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KIMconference 2017 Program


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On June 7th, KIM organised a new edition of the KIMconference, “Addressing social changes caused by innovation”.
In this edition, we discussed on how disruptive innovations in the horizon of the coming years will affect our society, focusing on three trending topics: robotics and industry 4.0, intelligent materials and innovative business models. Which impact will they have on industry? Will they have an effect on job creation? How are business going to adapt to such innovations? Which political and legal regulations are going to be needed?
The 10th KIMconference was full of surprises to celebrate our 10th anniversary:
Debates, prototypes, demonstrations, experiments, keynotes speakers and more! An event in innovation and technology transfer to discuss about how innovation is key to society development.

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KIMconference 2017 Program

  1. 1. KIMconference Addressing social changes caused by innovation Organized by: With the support of: Premium sponsors: With the collaboration of: 8:30 - 9:00 REGISTRATION 9:00 - 9:30 INSTITUTIONAL WELCOME (AUDITORIUM) •Mr.JoanParra GeneralDirector, LEITATTechnologicalCenter, Memberoftheboard,KNOWLEDGEINNOVATIONMARKET-KIM • Mr. Juan Manuel Garrido GeneralSubdirectorofInnovationPromotion, MINISTRYOFECONOMY,INDUSTRY&COMPETITIVENESS(SPAIN) • Mrs. Mariona Sanz DirectorofBusinessInnovation, ACCIÓ-GENERALITATDECATALUNYA 9:30 - 10:30 SESSION 1 · Innovations with high social impact (AUDITORIUM) Overviewofsuccesscases •Mr.XavierPont SocialEntrepreneurship,SHIP2B Innovationinbankingsector •Mr.EduardoAldao InnovationDirector,ABANCA InnovationintheHoReCasector(Hotels&tourism) •Mr.ToniMayorgas Founder&CEO,DIGALIX •Mr.JordiSellasiFerrés Strategy&InnovationDirector,MINORIAABSOLUTA 10:30 - 10:45 EXPERIMENT · Dani Jiménez PAST, let’s take off! 10:45 - 11:30 COFFEE & NETWORKING – Project Showcase • Networking zone • Exhibitors: UNIVERSALROBOTS(UR5robot),DIGALIX(XTable) UNIVERSITATPOMPEUFABRA(EyeHarp) • Innovation projects presentation zone: ABRACADABRA (KIM),HYPOSENS(KIM&LEITAT),INNOGROW(KIM),INKUBATOR INNOWACYJNOŚCI+(CracowUniversityofTechnology), LUMENTILE(KIM),NANOCATE(KIM),REGROUND(KIM), RESTART(KIM) 11:30 - 11:45 EXPERIMENT · Dani Jiménez PRESENT, we keep ourselves up... June 7th , 2017 Palau Macaya Passeig de Sant Joan, 108, Barcelona 11:45 - 12:45 SESSION 2 · Robotics and Industry 4.0: Reshaping the way we make things (AUDITORIUM) •Mr.JordiPelegrí SalesDevelopmentManager, UNIVERSALROBOTSA/S •Mrs.LauraSaralegui HeadofInnovationforWaterandEnvironmentalServices, FERROVIAL •Mrs.CristinaReguant ConceptLaserServicePartner,HOFFMANINNOVATIONGROUP Moderatedby: Dr.EnricBarba–President, CECOTCLUBOFINNOVATIONANDTECHNOLOGY 12:45 - 13:00 EXPERIMENT · Dani Jiménez FUTURE, where are we headed? 13:00 - 14:00 SESSION 3 · When traditional materials become smart materials(AUDITORIUM) •Mr.GuidoGiuliani AssociateProfessor,UNIVERSITÀDEGLISTUDIDIPAVIA ChiefTechnologyOfficer,JULIGHT •Mr.LorenzoBautista Researcherinnewmaterials,LEITATTechnologicalCenter •Mr.SalvadorBorós ProfessorandDirectoroftheMaterialSciencesandChemistry Engineering,INSTITUTQUÍMICDESARRIÀ ChiefScientificOfficer,Co-fouderandmemberoftheBoard, SAGETISBIOTECH Moderatedby:Mr.JakubKruszelnicki–Director TechnologyTransferCentre-CracowUniversityofTechnology 13:00 - 14:00 PARALLEL SESSION · Challenges for entrepreneurs: Finding the right business (SALA3+4) •Mr.EnekoKnorr Serialentrepreneur&investors, LUDEI-NUMABARCELONA- BIND4.0 •Mr.EmilioAvilés Serialentrepreneur, BLOOMIUM-SLASHMOBILITY- DRESSAPP •Mr.VíctorOró DeputyHeadofGrantsDepartment, F.INICIATIVAS Moderatedby:Mr.CarlosÁlvarez–MarketingDirector, KNOWLEDGEINNOVATIONMARKET-KIM 14:00 - 14:15 EVENT CLOSING •Mr.AntoniPaz ExecutiveDirector,KNOWLEDGEINNOVATIONMARKET-KIM 14:15 LUNCH
  2. 2. KIMconference Addressing social changes caused by innovation June 7th , 2017 Palau Macaya, Barcelona INSTITUTIONAL representatives large COMPANIES NETWORKING INNOVATION trending topics live EXPERIMENTS SMEs, Startups & entrepreneurs Organized by: With the support of: Premium sponsors: With the collaboration of: