Going Bananas for Appeal Factors


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Learn about doing Reader's Advisory across media using appeal factors

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Going Bananas for Appeal Factors

  1. 1. Going  Bananas  for  Appeal  Factors  in  Mul5-­‐Type  RA  
  2. 2. Kathryn  Bergeron  Systems  Librarian  Baldwin  Public  Library  All  slides  and  Handouts  will  be  made  available  on  my   website:  hFp://www.kabergeron.com  and   eventually  at  the  MLA  website.  
  3. 3. #mla12  ·∙  #deweyinthed  ·∙  #librarianthuglife   #monkeyingaround   #lifechanging  ·∙  #RAwesome  
  4. 4. Caveat:  RA  is  so  much  more  than  just  appeal   factors.  
  5. 5. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/juhansonin/1778188040/  
  6. 6. MulJ-­‐Type  RA  •  FicJon  Books  •  NonficJon  Books  •  Graphic  Novels  •  Movies  •  TV  Shows  •  Music  •  Video  Games  
  7. 7. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/41460120@N04/5032798787/  
  8. 8. “We  have  found  that  most  readers  are  usually   not  looking  for  a  book  on  a  certain  subject.   They  want  a  book  with  a  parJcular  ‘feel.’”   Joyce  Saricks   Reader’s  Advisory  Service  in  the  Public  Library  
  9. 9. “Appeal  is  what  takes  us—and  readers—beyond   mere  subjects  and  plotlines.”   Joyce  Saricks   Reader’s  Advisory  Service  in  the  Public  Library  
  10. 10. “The  elements  of  books  to  which  a  reader   relates  consJtute  the  appeal  of  a  book  for   the  reader.”   Joyce  Saricks   Reader’s  Advisory  Service  in  the  Public  Library  
  11. 11. Joyce’s  Categories  •  Pacing  •  CharacterizaJon  •  Story  Line  •  Frame  
  12. 12. Novelist’s  Categories  •  Storyline  •  Pace  •  Tone  •  WriJng  Style  
  13. 13. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/donshall/6022101116/  
  14. 14. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/mrhuevo/22353478/  
  15. 15. Other  opJons  
  16. 16. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/salim/19426228/  
  17. 17. Descrip5on  from  iTunes:  A  stately  country  house,  a  noble   family,  and  a  succession  crisis  are  the  backdrop  for  Downton   Abbey,  an  Edwardian  spellbinder  by  Oscar-­‐winning  writer   Julian  Fellowes  (Gosford  Park).  The  series  that  took  the  UK   by  storm,  Downton  Abbey  stars  Hugh  Bonneville,  Maggie   Smith,  Elizabeth  McGovern,  and  a  house  full  of  revered   actors  in  a  producJon  that  brings  a  gliBering  bygone  era  to   life.  
  18. 18. From  jinni.com:  The  mood  of  Downton  Abbey  is  stylized  and   cap5va5ng.  The  plot  centers  around  masters  and  servants,   social  differences,  and  power  rela5ons.  It  is  a  drama  and   period  TV  show.  StylisJcally,  Downton  Abbey  stars  an   ensemble  cast.  In  approach,  it  is  serious  and  realis5c.  It   takes  place,  at  least  partly,  on  an  estate  and  in  the   countryside.  Downton  Abbey  is  set  in  England.  It  happens  in   the  1910s.  The  TV  show  is  known  for  being  a  Golden  Globe   winner,  an  Emmy  winner,  and  criJcally  acclaimed.  Downton   Abbey  is  especially  suggested  for  a  girls  night.  
