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Internet Reader's Advisory: Outreaching RA. A poster session at the Michigan Library Association Conference in 2010

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MLA Poster Session

  1. 1. Internet Reader’s Advisory: Outreaching RA<br />Kathryn Bergeron<br />Systems Librarian<br />Baldwin Public Library<br />Goals<br />Popular Places to Find Patrons:<br /><ul><li>Facebook
  2. 2. Twitter
  3. 3. Myspace
  4. 4. Foursquare
  5. 5. Slideshare
  6. 6. Blog
  7. 7. Meebo
  8. 8. LinkedIn
  9. 9. Ning
  10. 10. Flickr
  11. 11. YouTube
  12. 12. Second Life
  13. 13. Good Reads</li></ul>Questions to ask:<br /><ul><li>Where are your other local libraries online?
  14. 14. Where are other organizations in your community?
  15. 15. What sites are your patrons using when you walk past their computers?
  16. 16. Have you searched for your library lately? In Google? On Twitter?
  17. 17. What are people saying about you?</li></ul>Libraries?Overrated! I can get everything I need online<br />Whereas many patrons are not aware of library services<br />Whereas outreach is an essential part of library services<br />Whereas many of our patrons rely heavily on the internet for their entertainment and their information<br />Whereas Reader’s Advisory is an essential and under-utilized library service<br />We commit to out-reaching to patrons through new and innovative methods to bring Reader’s Advisory to them<br />We commit to expanding knowledge of library services through interaction with online library patrons as well as in person patrons.<br />Step 1: Find <br />Your Patrons Online<br />Step 3: Engage Them<br />They post some cool stuff. Plus, they listen to what we want. <br />You know, the library is onFacebook and Twitter.<br />Meh. <br />I’ll still probably just use Amazon.<br />Social Networking is not just for announcing events. ENGAGE PATRONS!<br /><ul><li>Talk to your patrons
  18. 18. Respond to their posts
  19. 19. Search for them on places like twitter, and respond to them
  20. 20. Encourage them to share your posts or share your page with their friends
  21. 21. Post fun articles or videos related to libraries or books
  22. 22. Post about other library or consortium events, and tag them in your posts – let them share and respond ( is great about this!)</li></ul>Step 2: Once you know where they are:<br />Go To Them<br />Step 4: Give Them <br />What They Want<br />I love the library<br />…Plus,it’s an e-Book.<br />I tweeted about WoW* and they sent me a list of books with strategies, stats, and quest data…<br /><ul><li>Look at what they’re talking about, and talk about it with them
  23. 23. Ex. NYPL’s “Mad Men” booklist
  24. 24. Ex. New books & DVD lists
  25. 25. Ex. Latest award winners and hot books
  26. 26. Find patrons who post about specific books, movies, new technologies, etc… and engage them.
  27. 27. Ex. You post about your iPad, we send you the title of a new book about essential iPad apps
  28. 28. Ex. You post that you loved The Help and we send you a link to Little Bee by Chris Cleave.
  29. 29. Ex. You respond to our new movies post and we send you a message offering to put next week’s new movies on hold.
  30. 30. If you still don’t know what they like, ASK THEM! That’s the beauty of social networking!
  31. 31. Best Books Friday: Ask people to post their favorite books of the week
  32. 32. Halloween Costume Books: Who is your favorite literary character to dress-up as?</li></ul>Step 5: Reach out with other services<br />*World of Warcraft<br />