EW RD850                                             Technology So Advanced
“Nobody Beats RD850”
• Best Performance on All Bands
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Rd850 Brochure


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This is total speeding ticket protection! The only portable detector you'll ever need. And only from K40 Electronics.

Designed from the same technology as our signature Undetectable Remote Systems, the RD850 is a technological marvel in a sleek package that requires no installation. Just mount it on your dash, visor, or windshield, and plug it into your cigarette lighter (can also be connected to your fuse box). Dismounts in seconds too. So it's perfect for second cars or rental cars.

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Rd850 Brochure

  1. 1. EW RD850 Technology So Advanced We Guarantee It 100%. THE ALL-N Powerful it Guarantees The Only Portable So Speeding Tickets! Protection From ALL-BAND We’ll pay any and all radar speeding tickets you get for one year after purchase. No manufacturer of ordinary RADAR & LASER DETECTOR With state-of-the-art, patented technologies detectors dares offer this protection. so innovative, this is the last portable detector you’ll ever need. Only from K40 Electronics. If your new K40 RD850 does not out-perform any other radar detector you’ve owned, return it within 30 days for full product credit. We’ll pay for any and all repairs or replacement of INTRODUCING THE defective parts for twelve months after purchase. “In our test of the industry’s top-rated radar Faster than a speeding ticket. detectors, no other detector outperformed K40’s new portable RD850 or Undetectable Remote Guaranteed! System for maximum range reception on all bands from two miles. Both K40 detectors provided outstanding performance to all radar guns under all conditions” Elgin, IL 60123 (800) 323-6768 THE BEST RADAR/LASER 44550 - 7/03 www.k40.com DEFENSE ON THE PLANET.
  2. 2. “Nobody Beats RD850” • Best Performance on All Bands Extraordinary Power What K40 RD850 Users Say: "This little machine works like a charm and has Advanced Datadyne Technology™ gives the RD850 exceptional sensitivity & consistency, Lets You Keep Your Mind on the Road. already warned me (of police radar) about four times in the first couple of weeks." John S. even identifying weaker Ka band signals. • Rejects Common Sources of False Alerts And Your Money in Your Pocket. Yorktown, NY "I’ve owned the less expen- Most detectors experience increased “falses” sive devices. The quality/ with increased performance, but our patented Unique “5-Window” Design helps reliability of the K40 greatly Intermediate Frequency Rejection Technology™ this detector pick up laser signals surpasses them…thanks!" from front and rear. and advanced filtering eliminate harmless signals. David M. Intermediate Frequency Power Jack connects you to any New Haven, CT • Accurate Warnings Without Added Distraction Rejection Technology™ rejects common 13.8 v DC negative ground system. That’s any car. You’ll get clear and distinct alerts from the ultra- sources of false alerts caused by "The more I use it, the more I like it. I’ve owned the intermediate frequency interference. bright LED display and small speaker. Once the Passport 8500 and it doesn’t compare with my K40." Mute Button switches audio alert source is identified, audio alerts turn off while from continuous tone to clicking Terry M. video alerts continue. You can also switch to a sound and back. Where there’s a lot Sourlake, TX soft click that “geigers” with greater intensity Dim Button controls bright- of clutter, the quiet is nice. until you’ve passed the threat. ness of all lights for easier "Saved me from a ticket the first day I got it." viewing during night driving. Filter Button reduces extraneous Roy A. radar signals so you can concen- • Versatile & Convenient trate on the real threats. Mannford, OK The system includes everything needed to mount Audio Alerts sound separate "I purchased this unit because my research showed the RD850 to your dash, visor or windshield. warnings for each radar band it to be the best; and your guarantee speaks volumes Plugs into a standard power port and dismounts and for laser. You can see the Red Alert Lights confirm alerts and hear them, too. for its dependability." in seconds for use in a different car. laser signal and strength of radar signal so you Frank P. Kensington, CT • Total Protection, Guaranteed in Writing Power Volume Button activates unit can hit the breaks with time to spare. Read the back panel to learn about our exclu- and switches on an audio/visual "I am very excited to have sive Speeding Ticket Guarantee. test pattern. With all systems go, purchased this product. It’s you’re ready to roll. given me new freedom on Get the RD850 Circle of Protection™ the road while allowing me Only the RD850 gives you all-band radar and Power-On Light indicates Red and Amber Lights alert you to the to drive worry free." unit is receiving power. individual radar bands so you know total laser protection from the front - the rear - what type of threat you’re facing. Chad R. Tallahassee, FL and even senses side signals that aren’t dead Green Light indicates when ahead or behind. filter mode is engaged. Red Light alerts you to laser gun. You’ll know in an instant that he’s there. "This K40 radar detector is awesome. It’s a detector you can completely put your trust in." Jose Z. All the Accessories to Customize Your Installation are Included. Pleasanton, TX Plugs into any standard power Mounts to your windshield Easily mounts the detector Alternate Connection Cord. port or cigarette lighter. or dashboard in seconds. to your visor.