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Yatharth.11....Online News-Letter
..An Unforgettable Lionistic Journey of Lioness Rajni Shetty-Ls District President (2011-2012).

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Yatharth ii

  1. 1. LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL LIONESS DISTRICT 323 A 2 LIONESS DISTRICT PRESIDENT LS RAJNI SHETTY ( 2011-2012) YATHARTH-II YATHARTH as it is --Dear Lioness Friends,Time has certainly taken wings and brought us to a juncture where our working year2011-2012 has entered its final lap and the winning post is well in sight. I would liketo take this opportunity to invite you all to join me as I walk down memory lane to retrace myjourney from April 2012 till date, YATHARTH-ll.Friends, let me share here that a journey is not only about reaching ones destination. It is moreabout the experiences gathered, personalities met, bridges crossed, growth achieved and lifeenriched while we areen route.Yes, the journey, mine as well as that of my team has been invigorating, inspiring and life enhancingas well. A journey decorated with emotion, tempered with laughter, a road walked with compassion,a canvas colored with humanity and endorsed with endless love and affection from the entire LionessPariwar. A journey made more meaningful by the Blessings of all our Seniors.This journey, my dear friends, does not end here. These are only the final lines of an Adhyay thatspanned the year 2011-2012.I sign off here with a sincere word of thanks for all the love, affection, support and cooperationextended by Lionesses throughout the year.May God be with you, always.Lioness Rajni ShettyThe Journey-Yatharth-II18th March-Dance – I was the Guest of Honour at theARRANGETRAM of Miss Archana , student of Ls Hemamalini Chari atKashinath Ghanekar Auditorium in Thane. It was a beautifulperformance which enthralled the audiences.23rd March—I had the pleasure of inaugurating a Water Cooler atThakur School & College set up by Ls Club of Kopri Thane.We later proceeded to Agrasen School, Kalwa for Donation of Cupboards and Books for Libraryby Ls Club of Kopri Thane.30 March – We went for an Activity of Ls Club of West Coast at Thane which was a camp forrunaway Children who were rehabilitated and counselled at the camp and then made to reunite with Serve Earth With Compassion 1
  2. 2. their parents .The Club sponsored bags for these 30 children. It was very touching and sad to seetheir tears and hear their stories ,the reasons for running away from home . 3rd April—It was a pleasure to Inaugurate a Water Cooler donated to Jawahar Vidya School by my Home Club, Ls Club of Vasant Vihar. Thereon, I proceeded to Vashi to Inaugurate the Library set up by Ls Club of Vashi at Modern English School, Vashi.6th April—I attended the 4th Lions District Cabinet Meeting where I proudly presented the Reportof our Lioness District.7th April —I was invited to be the Chief Guest at QUEST Seminar organised by Ls Uma Tanti–President ofLs Club of Koparkhairne where the Keynote Speaker was Lion Deepak Burani. The Seminar had anencouraging attendance of about 200 enthusiastic parents.8th April — On this day I attended the Annual District Conference atZaverben Popatlal Sabhagriha where I savoured precious momentswhen I was presented the International Certificate of Appreciation by PastInternational Director Lion Naresh Agarwal. PMDP Ls Kawal Rekhi andmyself laid Wreaths during the Necrology ceremony for our dear departedsouls, our Lionesses who left us for their heavenly abode during thisLionistic Year.The same evening I also attended the Celebration Function of newlyElected Lion Leaders at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, where Ls Neelam Sharma, Lioness District Treasurer2011-2012, was declared Ls District President for 2012-2013.11th April - As a Team, I, along with Lioness Micro members had Lunch at Rajdhani Restaurant atPhoenix Market City with which was hosted by Ls District Secretary (Activity )Ls Jyoti Jagasia.23rd April - It was a pleasure to attend the Felicitation