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Calibre Hardwire Wiring Guide


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CALIBRE’s exclusive, patented design mounts separate wireless radar receivers behind the front grill and rear bumper ~ strategically positioned for the fastest capture of radar signals. Distinct verbal or tone and visual alerts let you know exactly when and where to look for police.

With it's wireless & Datadyne technologies CALIBRE is simply the most powerful radar & laser protection system you can buy.

CALIBRE is also the only system you control with a hand-held remote, about the size of a key fob. And it's just as easy to use. With no permanently installed buttons to clutter your interior or to fuss with, you just click to select these modes: On/Off, City/Highway, Voice/Tone and Volume/Mute, then put your Wireless OneTouch™ Remote Control away until you want to change preferences.

Published in: Automotive
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