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KARTOSOFT englisch


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The software solution for the packaging industry

Published in: Technology
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KARTOSOFT englisch

  1. 1. A solution , making my business a best - run business That fit´s my needs!
  2. 2. SPEED UP YOUR BUSINESS BUSINESS BENEFITS see the value Knowledge, Experience, and Technology for Improve alignment of strategies and operations Optimizing Business Improve productivity We leverage our extensive experience to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions that empower Reduce costs through increased flexibility every aspect of business operations in the packaging industry. By using Kartosoft, organizations of all sizes Reduce risk – including small businesses and midsize companies – can reduce costs, improve performance, and Improve financial management gain the agility to respond to changing business needs and to achieve more value from their IT Improve corporate governance investments. Our professional development and support teams are dedicated to providing the Optimize IT spending highest level of customer service and support. make your business Gain higher ROI faster faster. immediate access to enterprise information
  3. 3. IMPROVING OPERATIONAL EFICIENCY FOR PROFITABLE GROWTH KARTOSOFT more than just a cost saver - absolute essential for doing my business
  4. 4. Designed with best practices to meet current Give your company a fast needs start with Kartosoft quick-start program is designed to support tailored to your industry midsize packaging producing companies seeking functionality specific to their needs at a low cost of ownership. The program offers a bounded project For business that requires ultra-fast implementations. scope, predictable costs, and short implementation With Kartosoft, the ultimate ERP solution for times. Kartosoft the All In Solution will enable you the packaging industry, you can capitalize on to minimize IT staff dedicated to supporting on-site a solution that supports streamlined business business software. You can expect not only to improve processes – and has been optimized for fast the transparency and coordination between the sales, deployment and a predictable cost of ownership. production, warehouse and the executive suite but also to efficiently streamline inventory management Completed in 30 days and purchasing department with Kartosoft, ready-to-work solution the ERP Solutions for the packaging industry .
  5. 5. INTERACTIVE PRODUCTION PLANNING maximize productivity in manufacting
  6. 6. Expand your business Manage & optimize Get a complete view of your business with a single, Manage and optimize your operations by integrating accurate source for all, real time business data. key business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, production and financials together in one Give your users instant access to the right central database, eliminating redundant data entries information they need to run the business. and errors. Expand your business and customers with Kartosoft. Support your changing needs with easy-to-use A complete company and customer 360-degree view customization tools to responding quickly to fast across sales, distribution, and financials helps you to changing market. “. . . we could immediately see how serve your customers faster and better. Interactive flexible the application was and that it control of your business through production planning, would do everything we needed . . . automatic alerts, workflows, and customer needs. Get we see kartosoft as a management tool that will be a single point of control and manage your business. driving our growth in the Future.”Matthias Hebrok - Geschäftsführer Cartoflex GmbH
  7. 7. get what you want when you need it we have a 360° view across sales, distribution, and financials in real-time.
  8. 8. optimize sales process know how - integrated Log every interaction and transaction with your benefits for your business customer in order to get valuable information about channel efficiency or future customer behavior. - Right information in real time - Pursue opportunities proactively. Monitor, benchmark and analyze the whole sales - Analytics across your organization. process to find improvement potential. Provides - Improve operational efficiency a complete view of all customer data across all - More productivity channels and all lines of business, like contacts, - Reduce costs through increased flexibility quotations, applications, policies or claims. - Deep visibility into your organization - Increase profitability, Get all relevant information on opportunity - Improve financial control in order to drive it through the sales cycle. - Minimal integration costs - Rapid-implementation No limits. Manage all upcoming and scheduled calls, - Immediate access to enterprise information appointments, meetings or tasks and monitor and control activities of whole sales team in order to improve and optimize sales processes.
  9. 9. PAPERLESS BUSINESS realtime informations to make the right decisions every day, great!
  10. 10. CONTROL & VISIBILITY INTO DESIGNED FOR THE YOUR BUSINESS PACKAGING INDUSTY are basics for profitable growth we know your business - back to front • Control over all processes • One-click analyses • Visibility into every aspect of your business • Fast order and stock overview • Automate core business processes • Fully CRM functionalities integrated • Increase productivity • Responding quickly to changing markets • Easy to use • More customer satisfaction • Rapidly enhancing productivity • Easy to understand and user-friendly • Quick responding times STOCKMANAGEMENT, AND INTERAKTIVE • control, manage and analyze all business processes PRODUCTION PLANNING ALREADY INTEGRATED • Suited to midsize companies EDI-INTERFACE • Integrated document management • Optimize processes and low costs real-time accurate business information ACCOUNTING-INTERFACE • Improved user productivity across all aspects of your business • Support quickly growing SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) BARCODE -SUPPORT
  11. 11. KARTOSOFT ERP PPS Job execution Fax Email Pdf Document management system Individual form layout invoice Collective invoice Calculation hooded lid stock management Inventory Job planning Production planning Production control block printing plate tool administration Controlling Statistics Integration of bar codes corrugater Trade recalculation Comparison of nominal and actual values Scheduling Article administration CRM Pile note Pallet note packaging machines Construction Job card price lists automatic warehouse Delivery note raw-material stock interface EDI interface Accounting interface Route planning Dispatch optimization Pallet account BDE FEFCO ECMA Open posts Credit limit several locations possible On-line update Online support Multiuser Cardboard boxes Folding crates Display Multi-language Packing Waving sticking roles Packing corrugated development Posters Flexographic printing Offset printing Dispatch cases DVD packing Book packing bag-in-box CD packing Wrapping paper Volumes In & two-wavy CRM Gefache Folding boxes Standard cardboard Removal cardboard File dispatch pallet cardboard Folding crates with automatic ground Putting ground Bottle dispatch cardboard Books cardboard Standard folding crates envelope Universal packing Fixing packing Flat packing Cardboard Crates Boxes Boxes File packing customer management ERP UNLIMITED REVOLUTONIZE YOUR IT
  12. 12. contact us KARTOSOFT GmbH Sales & Marketing Horst-Nickel-Straße 2 21337 Lüneburg / Germany Tel.: +49 4131 75740-20 Fax: +49 4131 75740-44 E-Mail: 0 03 ow 74 : ll n 75 re ca 31 mo 41 rn 9- lea +4