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WeChat Intro- WeChat Workshop 4/2/2015


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Introduction to WeChat development used at our Workshop held in conjunction with AKQA and JING Digital.

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WeChat Intro- WeChat Workshop 4/2/2015

  1. 1. An introduction to Brian van Damme CTO of KAWO development
  2. 2. API Docs
  3. 3. SDKs too • Android SDK
 For sharing your app’s content to the user’s WeChat moments or conversations. • JS SDK
 Let your website communicate with
 WeChat’s built-in browser
 Sample? Scan ->
  4. 4. JS SDK Demo
  5. 5. Server-side API
  6. 6. *demo time*
  7. 7. Communication Tencent Your App User
  8. 8. Account types Feature Subscription Service Y
  9. 9. Verification Only a very small set of the endpoints are available to non-verified accounts.
  10. 10.