  19. 19. Appeal  Factors  •   Character-­‐driven  •   Issue-­‐oriented  •   Strong  sense  of  place  •   Dialogue-­‐rich  •   Engaging  •   Richly-­‐detailed  •   StylisJcally  complex  •   WiBy  
  20. 20. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/jpasden/67513019/  
  21. 21. Character-­‐Driven  ·∙  StylisJcally  Complex  ·∙  WiBy  
  22. 22. Strong  sense  of  place  ·∙  WiBy  
  23. 23. Character-­‐driven  ·∙  Engaging  ·∙  WiBy  
  24. 24. Issue-­‐oriented  ·∙  Strong  sense  of  place   Richly  detailed  ·∙  WiBy  
  25. 25. Character-­‐driven  ·∙  Issue-­‐oriented    StylisJcally  complex  ·∙  WiBy  
  26. 26. StylisJcally  complex  ·∙  Engaging  ·∙  Richly-­‐Detailed  
  27. 27. Character-­‐driven  ·∙  Issue-­‐oriented  ·∙  Strong  sense  of  place     Engaging  ·∙Richly  detailed  ·∙  StylisJcally  complex  
  28. 28. Character-­‐driven  ·∙  Strong  sense  of  place  ·∙  Engaging     Richly  detailed  
  29. 29. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/salim/19426212/  
  30. 30. From  Publisher’s  Weekly:  /*  Starred  Review  */  There’s  the  evil  you  can  see  coming—and   then  there’s  Amy  EllioB.  Superficially,  this  privileged  Gotham  golden  girl,  inspiraJon   for  her  psychologist-­‐parents’  bestselling  series  of  children’s  books,  couldn’t  be  further   from  the  disturbingly  damaged  women  of  Edgar-­‐finalist  Flynn’s  first  two  books,  Sharp   Objects  and  Dark  Places.  But  as  Amy’s  husband,  Nick  Dunne,  starts  to  realize  aper  she   disappears  from  their  rented  mansion  in  his  Missouri  hometown  on  their  fiph   anniversary—and  he  becomes  the  prime  suspect  in  her  presumed  murder— underesJmaJng  Amy’s  sick  genius  and  twisted  gamesmanship  could  prove  fatal.  Then   again,  charmer  Nick  may  not  be  quite  the  corn-­‐fed  innocent  he  iniJally  appears.  Flynn   masterfully  lets  this  tale  of  a  marriage  gone  toxically  wrong  gradually  emerge  through   alternaJng  accounts  by  Nick  and  Amy,  both  unreliable  narrators  in  their  own  ways.   The  reader  comes  to  discover  their  layers  of  deceit  through  a  process  similar  to  that  at   work  in  the  imploding  relaJonship.  Compulsively  readable,  creepily  unforgeBable,  this   is  a  must  read  for  any  fan  of  bad  girls  and  good  wriJng.  Agent:  Stephanie  Rostan,   Levine  Greenberg.  (June)  -­‐-­‐Staff  (Reviewed  March  26,  2012)  (Publishers  Weekly,  vol   259,  issue  13,  p)    
  31. 31. Appeal  Factors  •   Character-­‐driven  •   Intricately  ploBed  •   Fast-­‐paced  •   Disturbing  •   Suspenseful  •   Compelling  
  32. 32. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/zoomar/522447175/  
  33. 33. Intricately  ploBed  ·∙  Fast-­‐paced  ·∙  Disturbing    Suspenseful  ·∙  Compelling  
  34. 34. Fast-­‐paced  ·∙  Disturbing  ·∙  Suspenseful  ·∙  Compelling  
  35. 35. Character-­‐driven  ·∙  Fast-­‐paced  ·∙  Compelling  
  36. 36. Intricately  ploBed·∙  Fast-­‐paced  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  37. 37. Intricately  ploBed  ·∙  Fast-­‐paced    Suspenseful  ·∙  Compelling  
  38. 38. Fast-­‐paced  ·∙  Disturbing  ·∙  Suspenseful  ·∙  Compelling  
  39. 39. Character  driven  ·∙  Intricately  ploBed  ·∙  Fast-­‐paced    Disturbing  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  40. 40. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/jaydolan/4061626108/   hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/typefiend/3908178622/  
  41. 41. From  Publisher’s  Weekly:  /*  Starred  Review  */  From  the  1936  Olympics  to  WWII  Japans  most  brutal  POW  camps,  Hillenbrands  heart-­‐wrenching  new  book  is  thousands  of  miles  and  a  world  away  from  the  racing  circuit  of  her  bestselling  Seabiscuit.  But  its  just  as  much  a  page-­‐turner,  and  its  hero,  Louie  Zamperini,  is  just  as  loveable:  a  disciplined  champion  racer  who  ran  in  the  Berlin  Olympics,  hes  a  wit,  a  prankster,  and  a  reformed  juvenile  delinquent  who  put  his  thieving  skills  to  good  use  in  the  POW  camps,  In  other  words,  Louie  is  a  total  charmer,  a  lover  of  life-­‐-­‐whose  will  to  live  is  cruelly  tested  when  he  becomes  an  Army  Air  Corps  bombardier  in  1941…In  the  "theater  of  cruelty"  that  was  the  Japanese  POW  camp  network,  Louie  landed  in  the  cruelest  theaters  of  all:  Omori  and  Naoetsu,  under  the  control  of  Corp.  