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Lesson plan


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the innovative lesson plan

Published in: Education
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Lesson plan

  1. 1. Name of the student teacher: KARTHIKA B.C Standard: IX Name of the school : N.S.S GIRLS Duration:45 mts Subject : English Date : Unit : 1 Roots Subunit : THOSE WINTER SUNDAYS ISSUE : Culture SUBISSUE : Weakening of family ties. Importance of one’s roots Curriculum Statements The learner 1 reads and enjoys the poem and appreciates it 2 reads and analyzes literary text and identifies the theme 3 develop self reciting habits. Pre-reqisites The learner 1 have learnt poems related to parental love 2 are aware about the curcial role of family ties in one’s upbringing Teaching learning resources : videos, power point presentation
  2. 2. CLASSROOM INTERACTION PROCEDURE INFORMAL INTERACTION The teacher communicates informally with the students to create a rapport with them. ENTRY ACTIVITY Teacher asks some questions 1 Do you like poems? 2 Are you writing poems? LINK TALK Teacher shows a video about father and a son and later ask questions 1 Are you wake up early in winter morning? 2 who wakes up you in the morning? Now teacher leads them to poem “THOSE WINTER SUNDAYS” (PPT) and introduces the writer MICROPROCESSING OF THE INPUT READING The teacher recites the poem aloud with correct pronunciation and rhythmically. And showing video of the poem EXPECTED LEARNERS RESPONSE Students wishes teacher Yes Yes NO/YES Mother Students listens carefully
  3. 3. INDIVIDUAL READING Teacher asks the learners to recite the poem individually. TRACKING Teacher asks the learners to track their reading by marking /?/X/!/ SHARING WITH PAIR /PEER Teacher now ask them to share their understanding of their founding with their counterpart. SITTING GROUPS Teacher asks the learners to sit in groups and discuss their understandings of ideas with the group members. SCAFFOLDED LEARNING Teacher asks scaffolded questions to predict establish and built up thoughts. 1 who is the speaker of the poem? 2 which season is mentioned in the poem? 3 what does the phrase ‘Sunday too’ means? FINDINGS ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS GIVEN Teacher helps the student to find out answers to the various questions given in the course book. They recite the poem individually They track their reading Learners share their views They discuss in the group Poet Winter It is day for rest and prayer
  4. 4. DISCOURSE CONSTRUCTION Write poems about parental love. GROUP WRITING Teacher asks the learners to sit in groups share their points and refine their writings. PRESENTATION AND EDITING Teacher directs each group to present their thoughts. Teacher helps the learners to edit it ASSIGNMENT COLLECT POEMS RELATED TO FATHER –SON RELATIONSHIP. Learners discuss and write their discourse Learners present their thoughts