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Mobile Marketing Plan - Golazo


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Slide deck for class presentation of mobile marketing plan created for Golazo Energy.

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Mobile Marketing Plan - Golazo

  1. 1. Mobile MarketingUW Mobile Business CertificateDecember 8, 2012
  2. 2. Overview Company Background Product Line Target Market Distribution Current Marketing Efforts Mobile Marketing Efforts
  3. 3. Company Background Started in 2010 Founded by Richard Tait (Cranium) and Alex Rosenast (Garage Billiards) HQ in Seattle Very soccer-centric environment
  4. 4. Product Line Four offerings in energy line (3 flavors) Four flavors in hydration line Differentiation points:  All natural  Superior flavor  Energy has hydration component  Latin inspired flavors and packaging  Soccer-centric appeal
  5. 5. Target Market Primary: 18-24 year males & females Secondary: 26-34 year males & females Primary: 12-18 males & females Secondary: Soccer moms (32-49 years)
  6. 6. Distribution Online – Amazon Store (bulk) Traditional Retail  QFC  Whole Foods  Safeway – just launched Geographic  Seattle  Portland  Los Angeles
  7. 7. Current Marketing Efforts Sampling (MLS games, specialty events) Social (Facebook, Twitter, blog) Storytelling – website, events, videos Partnership – Washington Youth Soccer Official Drink Emphasis: Great lifestyle and informational imagery to drive awareness, affinity and sales velocity
  8. 8. Mobile Campaigns
  9. 9. WC 2014Contest Use Instagram and Statigram to run image contest Monthly winners for a year; pool for grand prize winner: trip for 2 to Brazil for World Cup Object: Raise brand awareness/promote engagement Timeline: March 2013 – March 2014
  10. 10. SMS/MMS Coupon Mobile Coupons issued via shortcodes 5 videos/ 5 coupons Opt-in to receive more coupons Object: promote engagement, enhance consideration, increase conversion & loyalty Timeline: Spring/Summer 2013 – 90 days
  11. 11. Soccket Sales CodeLoyalty Program Loyalty program with CSR element UPP Codes on packaging Opt-in through website codes Users receives points for merchandise CSR element – purchase Socckets Object: Enhance consideration, increase conversion, strengthen loyalty Timeline: Spring 2013 – perpetual duration
  12. 12. ‘Where Will You Find Us Next’ Video Campaign Feature ‘wacky’ ads featuring product line Outlandish locales and settings Viewed on mobile website and app – w/ social sharing Object: Raise brand awareness and promote engagement Timeline: Launch summer 2013
  13. 13. Amazing Scavenger Hunt Scavenger hunt in downtown Seattle 7 retail/foodservice locales Two age categories Use SMS and QR codes to find each location Prizes for first three teams Object: Raise brand awareness, promote engagement and enhance consideration Timing: July 2013; 4 hour duration
  14. 14. Golazo Campaign Timeline • Socckets Loyalty Program Launch • Release WWYFUN Video CY 2013 • WC Contest Launch • Coupon Promotion (March 2013-2014) (90 days) • Amazing Scavenger Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Hunt Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Campaign Development Lifecycle Launch Initiate Plan Development
  15. 15. Mobile Website Home Product identifier Store locator Video player Social links Promotions Loyalty program Press/News
  16. 16. Golazo App Home Soccer game Store locator Video player Social links WC Contest Loyalty program
  17. 17. Conclusion Expanded analytics for remarketing Dive deeper into the mind and behaviors Activities generate CTAs and Integrate  Increase sales  Reinforce elements of brand – fun, meaningful lifestyle