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Multiprojects management


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Multiprojects management

  2. 2. Managing Multiple Projects Can seem like juggling eggs in front of a crowd of people Sometimes we wonder if we are going to catch everything! 1 Many Managers have difficulty maintaining the progress of multiple projects without focusing on one project while the others fall by the way side.
  3. 3. Common mistakes Managers Make 2 Few mistakes Managers make when they are trying to coordinate multiple project activities : Setting unrealistic dead lines Bound to get caught in a cycle of “putting out fires” and ignoring the needs of some projects until they reach a crisis point Relying on the strongest team members to do the bulk of work One person cannot juggle ten objects for long. If one or two team members are trusted with majority of one’s projects, one risk burning those team members out while failing to take advantage of the contributions that other team members make
  4. 4. Common mistakes Managers Make 3 Not estimating time (Hrs) for each phase of project and staffing Results in Overstaffed at some points in the project and understaffed at others Not prioritizing Easy to be overwhelmed by keeping up with the day-to-day phone calls and neglect planning and getting started on important, but less pressing aspects of projects
  5. 5. Tips for better Jugglining 4 Tracking of progress on each project Staff appropriately and balance work loads Review the status of each project frequently Even if one is involved with urgent matter on one project,tending to each project every day will help one to avoid future crisis points altogether Find lasting solutions The higher a juggler throws a ball ,the longer it takes to come back If one focus on creating lasting solutions to problems rather than on coming up with temporary fixes just to get through a crunch on a project, projects go more smoothly and crises occur less frequently. (Covey’s Quadrant time management technique-help for prioritize and produce effective solutions)
  6. 6. Tips for better Jugglining 5 Set internal milestones Even best jugglers have to rehearse before performance Do not wait until the week of a dead line to learn about problems of any kind that often hold up delivery. Setting interim deadlines will help pace the project and anticipate problems before they become unmanageable Write status reports and hold status meetings Set weekly or monthly goals and track progress in attaining goals
  7. 7. MANAGING MULTIPLE PROJECTS 6 These few tips will keep all projects on track, prevent projects from reaching crisis stages and have time to create quality information products