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Konark time travel machine-business plan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Konark time travel machine-business plan

  1. 1. Project Idea Konark Time-Travel Machine
  2. 2. Problem Statement  Description of the pain of the customer (or the customer’s customer): In these days Investigation Departments are facing great difficulties to get a proof/witness in a short period of time to prove any crime/corruption. There is a possibility of losing exact proofs/witnesses within short period of time.  Outline of how the customer addresses the issue today: At present situation to avoid losing exact proofs/witnesses, investigation departments require an immediate solutions where their investigations should give faster & accurate results to prove any crime/corruption.
  3. 3. Solution  Demonstration of my company’s value proposition to make the customer’s life better: This product will help in investigating any crime/corruption with exact proofs/witnesses in a short period of time. My company will give all time technical support & AMC for the first 10 years.  My product physically sits in: All types of Investigation Departments, Judicial Courts, Lawyers, Police, Journalists etc., ex: CBI, FBI, SIT, Supreme/High/Civil Courts, Police Stations, News media etc.,  Use cases: This product will help for all types of investigations, to regain lost information & to trace the exact situation with exact proofs/witnesses.
  4. 4. Why Now  Historical evolution set-up of my category: If we look at our world’s history there are many incidents remained unanswered & mysterious. To find a solution for these incidents many scientists expressed their views on inventing ‘Time Machine’ theoretically, till now the research is going on, but nobody is succeeded to invent the same. Even in the present days Investigation Departments are facing great difficulties to get exact proofs/witnesses in a short period of time to prove any crime/corruption.  Recent trends that make my solution possible: Incidents beginning from Mumbai bomb-blasts to 26/11 terrorist attacks my product will help to investigate & get the exact proofs & witnesses to prove any crime/corruption not only relating to these incidents also for other incidents.
  5. 5. Market Size  Identification/profile the customer I cater to: All types of Investigation Departments, Judicial Courts, Lawyers, Police, Journalists etc., ex: CBI, FBI, SIT, Supreme/High/Civil Courts, Police Stations, News media etc.,  Logical estimation of the market size: – Total Available market – Served Available market – Share of market
  6. 6. Competition  List of competitors: As this product is a new invention there are no competitors at present time.  List of competitive advantages: As this product is a new invention competitive advantages are not applicable for this product.
  7. 7. Product  Product line-up (form factor, functionality, features, architecture, intellectual property)  Form Factor: (1) Machine’s Metal box measurements - Length – 10 meters, Breadth – 13 meters, width/thickness of metal box – 1 inch, width/thickness of metal stands – 5 inches, (2) 10 meter length & ½ inch width copper wires which are connected between the computer & the EMW generator to generate electro-magnetic waves/induction. (3) EMW generator/controller will generate/control the wormhole (A wormhole is a theoretical entity allowed by Einstein's theory of general relativity in which space-time curvature connects two distant locations (or times) through electro-magnetic waves/induction with the help of thick metal wires outside the metal box. (4) UPS/Battery backup to generate the required power for the computer & EMW generator/controller. (5) A computer to generate/control the electro-magnetic waves/induction & to vary the range of wormhole. (6) Computer with Database of Calendar & time & Google Earth Software of location which is connected to the EMW generator/controller. (7) Indicator to show whether the Konark Time-Travel Machine is in the past/present time. (8) Seating arrangements as per the requirement (depends on no. of people)
  8. 8. Product  Functionality:
  9. 9. Product The Time Travel Energy Equation: Below is a photograph of the original chalk and blackboard derivation of the now infamous Time Travel Energy Equation. This equation determines the maximum possible energy that one can squeeze out of a rotating Black Hole. It is an expansion of Einstein's E=mc2. Points to note: r in the integral is the Schwartzchild radius of the black hole, The Si are elements of the 11x11 dimensional super-string tensor. These elements incorporate the factor of c2. The Hawking Hamiltonian is an extension of the Newtonian Hamiltonian HN multiplied by the product of the rotating vector mass MR and the angular velocity w, which of course defines the vector angular momentum of the black hole.
  10. 10. Product Imagination of applying Einstein’s space-time on our Earth:
  11. 11. Product By applying Einstein’s Space-time on our Earth we can imagine the below diagram:
  12. 12. Explanation of the above diagram: The diagram shows there is a relation between today’s time & yesterday’s time as the earth leaves it’s traces behind, this is the way where we can enter into the time to the past. As there is a similarity between today’s & yesterday’s earth we can easily enter into the time with the help of wormhole which can be constructed by using the magnets in different shapes. For example: If we start the ‘Konark time-travel machine’ exactly at today’s time at 6 AM we will reach the past time on the mentioned date & year at exactly 6 AM where we can watch the past situation / incident & we can come back to the present time vice-versa. Product
  13. 13. Product  Features, Architecture & Intellectual Property:
  14. 14. Business Model  Estimated invention, research & development cost & time required: Rupees 50 Lakhs to 1 Crore. Time: less than 5 years  Development roadmap: After invention, in order to control the cost of the product I will do research on getting the high quality materials, equipments & necessary accessories at low price where the product can be sold for high price & my company can make huge profits over the same.  My plan to make money: My plan is to demonstrate this product to the media where customer likes to buy this product. After, we get a huge requirement we will fix a price such that my company can make good profits by selling this product.  Pricing my product: After product development I will fix the price between Rs.30-50 Lakhs. If the demand is more I will increase the price. Incase, the demand is less I will add some more features to the product so that customer should show his interest towards buying this product.  Reaching out my consumers & delivery of my product to them: My plan is to appoint distributors in every country. Initially, I will use the established currently involved in distribution of computers. I will show the demonstration of this product on all major TV channel programs like Teleshopping network, Home Shop 18 etc.,
  15. 15. Your suggestions & Proposals are welcome. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion. E-mail: Towards our corruption free step with your anti- corruption spirits.