Function of New Leaders by District GovernorPMJF Lion Hasmukh Jobanputra at Lions Community Hall, Ghatkopar.On the same day I was invited to be Chief Guest at a heart warming project where Snacks were distributedto Mentally Challenged Girls by Ls Geeta Kanwal and Ls Club of Chembur at Chembur Children’s Home.Here, we saw a kitten with a broken arm and tried hard to get her treated at the vet,but to ourdisappointment she escaped. However, the same injured kitten was picked up 2 days later by my daughter,Shruti , who took her to the Vet and then put her up at a Foster Home with Melissa Manchado. We weredelighted when she offered to adopt her and give her a permanent Home with a loving Family, where she ishappy andwell looked after.- I was Chief Guest at Old Saints Home in Byculla where Lionesses of Ls Club of Chembur Galaxydistributed snacks and donated groceries to Senior Citizens (Women) and entertained them by singingsongs for them.25th April- I, along with 45 Lionesses of our District, left by bus for Pune at 6 in the morning to attendthe Cabinet Meeting at HOLIDAY INN, Pune and an overnight stay. I had the opportunity to proudlypresent the Ls District Report of the last Quarter of the Year at the 3rd Cabinet Meeting of theLioness Multiple. Our District Bulletin SAARANSH-Editon 2 was released at the hands of our Multiple Serve Earth With Compassion 2
  3. 3. District President Ls Yasmin Dotivala. We also won the Second Prize for Highest Registration.The same evening, We attended the Multiple District Conference , where we ,Lionesses of our Districtwore Red attire. It was a Triple Bonanaza and a great moment for me when our Multiple District PresidentLs Yasmin Dotivala announced my name as District President of the year, Our District as the Best Districtof the Lioness Multiple and me as Best District President of the Lioness Multiple. We had a BANNERPRESENTATION by all the Districts where our Lioness District 323-A2 won the second Prize. Later in theevening, at the Cultural Programme, I along with PDP Ls Savitha Nayak, Ls Mary John, Ls Seema Ladage, LsLorraine Dsouza, Ls Anuradha Karpe, Ls Uma Tanti,Ls Rama Sethi performed the Marathi Traditionaldance ‘GONDHAL’ for which we won the Second Prize. We stayed overnight at HOLIDAY INN, Pune.26th April— In the morning , after Breakfast, the AWARDS FUNCTIONbegan with a beautiful Inaugural session with Past International DirectorLion Ashok Mehta as Chief Guest. At the Awards Function it wasCelebration Time when our District won 60 Awards for our workthroughout the Year. It was overwhelming to see the joy andexcitement on the faces of our Lionesses for being acknowledged fortheir sincere work throughout the Year. After Lunch, we left forMumbai , happy and contented carrying memories of great moments.28th April—I along with Ls Jyoti Jagasia again left for Pune to attend the Lions Multiple Conferenceat VITS CONVENTION CENTER where Ls Jyoti Jagasia had to give an interview for the Award ofthe BEST LIONESS/MOST INFORMED LIONESS OF THE MULTIPLE. We stayed overnight at LsJyoti Jagasia’s sister’s residence and enjoyed her warm and caring hospitality.29th April- In the Morning we again reached the venue for the LionsMultiple Conference and Awards Function. It was a moment of greatpride when Our Ls District Secretary for Activity , Ls Jyoti Jagasia wasdeclared BEST LIONESS/MOST INFORMED LIONESS OF THEMULTIPLE which was a well deserved one for her dedicated and sincereefforts throughout the Year. In the Evening, we left for Mumbai withhappy hearts. 7th may— I attended the Region Co- ordinators’ & Executive Council Schooling for 2012-2013 held at Ls Sudha Shah’s Residence 9th May- On this day I was invited by Ls Club of Koparkhairne for the donation of MATS for Taekwondo Classes at Vashi.- 11th May- We enjoyed a treat at THE VILLAGE , Raghuleela Mall, Vashi with our Lioness Micro members at a Luncheon hosted by ourDear Region Co-ordinators Ls Dr Asha Gupta, Ls Asha Verma, Ls DrKanchan Wig,Ls Gayatri Stam and Ls Leena Ahluwalia. It was time spentwith a lot of bonhomie and camaraderie21st May - I attended Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Lioness Club ofPant Nagar where MJF Lion Anil Desai,Multiple Council Chairman was the Keynote Speaker.26th May—I attended the Preliminary Cabinet Meeting & PSTSchooling for 2012-2013 at Somaiya College, Ghatkopar. Serve Earth With Compassion 3
