Future Role of the CIO


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GTEC Presentation: “Future Role of the CIO” delivered by Sharon Squire, Executive Director, Service and GC 2.0 Policy and Community Enablement Division, Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board Secretariat.

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Future Role of the CIO

  1. 1. CIO/IT Executive Talent Management in the Government of Canada “The CIOs of tomorrow need to focus much more on innovation, end customers and business growth and much less on IT infrastructure” IT World Canada Chief Information Officer Branch Treasury Board Secretariat Presentation to GTEC
  2. 2. The Future Role of the GC CIO in the Government of Canada As a key business enabler, the CIO will actively drive business success through the provision of strategic direction, on-going innovation, and the creation of collaborative partnerships and enterprise-wide solutions in response to service delivery objectives. The CIO will become an active member of the organization’s executive leadership team. 2
  3. 3. The Changing Role of the GC CIO Key Messages from Deputy Head Interviews CIO Today Focus on technology – technical skills and expertise Future CIO Innovator and strategic thinker Transformational leader Servant Leader Business partner and enabler Siloed, program centric approach Active participant at the DH executive table Provides challenge function 3
  4. 4. Talent Management Approach • CIO Study: Snapshot of CIO Community (one page summary on tables). CIO of the • Interviews with Deputy Heads. Future Defined • Leading industry practices and trends reviewed. Workplace Planning • Demographic analysis at the GC level: e.g., turn-over, employment equity. • Succession planning: Identification of critical vacancies and employees with the potential to fill those vacancies. • Identify assignment opportunities both into and from policy/business lines. New Career Paths • Learning roadmap with the assistance of the Canada School of Public Service. • Gaining experience both inside and outside of the IT organization to assist with becoming a CIO, and for your post CIO career. • Selection strategies and tools that reflect and support the new role of the CIO. Learning • Learning opportunities that reflect new career paths. • Partnerships with both private and public sector learning providers. • Critical skills - two minute briefings, business acumen, strategic leadership. 4
  5. 5. What can you do to prepare? Enhance your Leadership and Business Skills • Think strategically: Understand how your current role supports your organizations business objectives. • Practice your pitch: Speak in the language of the executive leadership team. • Assess your leadership competencies. Diversify your experience • Seek out opportunities to broaden your skill set. Try working in a business line or, if you’re in a business line, why not try IT? • Fill out the CIO Sub-Questionnaire of the OCHRO Talent Management form. Build solid professional networks • Establish and maintain networks and nurture professional relationships. • Find a mentor with knowledge/experience outside of your domain. 5