Mutsuhiro  Watanabe,  a  pathologically  brutal  sadist  (called  the  Bird  by  camp  inmates)  who  never  killed  his  vicJms  outright-­‐-­‐his  pleasure  came  from  their  slow,  unending  torment…By  wars  end,  Louie  was  near  death.  When  Naoetsu  was  liberated  in  mid-­‐August  1945,  a  depleted  Louies  only  thought  was  "Im  free!  Im  free!  Im  free!"  But  as  Hillenbrand  shows,  Louie  was  not  yet  free.  Even  as,  returning  stateside,  he  impulsively  married  the  beauJful  Cynthia  Applewhite  and  tried  to  build  a  life,  Louie  remained  in  the  Birds  clutches,  haunted  in  his  dreams,  drinking  to  forget,  and  obsessed  with  vengeance…The  books  final  secJon  is  the  story  of  how,  with  Cynthias  help,  Louie  found  his  path…  Hillenbrands  triumph  is  that  in  telling  Louies  story  (hes  now  in  his  90s),  she  tells  the  stories  of  thousands  whose  suffering  has  been  mostly  forgoBen.  She  restores  to  our  collecJve  memory  this  tale  of  heroism,  cruelty,  life,  death,  joy,  suffering,  remorselessness,  and  redempJon.  (Nov.)  -­‐Reviewed  by  Sarah  F.  Gold  -­‐-­‐Staff  (Reviewed  October  11,  2010)  (Publishers  Weekly,  vol  257,  issue  40,  p)    
  42. 42. Appeal  Factors  •   InspiraJonal  •   Moving  •   Engaging    •   Lyrical  
  43. 43. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/salim/19426196/  
  44. 44. InspiraJonal  ·∙  Moving  ·∙  Lyrical  
  45. 45. InspiraJonal  ·∙  Moving  ·∙  Lyrical  
  46. 46. Moving  
  47. 47. InspiraJonal  ·∙  Moving  ·∙  Engaging  
  48. 48. InspiraJonal  ·∙  Moving  ·∙  Engaging  
  49. 49. Moving  ·∙  Engaging  ·∙  Lyrical  
  50. 50. Moving  ·∙  Engaging  
  51. 51. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/jaydolan/4061626108/   hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/typefiend/3908178622/  
  52. 52. From  Publisher’s  Weekly:  Taking  a  well-­‐worn  genre—flesh-­‐eaJng  zombies  overrun  the   world  and  the  unlucky  surviving  humans  must  deal  with  the  gruesome  apermath— and  approaching  it  from  a  purely  character-­‐driven  point  of  view  propels  this  series   into  the  spotlight  from  out  of  nowhere.  This  collecJon  of  the  first  six  issues  of  the   ongoing  series  opens  with  police  officer  Rick  Grimes  awakening  from  a  gunshot-­‐ induced  coma.  From  here,  hes  immediately  dragged  into  a  world  where  dangerous   revenants  are  shambling  amok  without  any  sort  of  an  explanaJon.  From  the  moment   Grimes  comes  to,  its  a  harrowing  baBle  to  avoid  hordes  of  decomposing  zombies  and   a  hope-­‐against-­‐all-­‐odds  search  for  his  missing  family.  Grimes  makes  his  way  to  Atlanta,   the  nearest  large  city  where  there  may  be  other  living  people,  and  events  take  several   unexpected  turns  upon  his  arrival,  as  he  meets  up  with  a  rural  encampment  of   survivors.  Of  course,  as  in  recent  hit  movies  28  Days  Later...  and  Dawn  of  the  Dead,   the  last  humans  may  turn  out  to  be  as  much  a  danger  as  the  zombies.  Forceful   scripJng  that  gives  the  book  a  strong  grounding  in  reality,  crisp  b&w  artwork,  a   shocking  final  sequence  and  brisk,  gory  proceedings  elevate  this  book  from  the  trash   heap  of  pedestrian  horror  comics.  (May)  —  Staff  (Reviewed  June  14,  2004)  (Publishers   Weekly,  vol  251,  issue  24,  p45)    
  53. 53. Appeal  Factors  •   Bleak  •   Gruesome  •   Compelling  
  54. 54. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/dapaw/4026046425/  
  55. 55. Bleak  ·∙  Compelling  
  56. 56. Bleak  ·∙  Compelling  
  57. 57. Bleak  ·∙  Compelling  
  58. 58.  ·∙    Bleak  ·∙  Gruesome  ·∙  Compelling  
  59. 59. Bleak  ·∙  Gruesome  ·∙  Compelling  
  60. 60. Bleak  ·∙  Compelling  
  61. 61.  ·∙    Bleak  ·∙  Gruesome  ·∙  Compelling  
  62. 62. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/jaydolan/4061626108/   hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/typefiend/3908178622/  
  63. 63. From  jinni.com:    The  mood  of  Village  of  the  Damned  is  scary,  suspenseful,  and  atmospheric.  The  plot  centers  around  evil  aliens,  a  family  in  danger,  and  supernatural  abiliJes.  It  is  a  horror,  sci-­‐fi,  and  thriller  movie.  In  approach,  Village  of  the  Damned  is  serious.  It  takes  place,  at  least  partly,  in  a  village  and  in  a  small  town.  The  sexng  is  England.  Village  of  the  Damned  happens  in  the  1950s.  It  is  based  on  a  book.  The  movie  is  known  for  being  criJcally  acclaimed.  