  4. 4. I Inaugurated a project of Ls Club of Kopri Thane where 15 Benchesfor a classroom were donated by them to Agrasen School ,Thane.I was invited for the Inauguration of a Merry go round and Slides andswing, by Ls Club of Pantnagar in Memory of Mr Shantilal Buta by hiswife and mother in law of Ls Jyoti Buta.From here ,PDPs Ls Dr Manjula Gada and Ls Shobha Chanda and myselfand few Lionesses of Ls Club of panta Nagar visited Ls Jyoti ButasHome where we had a good time and some delicious snacks.28th May 2012-I was Guest of Honour at the Fund Raising Function Jeene ki Raah" of Ls Club ofPant Nagar .It was an enchanting evening listening to melodious songs of yesteryears. 7th June –Attended the Lions District Award Function at Agri Koli Samaj Auditorium at Sanpada. Lionesses of our Lioness District got 5 Awards for our Work Throughout the Year.10th June - My Home Club Lioness Club of Vasant Vihar along with DC Education Ls. Chitra Melmanehad their annual activity - Project LEAF, where the Chief Guest was District Governor PMJF Lion CAHasmukh Jobanputra and the Keynote Speaker was Multiple Council Chairman PMJF Lion Anil Desai.13th June – All Multiple and District Presidents of our District met at Navi Mumbai SportsAssociation to bid farewell to PMDP Ls Nirmal Mathur and Lion Bipin Mathur who were leaving Mumbaito settle down in London.Attended the activity of Ls Club of Pantnagar at BMC School at Vikhroli where DG Ln HasmukhJobanputra inaugurated the Educational Computer donated by Ls Club of Pantnagar and books andstationery were distributed to the students.19th June-A very sad day , as we lost the child of our Dear Lioness Ls Sonal Kadrekar (Ls Cub ofKopri Thane)to cancer . I along with Lionesses of Ls Club of Kopri Thane attended the funeral to payour last respects and offer our condolences. Serve Earth With Compassion 4
  5. 5. In the afternoon, I was Chief Guest at the Installation of Ls Club of Chembur Galaxy and had to alsoinstall the team for 2012-2013.22nd June - Was chief Guest at Award Function & Installation of new team of Ls. Club of Vashi.23rd June - Was Chief Guest at Award Function & Installation of new team of Ls. Club of Nerul.24th June - Was Guest of Honour at Award Function and Installation of new team of Lions & LionessClub of Chembur******************************************************************************************.AWARDS WON BY OUR LIONESS DISTRICT AT THE LIONESS MULTIPLECongratulations ! to our Lionesses for the awards at the Lions & Lioness Multiple ! - A recognition of ourefforts...FRENNY PESHOTAN DOTIVALA AWARD for District President of the Year - Ls Rajni Shetty.Best District of Lioness Multiple - Lioness District 323A2Best District President of Lioness Multiple- Ls Rajni Shetty.Best District Pin of Ls Multiple - Lioness District323A2District.Secretary Ls Jyoti Raj Jagasia - BEST LIONESS / MOST INFORMED LIONESS of the Multiple- at the Lions Multiple ConventionAWARDS WON BY OUR LIONESS DISTRICT AT THE LIONESS MULTIPLEBest District Treasurer Of Lioness Multiple- Ls Neelam SharmaBest Co- Ordinator- Ls Dr Arvinder SandhuLs Mala Shetty - Best District ChairpersonLs Asha Kalwani - Best District ChairpersonBest Club President- Ls Rekha Sanghani - Ls Club of PantnagarBest Club – Lioness Club of West Coast - President - Ls Parvati AngadiOutstanding Club President- Ls Ritu Aggarwal - Ls Club Of Vasant ViharOutstanding Club President- Ls Daljit Chaudhary - Ls Club Of ChemburOutstanding Club- Lioness Club of Kopri Thane - President - Ls Renu SaxenaBest Club Secretary- Ls Pallavi Chandana - Ls Club Of Vasant ViharOutstanding Club Secretary- Ls Neha Sarvaria - Ls Club of PantnagarBest Club Treasurer- Ls Pooja Dalal – Ls Club of VashiOutstanding Club Treasurer- Ls Manasi Jangam— Ls Club of MahadAWARDS AS PER LIONESS MULTIPLE PROGRAM- SCENTAWARDS AT THE LIONESS MULTIPLEAWARDS AS PER LIONESS MULTIPLE PROGRAM- SCENTLs Sudharani Jain - Ls Club Of Vashi -Sight FirstLs Renu Saxena - Ls Club Of Kopri Thane - Sight FirstLs Daljit Chaudhary - Ls Club Of Chembur - Senior CitizensLs Ritu Aggarwal - Ls Club Of Vasant Vihar - EducationLs Rekha Sanghani - Ls Club Of Pant Nagar - No To Female FoeticideLs Archana Vispute - Ls Club Of CBD - Tree PlantationLs. Geeta Patil - Ls. Club of Chembur Galaxy - Community BettermentLs. Seema Ladage - Ls Club Of Maliha Thane North - Special Award - Child Welfare Serve Earth With Compassion 5
  6. 6. LIONESS MULTIPLE MICRO CABINET AWARDSPDP Ls Ranjan Gala - Directory EditorPDP Ls Jyoti Narvekar - Project Director –sightfirstLs Mary John - Best Bulletin EditorPDP Ls Dr Anagha Kunnure - PROLs Asha Walia - Additional SecretaryLs Dr Namita Mishra - Joint Secretary.Ls Ujwala Khobrekar - Evaluation OfficerLs Jyoti Bhuta - QuizLs Kamal Aligh - Project Director - Orphan ChildrenPDP- Ls Chaya Karekar - Project Director- Teenage ProblemsPDP- Ls Rachna Bothra - Permanent ProjectPDP Ls Saroja Mekal - Multiple AwardsPDP Ls Harbans Oberoi - Club TwinningLs Jyoti Mehta - Polio Corrective SurgeryPDP Ls Manjula Parekh - AdministrationPDP Mjf Ls Savitha Nayak - MembershipPDP Ls Sulochna Kapil - Right To InformationLs Prakash Khanna - Club RecordsPDP- Ls Chaya Karekar - Project Director- Teenage ProblemsPDP- Ls Rachna Bothra - Permanent ProjectPDP Ls Saroja Mekal - Multiple AwardsPDP Ls Harbans Oberoi - Club TwinningLs Jyoti Mehta - Polio Corrective SurgeryPDP Ls Manjula Parekh - AdministrationPDP Mjf Ls Savitha Nayak - MembershipPDP Ls Sulochna Kapil - Right To InformationLs Prakash Khanna - Club RecordsMULTIPLE CHAIRPERSON AWARDS FROM LIONESS MULTIPLELs Manju Talreja - Education for Girl-ChildLs Priti Bajaj - Child CareLs Atreyee Mandal - Adult EducationLs Vinodbala Bhatia - Senior CitizensLs Amarjit Parwana - Dental CareLs Aruna Gokhale - Anti- PollutionLs Prabha Bhatla - Aids Awareness.Ls Niha Raut - Image Building.Ls Chaya Dusane - Womens WelfareLs Asha Verma - Family Planning.Ls Vijaya Puri - Drug AwarenessLs Kunda Bhalerao - ThallasaemiaLs Suprabha Raorane - Rural DevelopmentLs Neena Jadhwani - Old Age HomeLs Rashida Bhagat - Youth CounsellingLs Supriya Kadam - Womens Rights.Banner Presentation - 2nd Prize Lioness District 323-A22nd Highest Registration - Lioness District 323-A2Cultural Programme - 2nd Prize for “GONDHAL” Dance Serve Earth With Compassion 6
  8. 8. AURA - 2012A Salute to our Lionesses!A beautiful sunrise that marked the beginning of the Lionistic year 2011-2012 has unfolded into awonderful day, that has further given way to a golden sunset where we find ourselves today.The Lioness District 323-A2 has traversed many bridges, scaled numerous peaks and braved allweathers to work with single minded dedication and to tread on its chosen path to Serve Earthwith Compassion.Unarguably, the achievements of the Lioness District are a telling testimonial of the hard workput in by Lionesses and a direct result of their sincere efforts and of their loyalty to the LionessDistrict Leadership. We salute the spirit of service and social responsibility that has contributedto the quantitative and qualitative growth of our forum. As a result, Lionesses have excelled anddone the Lioness District proud.All through the year, hard working and dedicated Lionesses have carried an AURA of competence,an AURA of credibility, an AURA of sincerity and an AURA of compassion that has been admirableas well as inspiring.It is to celebrate this AURA, to laud the sincere efforts, to applaud the achievements, to recognizethe talents and to appreciate the stupendous body of work carried out by the Lioness work forcethat we have organized Aura - 2012 - Our Lioness District Awards Ceremony.*************************************************************************************** District Newsletter Editor - Ls. Sujatha Rao Compiled by Ls. Uma Nagpal Ls. District Addtl. Secretary. 8