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Building a Content Strategy on Snapchat


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Is Snapchat right for your company? And how do you begin to build consistent consumer engagement on the platform?

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Building a Content Strategy on Snapchat

  1. 1. Building  a  Content   Strategy  on   Snapchat  
  2. 2. @kcgeen   #BiSummit   Building  a  Content  Strategy             on  Snapchat     KC  Geen   Head  of  Global  Social  Media,  Groupon    
  3. 3. Snapchat  101   Snapchat  is  a  mobile  photo/  video  app  that   allows  users  to  share  “snaps”  for  up  to  10   seconds  before  it  gets  deleted  forever.     “Stories”  was  introduced  in  Fall  2013  and   consist  of  a  series  of  snaps.    These  stories   can  be  viewed  for  up  to  24  hours.    
  4. 4. Why  Snapchat?  
  5. 5. Snapchat  has  over  100  Million  ac9ve   users  and  is  fast  approaching  200  Million  
  6. 6. 71%  of  Snapchat’s  American  users  fall  in  the  18-­‐34  range   while  45%  are  between  18-­‐24  years  old.    
  7. 7. Source:  SUMPTO  
  8. 8. Snapchat  has  become  a  highly  effec9ve   way  for  brands  to  interact  with  current   customers  and  acquire  new  ones    
  9. 9. Is  Snapchat  right  for  your  brand?   1.  Is  your  target  demographic  below  34  years   old?   2.  Are  you  a  BtoC  brand?   3.  Do  you  have  the  resources  to  consistently  post   and  respond?   4.  Do  your  consumers  like  giveaways  and   contests?   5.  Are  you  focused  more  on  awareness  than   conversion?  
  10. 10. How  can  brands  get   started?  
  11. 11. A  New  Focus  ShiG  in  Content   Marke9ng   Quality  Content  &   Amazing  Visuals   Pay  for  Play   Content  that  Drives   Engagement  &   Community  Involvement  
  12. 12. What  is  Content  Marke9ng  on   Snapchat?  
  13. 13.     Cut  through  the  noise  by  crea9ng   a  super  temporary  impression   that  is  truly  of  the  moment  and   engages  your  consumers.    
  14. 14. 5  Second  Rule   Amazing  Visuals   Amplify  the  Organic  Benefits   Cohesive  Brand  Voice   Stay  True  to  the  Nature  of  the  PlaWorm   “Engagement  is  the  best  metric   to  measure  content  markeFng.”               Ninan  Chacko,  CEO,  PR  Newswire    
  15. 15. Content  Examples  
  16. 16. Engaging  Fans  is  Key     Tell  a  story:  beginning,   middle,  end   Entertain   Create  a  reason  to  engage       Groupon  
  17. 17. Engage  with  Contests   GrubHub   Stay  true  to  Snapchat   Cohesive  theme   Bring  the  brand  to  life  with   unique  prizes      
  18. 18. Provide  Exclusive  Offer   WetSeal   Unveil  discounts   Strong  value  prop   Keep  it  short  &  surprising         GrubHub  
  19. 19. Give  Fans  a  Sneak  Peak   Free  People   The  Associa9on  of   Surfing  Professionals   Embrace  humor   Be  9mely         Sneak  peaks  and   surprises  work  great  in   emphermal  marke9ng    
  20. 20. Use  the  plaWorm  as  it’s  intended   Create  content  similar  to  what  your  customers   are  sharing     Respond  to  snaps  and  engage  with  fans   Make  your  fans  feel  special   Test  and  have  fun!         Key Content Marketing Takeaways…
  21. 21. @kcgeen   #BiSummit   Thank  you!