackup services to ensure client success.myBusinessIntegrated uses Act-On Software tomanage high-growth marketing campaigns for:Specializing in on-demand private jet charter flights for long-term, repeat clientswho wish to enjoy a safe and hassle-free air charter experience.
    16. 16. | @ActOnSoftwareStratos BEFORE Act-On• A handful of Qualified WebLeads from PPC (2007)• By 2011 Needed a Solution to Process High Volume of LeadsGenerated by Our SEO Efforts Over the Last 6 Years• Minimal Outbound Messaging• No Client/Prospect Re-engagement Campaigns• Website Built On a Custom App By One Developer MinimalDocumentation• Difficult to Manage Sales Team & Adverse to Change• Accounting and Order Processing completely Manual CouldNot Scale the Business
    17. 17. | @ActOnSoftwareChallenges• Management of multiple vendors for email,landing pages, analytics, content and forms• Antiquated lead management manual process• Minimal accountability• Poor lead follow up due to cherry picking ofleads by sales• Inefficiencies around time spent following up onlow-interest leads• Constantly “reacting” making legacy technology“fixes” budgets difficult to manage a complex,and time consuming transaction process
    18. 18. | @ActOnSoftware
    19. 19. | @ActOnSoftwareAct-On, the Foundation• Initially tried to piece together multiplepieces…• Act-On was implemented to consolidatevendors, enhance visibility and streamlinemarketing-to-sales handoff• Salesforce Integration• Web Visitor Tracking• Forms Management• Lead Scoring• Landing Page Management• WebEx Integration• Automated Campaigns
    20. 20. | @ActOnSoftwareImplementation• Most of the time spent making sense of oldproprietary system and doing clean up of data• Once I was ready for Act-On• Speed/Timing (Laying Down Tracks While the TrainWas Coming)• Integrations/Data Migration, Defining LeadDistribution and Assignments• Support (The Best I have Ever Experienced!)
    21. 21. | @ActOnSoftwareCityPairsEmailUpdatingContactInfoEmpty LegEmail CampaignsSocialPublishingNewsletterSalesforceSyncUpdatingContactPreferencesUpdatingContactInformationContact ListBuilding25000 Leads ThisYear!Approx. 15% Are Qualified Buyer’sFlighttrackerIntegrationFlightRequestLead Capture
    22. 22. | @ActOnSoftwareWhere it all begins…
    23. 23. | @ActOnSoftwareList Segments
    24. 24. | @ActOnSoftwareCRM Integration
    25. 25. | @ActOnSoftwareActionable Visibility
    26. 26. | @ActOnSoftwareStatus Reporting
    27. 27. | @ActOnSoftwareAutomated Campaigns
    28. 28. | @ActOnSoftwareTrigger Campaigns
    29. 29. | @ActOnSoftwareSpecific Campaign
    30. 30. | @ActOnSoftwareTargeted Messaging
    31. 31. | @ActOnSoftwareGraphical Reporting
    32. 32. | @ActOnSoftwareAccount-Level Activity History
    33. 33. | @ActOnSoftwareList building Campaign
    34. 34. | @ActOnSoftwareSocial Publishing
    35. 35. | @ActOnSoftwareStratos After Act-On• Flight Request Submissions to Support 6 Account Reps and 200Call Tracking Numbers, With Lead Assignment & AutomatedNotifications• Segmented Messaging to Client’s & Prospects Coming From theContact Owners• Campaigns That Develop Customer Preferences, Personal, Timely &Relevent Messaging• Accounting is Native in SFDC Significant Savings of Time & MoneyWith Order Processing• Process & Solutions Allow Us to Recruit More Seasoned Sales TeamMembers• Rapid Deployment of Strategic Marketing Ideas• Implementation of Our Social Media Playbook A new Source ofLeads and Brand Building with Act-On
    36. 36. | @ActOnSoftwareTake Off with Act-On
    37. 37. | @ActOnSoftwareIntroducing Act-OnMulti-channelmarketing automation platformThe new foundationfor marketingWorks for organizationsof all kinds and sizes
    38. 38. | @ActOnSoftwareBefore…
    39. 39. | @ActOnSoftwareAfter…the Act-On SolutionContact & Behavior Data Marketing ProgramsIntegrated Online Marketing SuiteCustomersEmailNurturingLandingPagesWebFormsSocialPublishSegmentationWebinars ReportingLeadScoringActivityScoringSocialProspectMarketingDBTransactionalDBPurchasedListsCRMPartnerListsBrandingAcquisitionRetentionPromotionLoyalty
    40. 40. | @ActOnSoftwareAct-On Point-of-ViewDriving Revenue UpDriving TCO DownSIMPLICITYFASTEST TIME TO VALUEPOWER TO SCALE
    41. 41. | @ActOnSoftwareArming Your Team for SuccessIMPLEMENT TRAINING SUPPORTDedicated Success ManagerStructured TimelineImplementation Worksheet1:1, Group and On DemandExtensive DocumentationGetting StartedMessagesFormsLanding PagesCRM / ListsAutomated ProgramsWebinar IntegrationLive by PhoneEmailPublic Training Classes1:1 Best PracticesSelf ServiceKnowledge BaseAct-On UniversityAverage Implementation Less Than a month
    42. 42. | @ActOnSoftwareWho Backs Act-On
    44. 44. | @ActOnSoftwareThe Act-On Community
    45. 45. | @ActOnSoftwareThanks and let the love flow…
    46. 46. | @ActOnSoftwareAnd…just because I like you…myBusinessIntegrated (Chris) will provide 1 hourof consult to anyone that attends an Act-OnWebinar in the next 30 days. Won’t Find the Time,Unless You Make the Time.
    47. 47. | @ActOnSoftware