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Humana and YMCA of Greater Kansas City

Presentation for KC Digital Drive Health Innovation Team on August 28, 2019

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Humana and YMCA of Greater Kansas City

  1. 1. 20%HEALTHIER-#MOREHEALTHYDAYS Office of Population Health | Bold Goal Strategic Integration Leader | Central Region
  2. 2. 20% healthier by 2020 and beyond OUR BOLD GOAL We want to help make health easier 2
  3. 3. 3 Bold Goal Office of Population Health 3 LonelinessWe must address clinical and non-clinical needs to improve health Social Determinants of Health have a high impact on Healthy Days Social Isolation Transportation Food Insecurity
  4. 4. How it works For-profit companies Nonprofit organizations Community leaders Government agencies Physicians and clinicians 8
  5. 5. Our work requires a systematic approach to social impact that focuses on the relationships between organizations and the progress toward shared objectives.
  6. 6. Kansas City Bold Goal Vision: Collectively align work streams to improve access to health and population health outcomes Impact Health Impact Improved Healthy Days Health outcomes Access to Resources Key Actions 1 2 3Coordinate and connect partners and care across multiple providers, health systems, non-profits and for-profit partners Optimize relationships and networks by aligning vision, shared-value and work plans Maximize healthy days through best practice programming and evidence-based interventions 4 Provide technical assistance across work plans, policy, systems and environmental change and community services Partner Impact Relationship Building Network Alignment Grant Alignment
  7. 7. Partner Identification responsibility for the elements of a solution can create a movement for change Change Theories recognizing that social change comes from gradual improvement over time Conversation Convening results in community leadership that enable cross-sector coalitions to arise and thrive Collective Impact Experience Integrated partnerships driving solution based interventions to specific social problems Data Driven Impact a shared measurement system is essential KANSAS CITY METRO COLLECTIVE IMPACT STRATEGY
  8. 8. Partners Emerged Identification of partners working in the space, advocates aligned to the work, in-kind funding allocation to draft a food access plan and begin screening for food insecurity Change Theories Collective group leveraged social change advocates, tools and resources to engage in Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Conversation Convening Winter of 2015 conversations around food access, barriers to health, opportunities for solutions emerged Partnerships Matter A common agenda is the primary vehicle for social change Data Driven Impact The plan focused on advancing a grocer on wheels concept in areas of need determined by data driven maps, disease conditions, environmental needs and barriers emerged KANSAS CITY METRO COLLECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS – FOOD INSECURITY
  9. 9. Partners Emerged community leadership enabled cross-sector organizations to engage and develop solutions Change Theories social change advocates came together to understand barriers Conversation Convening conversations around veterans, social isolation, suicide, and barriers to health emerged Partnerships Matter Fostering mutually reinforcing activities Data Driven Impact Focus groups and screening opportunities driving programmatic interventions KANSAS CITY COLLECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS – SOCIAL ISOLATION & LONELINESS
  10. 10. Partners Emerged backbone organizations embody the principles of adaptive leadership Change Theories Collective groups leveraging place-based opportunities to address the whole person Conversation Convening Best-practice and evidence-based programming leading intervention focus Partnerships Matter Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination. Data Driven Impact the ability to focus people’s attention and create a sense of urgency drives life saving screenings KANSAS CITY COLLECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS – CHRONIC CONDITION MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. YMCA of Greater Kansas City Screening Totals Social Determinants of Health Screening during Coaching appointments (May - July 2019) Social Isolation Totals 2019 Food Insecurity Totals 2019 Location Positive Total % Location Positive Total % Atchison 0 0 0% Atchison 0 0 0% Blue Springs 4 28 14% Blue Springs 3 28 11% Bonner Springs 13 30 43% Bonner Springs 1 30 3% Cleaver 15 40 38% Cleaver 6 40 15% Linwood 4 50 8% Linwood 1 50 2% Olathe 29 69 42% Olathe 7 69 10% Paul Henson 1 3 33% Paul Henson 0 3 0% PCN 6 92 7% PCN 1 92 1% PCS 7 50 14% PCS 0 50 0% Providence 6 46 13% Providence 4 46 9% Quality Hill 1 1 100% Quality Hill 1 1 100% Red Bridge 3 7 43% Red Bridge 0 7 0% NKC 24 68 35% NKC 9 68 13% Total 113 484 23% Total 33 484 7%
  12. 12. Kansas City YMCA Anti-Hunger Programs Kids Cafe Before and After School Care Early Learning Centers Head Start Camps Weekend Meals And Now...A Healthy Food Pantry! 2280 households served in our first 3 months
  13. 13. NKC Y Pantry Hours of Operation Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:00pm-7:00pm Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00am-9:00am Saturday: 9:00am-11:00am
  14. 14. No single organization is responsible for any major social problem, nor can any single organization cure all social problems. Collectively it takes grass roots coordination to develop solutions to improve health access and outcomes.