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4 Business Incorporation Mistakes you should avoid


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Take a look at this presentation to know the four common mistakes you must prevent while incorporating your business. Visit for more details.

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4 Business Incorporation Mistakes you should avoid

  1. 1. IncorporatingyourBusiness?Avoidthese4 Mistakes
  2. 2. Business incorporation offers tremendous benefits for businesses including tax savings to liability protection. However, if you do not undertake the process carefully, you are prone to make mistakes which can cost your business. Remember not to commit these 4 common incorporation mistakes.
  3. 3. CHOOSING THE WRONG BUSINESS ENTITY Picking the right entity amongst LLC, S Corporation and C Corporation is very important. Understand the nature of your business and identify the right business entity, else it’d lead to problems such as double taxation.
  4. 4. INCORPORATING WITHOUT LICENSE Incorporation is different from licensing. Several businesses must procure a local, state or federal license. You will have to look at the local city hall or county office to know which license your business needs.
  5. 5. FAILURE TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS IN COMPLIANCE If your business entity such as LLC or corporation fail to stay compliant, it is highly likely that your personal assets are prone to seizure. Keeping personal and business assets separate, regularly filing tax returns, sending reports and statements promptly are some means to keep your business in compliance post incorporation.
  6. 6. SETTING VAGUE COMPANY NAMES While it is essential that your company name must be unique and relevant, it is also equally important that the name isn’t vague or obscure. Setting such names might confuse the customer and make them assume that your service cannot meet their demands.
  7. 7. Get in touch with experienced business incorporation specialists to make sure any mistake isn’t committed throughout the process. For more details, visit