Charette 2013 01 15_new_role_of_the_departmental_cio_itac


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On January 15, Corinne Charette, Canada’s Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) kicked off the ITAC Executive Briefing Series on ICT Transformation in Government with an address on the "New Role of CIOs". This was the first in a series of events designed to help ICT industry members better understand Government plans for transformation. Corinne's talk focused on the evolving and pivotal role of Departmental CIOs in modernizing Government services.

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Charette 2013 01 15_new_role_of_the_departmental_cio_itac

  1. 1. New Role of the Departmental CIO ITAC Executive Briefing Series January 15th 2013
  2. 2. The Changing IT Landscape “technology trends are not isolated and are intimately intertwined with business and societal trends … IT leaders and business executives cannot use yesterday’s approaches to realize tomorrow’s objectives.” Accenture Technology Vision 2011• Accelerated pace of technology shifts – Application and data center consolidation, outsourcing, increased cyber threats, open data, information management, mobile devices (bring your own device), increasing complexity and need for integration• Increased focus on business and service expectations – Focus on business achievement and innovative solutions – Enable change management and solution delivery• Culture shift in society and workplace – Dramatic increase in use of social media and media vehicles – Increasing presence of consumer technology driving expectations from workforce 2
  3. 3. The Changing Role of the CIO/IT Executive“The CIOs of tomorrow need to focus much more on innovation, end customers andbusiness growth and much less on IT infrastructure” IT World Canada Driving Innovation • Strategy Globally, business and • Leveraging IT in Government leaders are support of Program asking CIOs to: and Service Delivery • Deliver Business Solutions • Focus on value to meet priorities, “enable enable business” business Delivering Change • Reduce the cost of IT • Standardized Processes solutions and drive value • Business Enhancement • Transparency of Cost Supporting Infrastructure • Shared Services • Outsourcing 3 * Source: Gartner, Inc. 2012
  4. 4. Changing Role of the CIO in the GC…a whole-of-government approach will enable us to modernize our systems, as well as improve efficiency and help lower the cost of our services to Canadians. Clerk of the Privy Council, Nineteenth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada• Standardization, consolidation and whole of government approach for service delivery for efficiency, cost savings and improved service to Canadians• Creation of Shared Services Canada has already changed the role of the departmental CIO• Cluster approach to service delivery is changing the way the CIO’s work together• The CIO/IT Executive plays a key role in enabling departments to deliver change and supporting transformation 4
  5. 5. Building and Supporting the New CIO Role and OrganizationPlanned Initiatives for 2012-2014• Leading consultations with Deputy Heads and the CIO community to define the CIO Role of the Future• Defining key competencies required to fulfill the new role, analysing current bench strength, knowing our feeder groups• Developing and implementing a comprehensive talent management strategy, including : up-to-date demographics, succession plans, learning and development programs, recruitment strategies 5
  6. 6. Supporting the CIO Organization• Organization design assistance to CIOs through the provision of an effective and flexible set of tools including: • Organization Structures • Generic Work Descriptions • Job Competency Profiles • Statements of Merit Criteria• There is an ongoing maintenance process to ensure that the tools remain responsive to the CIO transformation and changing community requirements 6