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People of Spain&Portugal

  1. 1. American Colonial Empires: Portugal and SpainPart 3: The People of the Portuguese and Spanish Colonies in America<br />Kristina Underwood<br />History 140<br />
  2. 2. Damianada Cunha <br />Portuguese American<br /><ul><li>Time when they lived- late 1700s to 1831
  3. 3. Place/Colony where they lived- Vila Boa, São José, Goiás
  4. 4. Social Group- Indian: Caiapó,
  5. 5. Gender- female
  6. 6. Occupation or chief activity- catechist and wilderness explorer </li></li></ul><li>General History: Damianada Cunha<br />Baptized along with her brother and named in honor of their godfather<br />Taken as hostage at the Governor’s house<br />Possibility of being forced to attend a “domestic school”<br />Her first husband was a Portuguese soldier <br />Her second marriage took place in 1819 to Manuel Pereira da Cruz, a Brazilian civilian<br />Made a expedition in 1808 to the sertãoand brought back 70 other Indians<br />On another expedition, she fell sick with a fever and possible malaria<br />Died in 1831 <br />
  7. 7. Catarina de MoneSinay<br />Portuguese American<br /><ul><li>Time when they lived- Late 1680-1758
  8. 8. Place/Colony where they lived- Bahia in Brazil
  9. 9. Social Group- Destêrro Convent
  10. 10. Gender-Female
  11. 11. Occupation or chief activity-Nun and entrepreneur</li></li></ul><li>General History: Catarina de MoneSinay<br />Entered the Covent in 1696<br />Daughter of a scribe on the council<br />Spent her childhood around the nunnery<br />Studied religious discipline<br />Looked up to Madre Victória who was a very devout woman in the Convent<br />Loaned money and sold sweets making her quite a fortune for a nun<br />Died August of 1758<br />
  12. 12. Diego Vasicuio<br />Spanish American<br /><ul><li>Time when they lived- 1580-1670s
  13. 13. Place/Colony where they lived- Indians of Peru, Salamanca
  14. 14. Social Group-Sorimana follower/cult
  15. 15. Gender- male
  16. 16. Occupation or chief activity- Native Priest</li></li></ul><li>General History: Diego Vaslculo<br />Founded and to be charged with heresy May 1617<br />During ceremonies, Diego would bathe the guaca (the Spaniard’s term for the stone image of their god) in chicha (native corn beer) and then offer sacrifices of food<br />Prayed and interpreter of Sorimana<br />When caught, turned over a false guaca to the priest<br />After charges and when things were settled, returned to his old ways of following Sorimina<br />Died in 1670s<br />
  17. 17. CristóbalBéquer<br />Spanish American<br /><ul><li>Time when they lived- 1693- 1751
  18. 18. Place/Colony where they lived- Lima
  19. 19. Social Group- Part of the Cathedral in Lima
  20. 20. Gender- Male
  21. 21. Occupation or chief activity- Wayward Prebend</li></li></ul><li>General History: CristóbalBéquer<br />Born in Lima 1693<br />In 1714, he and his brother Pedro were involved in a murder (Cristóbal said to be accomplice)<br />Went into hiding in the Bethlehemite Monastery in Lima<br />When wanted for arrest, fled to mountains where Pedro soon died<br />Came back and joined priesthood<br />1732 Bishop of Cuzco appointed him as interim priest in the Azangaroin province<br />1733- wanted to journey to Panama for employment (actually made his way to the Madrid court)<br />1736- King positioned him on the Cathedral Chapter in Lima<br />1743- awarded vacant chaplaincy<br />He became a very angry and argumentative person<br />Started to harass and beat people on the streets<br />1750-miracously promoted within the Chapter<br />Was supposed to be imprisoned but fled to the San Francisco Monastery<br />Died in 1751 before prosecution took place<br />
  22. 22. Isabel Moctezuma<br />Spanish American<br /><ul><li>Time when they lived- 1509/1510- 1550
  23. 23. Place/Colony where they lived- Aztecs of Central Mexico
  24. 24. Social Group- Aztec royal family
  25. 25. Gender- Female
  26. 26. Occupation or chief activity- Pioneer of Mestizaje</li></li></ul><li>General History: Isabel Moctezuma<br />Born Tecuichpotzin (known as Isabel to the Spaniards)<br />Daughter of Moctezuma II the Emperor of the Aztecs, and his wife, Teotlalco<br />1520- Aztec’s fall captive to Spaniards and Indian allies led by Fernando Cortés<br />First married to her Uncle, Cuitlahuac (Emperor after rebellion of 1520)<br />After his death, married her cousin, Cuauhtemoc (the last Aztec emperor)<br />Taken by Spaniards at the fall of the Aztec capital on August 13, 1521<br />Cortés granted her revenues and income from a town called Tacuba<br />Married a Spanish man named Alonso de Grado<br />After his death, she became pregnant with Cortés’ child born Lenor Cortés Moctezuma<br />Married Pedro Gallego and bore son Juan (Gallego) de Andrade Moctezuma<br />Grado does of unknown causes shortly after<br />Married to Juan Cano de Saavedra in 1532<br />Bore five of his children within a ten year span- Gonzalo, Pedro, Juan, Isabel, and Catalina<br />Created a controversial will and died in 1550<br />
  27. 27. Hernando de Valencia <br />Spanish American<br /><ul><li>Time when they lived-
  28. 28. Place/Colony where they lived- Peru
  29. 29. Social Group- Indies Council
  30. 30. Gender- Male
  31. 31. Occupation or chief activity- Tax Promoter</li></li></ul><li>General History: Hernando de Valencia <br />Put in charge of arbitrios (nineteen expedients)<br />“twenty years satisfactory service as royal accountant of grants (contador de mercedes)”<br />Married and had a son<br />1629- wanted a position on a royal council but was turned down by the new royal<br />His ship from Panama sunk, loosing his son<br />Count Chinchon, the viceroy of Peru, wanted to end the arbitrios<br />Hernando was brought into a scandal of having an affair with a relative’s wife<br />Brought into yet another scandal and found hiding in the Franciscan Monastery<br />Fray Francisco and a monk helped him escape to Spain from America<br />As he was executing escape plan, he dislocated his arm and broke his nose and teeth<br />The friar took him for sugery<br />He was ordered to return to Spain after multiple problems with the viceroy<br />