  64. 64. Appeal  Factors  •   Atmospheric  •   Creepy  •   Sobering  •   Suspenseful  
  65. 65. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/crankymediaguy/3825217645/  
  66. 66. Atmospheric  ·∙  Creepy  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  67. 67. Atmospheric  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  68. 68. Atmospheric  ·∙  Creepy  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  69. 69. Atmospheric  ·∙  Creepy  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  70. 70. Atmospheric  ·∙  Creepy  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  71. 71. Atmospheric  ·∙  Suspenseful  
  72. 72. Atmospheric  ·∙  Creepy  ·∙  Sobering  
  73. 73. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/jaydolan/4061626108/   hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/typefiend/3908178622/  
  74. 74. Review  from  Billboard:  Fipeen-­‐year-­‐old  pop  sensaJon  JusJn  Biebers  first  Billboard  Hot  100  single,  "One  Time,"  was  an  insanely  catchy  ode  to  young  love  that  immediately  won  over  fans.  And  so  were  his  second,  third  and  fourth.  Its  no  wonder,  then,  that  Biebers  debut  album,  "My  World,"  sJcks  to  the  formula.  His  vocals  are  as  boyish  as  they  are  disarmingly  mature.  With  genuine  swagger  on  the  nimble  R&B  track  "Bigger,"  Bieber  sings,  "I  was  a  player  when  I  was  liBle,  but  now  Im  bigger  .  .  .  and  all  the  haters,  I  swear,  they  look  so  small  from  up  here."  The  ballad  "Down  to  Earth"  (a  song  he  co-­‐wrote  about  his  parents  separaJon)  reveals  a  deeper  side:  "So  we  fight  through  the  hurt,  and  we  cry  and  cry  and  cry  and  cry/  Then  we  live  and  we  learn,  and  we  try."  Judging  by  the  delivery  of  those  poignant  lines,  its  hardly  a  stretch  to  imagine  Bieber  racking  up  more  hits  in  the  next  decade  to  come.  (Billboard  via  MetacriJc)  
  75. 75. Appeal  Factors   •   Moving   •   Feel-­‐good   •   Upbeat   •   Engaging  Wild  Magic  
  76. 76. Test  
  77. 77. Upbeat  ·∙  Engaging    
  78. 78. Feel-­‐Good  ·∙  Engaging    
  79. 79. Upbeat  ·∙  Engaging    
  80. 80. Feel-­‐good  ·∙  Engaging    
  81. 81. Feel-­‐good  ·∙  Upbeat  
  82. 82. Moving  ·∙  Upbeat  ·∙  Engaging    
  83. 83. Upbeat  ·∙  Engaging    
  84. 84. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/jaydolan/4061626108/   hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/typefiend/3908178622/  
  85. 85. From  The  Sixth  Axis:    Pros:  Likeable  characters,  the  baBle/Paradigms  systems  are  great,  looks  fantasJc,  some  of  the  music  is  wonderful,  hunJng  monsters  can  get  very  addic5ve,  lots  to  do  outside  of  the  main  story.  Scoring  Final  Fantasy  XIII-­‐2  is  almost  irrelevant.  For  every  person  who  nods  their  head  whilst  reading  this  review,  there  will  be  one  wondering  just  what  on  earth  I’ve  been  smoking.  I  absolutely  love  the  game,  and  found  myself  totally  absorbed  in  everything  it  has  to  offer.  The  Paradigms  system,  the  monster  hunJng,  even  level  grinding  was  enjoyable,  encouraging  experimentaJon  to  put  together  the  best  possible  team  and  Paradigms.  2012  has  certainly  kicked  off  with  a  bang.  
  86. 86. Appeal  Factors  •   Intricately  PloBed  •   Atmospheric  •   HaunJng  •   Strong  Sense  of  Place  •   Compelling  •   Dialogue-­‐rich  
  87. 87. hBp://www.flickr.com/photos/emmey/2627001610/  
  88. 88. Intricately  ploBed  ·∙  Atmospheric  
  89. 89. Atmospheric  ·∙  Compelling  
  90. 90. Intricately  PloBed  ·∙  Atmospheric  ·∙  HaunJng   Compelling  
  91. 91. Intricately  PloBed  ·∙  Atmospheric  ·∙  HaunJng   Compelling  ·∙  Dialogue  rich  
  92. 92. Intricately  ploBed  ·∙  Atmospheric  ·∙  HaunJng   Strong  sense  of  place  
  93. 93. Intricately  ploBed  ·∙  Compelling  
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