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Status report from the ITIR Advisory Committee. Gina Rallis, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Services, Shared Services Canada

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Gina rallispresentation eng

  1. 1. Status ReportsPresentation to the Information Technology Infrastructure RoundtableNovember 22, 2012Gina Rallis, SADM, Corporate ServicesBrad Sweeney, Head, Departmental Initiatives and Analytics
  2. 2. Purpose• Provide a status report from the ITIR Advisory Committees ♦ Procurement Benchmarks ♦ Innovative Canadian Enterprises ♦ Smart Sourcing 2
  3. 3. Status Reports from ITIR Advisory Committees Procurement Innovative Canadian “Smart” Sourcing Benchmarks Enterprises Advisory Committee Advisory Committee Advisory Committee Lead Lead Lead Gina Rallis Brad Sweeney Gina Rallis Senior Assistant Deputy Minister Head Senior Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer Departmental Initiatives and Chief Financial Officer Corporate Services Corporate ServicesProvide advice on key industry Provide advice on what SSC can Provide advice on decisionand government benchmarks do to accelerate innovation support frameworks used inused in the procurement domain, within the Canadian ICT Sector, industry for in/out-sourcingthat SSC can leverage to evolve making recommendations to evaluations, that can inform andSSC into a world class operation spur innovations that have a shape SSC’s transformational direct benefit to SSC sourcing decisions Chair: Gina Rallis Chair: Brad Sweeney Chair: Gina Rallis Vice Chair: Marc O’Sullivan, Vice Chair: Alain Beaudoin Vice Chair: tbc Assistant Comptroller General, DG, Information and Communications Acquired Services and Assets, Office Technologies Branch, Industry Canada of the Comptroller General, TBS Kick-off: Kick-off: Kick-off: 7 December, 2012, Ottawa December 20, 2012 (tbc) 7 December, 2012, Ottawa Ottawa 3
  4. 4. Innovative Canadian EnterprisesPurpose• Discuss current barriers to innovation within the ICT sector.• Provide strategic and tactical advice on what SSC can do to accelerate innovation and commercialization.• Work with Government of Canada policies and programs to promote ICT innovation within Canadian ICT enterprises for the benefit of SSC. Chair: Brad Sweeney, Head, Departmental Initiatives and Analytics, SSC Vice-Chair: Alain Beaudoin, Director General, Information and Communications Technologies Branch, Industry Canada• Meeting: December 7, 2012 4
  5. 5. Procurement BenchmarksPurpose• Identify critical performance benchmarks used by industry and governments in the procurement function• Identify key benchmarks and performance targets that will shape the evolution of SSC into a world class procurement operation• Identify best-in-class procurement approaches / areas of focus for SSC Chair: Gina Rallis, Senior ADM, Corporate Services, SSC Vice-Chair: Mark O’Sullivan, Assistant Comptroller General, Acquired Services and Assets Sector Office of the Comptroller General• Meeting: December 7, 2012 5
  6. 6. “Smart” SourcingPurpose• Provide information that will help the ICT sector better position itself for potential opportunities to work with the department.• Provide declarative statements on the sourcing models that SSC will pursue for delivery of its mandate.• Outline the core functions and skills-sets for the delivery of the Government of Canada’s IT infrastructure. Chair: Gina Rallis, Senior ADM, Corporate Services, SSC Vice-Chair: TBC• Meeting: December 20, 2012 (tbc) 6