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How to: Owning a Hashtag on Weibo


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Learn how to keep track of popular topics and conversations by becoming the host of a hashtag page to increase your reach on Weibo.

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How to: Owning a Hashtag on Weibo

  1. 1. How to: Owning a #Hashtag# on Weibo
  2. 2. Like Twitter, popular phrases & topics are tagged with hashtags. Unlike Twitter, however, on Weibo, hashtags are both preceded and followed by “#,” like #this#.
  3. 3. Hashtags make it easy to follow and monitor the buzz around a topic. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to “own” popular hashtags.
  4. 4. When you click a hashtag, like #YNWA#, which stands for “You’ll never walk alone,” Liverpool FC’s motto, it takes you to the hashtag page.
  5. 5. Join the discussion Follow Comments Followers Reach Forward Hashtag Owner
  6. 6. The process is fairly easy and free: all you have to do is search for a hashtag that you want and check out the page. If there is no host, click the button to host
  7. 7. For example, this hashtag, #COYG#, “come on you gunners,” a cheer for Arsenal FC, has no owner, but a reach of almost 2.5 million- a perfect opportunity for the club to interact and engage with their fans.
  8. 8. You have to be active to maintain your host status or will be kicked off. When you apply, you’ll receive a message from Sina that will let you know how often you must post.
  9. 9. Sometimes a random person will have taken the host position of a page. Since there’s no way of passing the ownership, the only way to ensure ownership is to contact Sina directly.
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