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Chronic Cow


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Dr. Kevin Payne's Chronic Cow presentation to the KC Digital Drive Health Innovation Team on February 28, 2018

Published in: Healthcare
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Chronic Cow

  1. 1. Dr. Kevin J. Payne Founder! © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC The science of living well, delivered with care. Chronic Cow ™ Your Life, Lived Well.!™ investor deck, v.2
  2. 2. Problem Over 150 million Americans have chronic health conditions that bring real life problems far beyond our medical diagnoses. We’re left on our own to figure out how to live well under these new, unspoken rules. We need more than healthcare. We need total life care that helps us succeed at life, not just be “good patients.” © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC
  3. 3. Solution Our research-driven analytics… 1. analyze and understand you 2. identify changes that will most easily improve your life 3. match you with the best tools that will work in your case 4. guides, monitors & supports you through the process © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Now: combination of web-based data collection, algorithmic analysis & human-mediated guidance Later: complete automation through mobile app
  4. 4. Value Improves… •  progress toward life goals •  mindset & behavioral change •  function •  relationship quality •  motivation •  knowledge •  self advocacy •  quality of life •  medical adherence Our solution efficiently & effectively: © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Reduces… •  pain •  distress •  fear •  frustration •  confusion •  overwhelm •  fatigue •  experience of symptoms •  ineffective communication
  5. 5. Zach, 28, PTSD & addiction “I can’t see myself, anymore. I tell myself to stop, but I don’t.” His Story: A veteran of three tours in Afghanistan, Zach is living with post traumatic stress. He developed a subsequent addiction to prescription pain medication. Problem: Our analytics showed that Zach needed to first understand his pain and to systematically re-build his sense of identity and control. Solution: We educated Zach about the “pain neuromatrix,” then we helped him increase his pain tolerance and gain emotional distance from its effects. We identified his cornerstone habits and guided his ability to control those small, crucial aspects of his life that allowed him to rebuild a sense of personal control. Zach is back to work as a mechanic and sees a future for himself, once more. “I have more life now. When the pain comes, I know there’s another side.” CASE: Behavioral Change © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC
  6. 6. Case: Janice, 37, lupus “I don’t trust myself. I’m not sure anyone else does, either.” Her Story: Janis was diagnosed with lupus in her 20s. She and her husband, Robert, felt like her health had taken over their lives. Her condition was unpredictable and they didn’t feel like they could plan for anything. Problem: So much of their marriage had been consumed by sickness and caregiving, they’d stopped making time for the things couples enjoy together. Their partnership had become overwhelmed by contempt and resentment. Solution: We showed them the actual mechanics underlying their mutual distrust and resentment. Then we guided and monitored them through a process of rebuilding their expectations for one another and rebalancing the experiences they shared. “I feel like I have a partner, again, and that I’m able to be a worthy partner for him.” CASE: Relationships © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC
  7. 7. Uniqueness •  Framework •  better approach to living well with chronic conditions •  incorporating decades of professional research & lived experience •  built on sound social and behavioral science •  comprehensive, modular, hierarchical, & responsive information •  Prescriptive Analytics •  leveraging years of proprietary advances in data collection, measurement, modeling, and intelligent analytics •  enriched with a unique, adaptive sematic layer that allows us to derive greater meaning •  block chain for secure, ethical, and reliable data management Unique Data Set: we’re generating the missing link of social, mental, behavioral, & environmental data at scale that enriches healthcare & biomedical policy & research. © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC
  8. 8. Bossie Bossie™, The Chronic Cow™, is more than a mascot. She’s a comforting face diffusing distress. A good life begins with mindset. Your condition is a cow, not a monster. She’s uncomfortable, annoying, sometimes smelly and gets in the way, but you can handle a cow. © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC ™
  9. 9. Business Model Our business model flexibly monetizes core IP & expertise through repackaging to meet client segment needs. 1. Subscription • guidance sessions, online courses • apps, reports, data, analytics, API • continuity billing 2. At-Need Solutions • classes, targeted guidance, certifications • organizational advising & customized solutions 3. Merchandise • Chronic Cow™ swag for identity & community • books and other information products Flexible personnel, infrastructure & partnerships for staged, internally-funded growth & innovation. Now focused on early adopters & opinion leaders. © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC
  10. 10. Go to Market © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC We are actively pursuing these strategies to build presence: 1. Awareness • social campaigns (daily themed memes, #hashtag campaigns, curation) • podcast, blog, radio, TV & other media guest appearances • philanthropy & event sponsorship 2. Partnerships & Referrals • health, wellness & related professionals • clinics, medical practices & support organizations 3. Education • seminars & webinars • content marketing • book: Your Life, Lived Well (releasing in October) 4. Organizational Services • advising organizations on a broader perspective to support chronic illness
  11. 11. Market & Competition Chronic Cow cuts across existing markets and opens a better alternative for personalized, holistic life care under demanding conditions. These are some of the markets we partially overlap. © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Self Help $11B Quantified Self $18B Behavioral Therapy $29B Healthcare Analytics $30B Digital Health $196B Chronic Cow crosses existing verticals & opens a new market space for a different kind of prescriptive social & behavioral analytics & education.
  12. 12. Founder: experienced entrepreneur & manager (co-founded TeraCrunch, etc.), veteran researcher & data scientist (27 years, >1K projects), teacher, performer, lives with MS & is caregiver Mindy Hart Davis, Tim Burt, Cyndee England Previously platformed brands to national recognition. Educated & experienced as therapists or social workers for the right skillset. Many were Dr. Payne’s former students who’ve gone on to helping careers. Existing contract employees (in Kansas City & offshore) who’ve done previous work for Dr. Payne. Dr. Kevin J. Payne © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Who We Are Seasoned PR & Marketing Team Network of Trained Guides Programmers & Data Scientists
  13. 13. Current Chronic Cow™ is tested and well-positioned for growth: 1.  $28K in revenue from Year 1 market tests 2.  Guide employees in place and ready to scale 3.  >2K email list subscribers 4.  social media presence launched across 5 platforms 5.  PR & marketing campaigns tested and ready to scale 6.  online course option scheduled for August launch 7.  book scheduled for October release 8.  branded merchandise for the Holiday Season 9.  active research & development continuing on schedule 10.  aggressive long-term diversification & growth plan © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC
  14. 14. Roadmap © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Phase 1: Development, Testing & Productization Developing, testing & finding product/market fit for our go-to-market slate of information, technology and support products. Phase 2: B2C & Awareness Building relationships with the chronically diagnosed and their caregivers. Raising Chronic Cow™ as a caring, expert presence on a socially beneficial mission. Phase 3: B2B/B2P & Partnerships (2019) Expanding science-backed, data-driven informational, analytic and educational products meeting healthcare organization and professional needs. Phase 4: Data, Enrichment & Analytics (2020) Launching realtime data, analytic and reporting products enriching standard health and biomedical models across a range of applications.
  15. 15. Merits • significant intellectual property • large markets with strong need • first to market position • attractive margins • flexible, proven business model • recurring and diversified revenue streams • lean infrastructure to scale • proven marketing team ready to go • ongoing and returning customers © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Use of Funds • business development • marketing, advertising, PR • continuing development & automation • personnel & operation
  16. 16. Dr. Kevin J. Payne Founder! © 2018 Chronic Cow, LLC Chronic Cow ™ Your Life, Lived Well.!™ Thanks!